Human in training

20130822-180501.jpgWhat exactly is the proper classification for children? Are they creatures? Monsters? What would you call these miniature little people if they are not quite human?

Most of the time these impressionable young minds are innocent and free from life’s tragedies. Why do we want to turn these little people into full-blown humans anyway? It is time to stop the cycle. Do not allow human training to take place. Keep these creatures young and free from sin forever and ever!


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Confessions of a Slacker

Is it time to update the name of my blog to reflect the real ME?

slackerMeet Jennifer … insomniac AND slacker. Jennifer often forgets that she has a blog. She would love to blame it on insomnia, but the real truth is that Jennifer is a SLACKER!

While Jennifer sits at home staring at a wall, she often thinks about her beloved readers and how disappointed they must feel that she leaves her blog unattended for extended periods of time. During this “thinking” time, Jennifer creates elaborate ideas for blog entries and stories that she would love to tell her readers. She also makes it a point to refer to herself only in the third person to allow her guilt to not fully set in.

Dear readers, please forgive me for my slacker ways. I vow to update my blog more regularly starting today!

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The horrible truth

Run for your lives … humans are EVIL!


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Falling for the Doctor

tardis-in-space-tardis-6289810-1280-768 (1)Not the medical kind of guy …

As a nurse, you would automatically assume that I am talking about a medical doctor, but NOOOO. My friends ambushed me with “Doctor Who” when I visited Chicago last month. And, Yes, I fell madly in love with the show. I am on my way to becoming a Whovian!

Doctor, Doctor, wherefore art thou Doctor? Continue reading

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Welcome to old age

funny-grandmother-old-age-women-chikni-chameliIt is official … I am OLD! 

I completed 3 glorious decades and now have crossed over into the mid-thirties. That’s right, folks, I am the big 3-4.

Back then …

In my teen years, I fantasized about what my future would look like. I never expected it to look like this. Ha! I assumed it would be awesome and great and everything would work out just as imagined.

The truth is that my future (currently present) looks exactly the same as my past. I am not sure what I expected to happen, but apparently life stays pretty much the same. I am the same person with the same problems. I change day to day and have new experiences yet I am ME. I am the same person in older skin. Great. I am so excited for the next 34 years of my life. Awesome. Thanks for the fantastic surprise of absolutely NOTHING!


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Random, random, random

And now for something completely wrong …

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My new obsession

TICKLEBEAR(TICKLEBEAR)-OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE_DISORDERIt is no secret to the people who know me that I have an obsessive personality. I am an ALL or NOTHING person. There is no in between. When I decide I am going to do something, then there is no stopping me.

Well, there is one way to stop me … Continue reading

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