The answer is in the cards

What is the fascination with horoscopes, psychics, Tarot, and other foretellings of the future?

Human beings have always had a deep fascination with the future since the beginning of time. The idea of seeing the future before it happens is somewhat comforting to most people. It helps reassure people going through rough patches in life that things will indeed get better and that they will eventually wind up on the right path.

The people who wish to seek out psychic advice usually ask questions about health, love, relationships, career, money, and power. Basically, people want answers to the areas in their lives where they feel are lacking.

Laugh all you want …

I am an avid reader of horoscopes, and you can also find me seeking advice from my Tarot cards and Rune stones when I have an unsettling experience or just feelings of uncertainty. I have also visited my fair share of sidewalk psychics in New Orleans and on Venice Beach. Why? I suppose I rely on these tools the same way a follower of religion relies on the teachings of a higher being. I have to put my faith into something to relieve the internal angst that plagues me.

Why does someone go to a counselor or advisor?

Humans seek advice from someone or something when they need reassurance or guidance. Think of it like a therapist. You just want to know the areas of your life that you need to improve in order to get from point A to point B. This is exactly how all foretellings of the future work. They give such vague interpretations of your situation that you can bend it or mold it to fit any situation. So, is that really giving you a proper answer? Probably not, but it gives a person a little strength as they attempt to solve their own problems. It is scary to place all your faith in you alone. Sometimes you need that extra reinforcement behind a decision to give you the strength to stand on your own.

Guess it it is time to consult the cards …

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3 Responses to The answer is in the cards

  1. Ang Henson says:

    WE need to go!!! That would be so much fun :)

  2. I just read my Tarot cards. Definitely the most negative reading I have ever had. It basically said that if I continue to live in a fantasy world holding onto expectations and unobtainable dreams that I will end up trying to escape reality through other means, such as fleeing town, turning to alcohol, or dropping out of school.

    I guess another purpose of the cards is to allow you to see who you have become by putting a mirror to your face and really seeing who you are. I do live with my head in the clouds. I always have. It always was easy for me to escape disruptive thoughts by avoiding them and dreaming about a better life. So, maybe I should listen to the cards and confront my personal demons and deal with them now before they haunt me in my future in the most unpleasant ways. I need to cast the negative from my life and not just avoid it. I need to stare it down, destroy it, and then free myself from it forever.

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