My disappearance

I took a hiatus from blogging for a few months to hopefully detract the attention of a few unwanted readers. It is time to see if it worked. I missed my blog and would love to begin venting and sharing with the world again.

Why I missed my blog …

For the most part, my readers do not know me. I love the feeling of being “unknown” by the majority of the human race. I like to blend in and make less of a spectacle of myself. It gives me the perfect balance of recognition and anonymity. Get ready for the fun to begin again …

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My mother’s dating life

Does anyone find it odd that my mother created an online dating profile for her 33-year-old daughter? Maybe it is just me. I hope she isn’t interacting with men pretending to be me.

I expressed to her that I wish she would not do this, but she ignores me. I am afraid to look at this site and see her conversations so maybe I will pretend it does not exist ….

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My soap box


Why do people like to regurgitate their lives to the public through Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, blogs such as this, etc.?

I often ask myself what sort of thrill I get out of airing my dirty laundry to the world? Why do I keep doing it when I know only a few random people catch my ramblings from time to time? Maybe people do not listen to me enough in person? Or, maybe, I do not know how to talk to people face to face? Or, perhaps, it is just that I love to talk until I am blue in the face and this is one way I can do it without exhausting all my resources? Ha!

20130126-104156.jpgHonestly, I think blogging allows me to vent in a healthy nature. I should do it more often. Other people turn to booze and therapy (I admit to doing the same at rough times). I need my own private soap box right here … or not so private. Ha!

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Throwing in the towel


It is a crying shame that men and women cannot be friends without someone getting hurt in the end. Ha! That could totally be a lyric to a song.

I am throwing in the towel on yet another male-female friendship. I have learned my lesson. You men always expect and want more. I thought women were difficult but apparently men are beyond DRAMA when it comes to women.

20130126-100934.jpgI really think I am over men entirely. Between my ex getting engaged after 6 months (despite our 2-year history that lead to absolutely nil) and men spouting off crap about me to each other in anger, I give up! You are all not worthy of time. I am switching the game and becoming a lesbian!

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So sick …

tumblr_kxvpx9AFrY1qzbhfuo1_250Let me die …

Have you ever been so sick that you actually felt life would be more bearable in death? You think I am being a drama queen? Ha! Maybe just a little, but I am seriously experiencing some of the most excruciating pain of my life. This time it is purely physical pain.

What is this sickness I speak of? Do you really want to know me that personally? Continue reading

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Big red “X”

It has come to my attention that there is a big red “X” on my forehead that everyone else can see but me. For the last few weeks, my nights at work are ending quite strangely with psychotic patients.

Let’s recap some of the highlights starting with my patient tonight … Continue reading

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Tales of a serial dater

I must apologize for the tone and mood that will follow in this particular blog entry. I usually am not as open about what is happening in my life. You usually only get an illusion to the truth. You never get it bluntly stated, but I think it is time that I start being honest with myself … and everyone else for that matter.  Continue reading

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