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Scratch the name change

Changing my name to Hope was a dumb idea … You can call me Jennifer again. I suck at name changes. I forgot the first rule of changing my name … I need to actually remember the name.

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The proper way to say goodbye

With my last weekend coming to a close, I am overcome with a new realization. I am really leaving Florida. All the joy of moving home to family and friends has completely clouded my vision to the plain and simple … Continue reading

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Changing my name

I thought about this for an entire elevator ride … I am changing my name to “Hope.” I will no longer go by “Jennifer.” From this day forward, everyone is to call me by my new name.

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A new year, a new life

What will you change about your life this year? Each year we all vow to change something about our lives or ourselves. Some of us choose to go on a diet and lose that last 10 pounds. Others decide it … Continue reading

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Almost like strangers

A strange Christmas request got me thinking about how quickly people grow apart. I was asked to set up a meeting between my brother and the associate producer for one of his favorite shows. “Producer guy” and I went to … Continue reading

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