They are back!

Most people have experienced the nightmares where they think they are awake, but they go to move and find all body movement is frozen. They go to speak and their voice is gone. They try to breathe and feel like their breath is being sucked from their chest.

I used to get these nightmares multiple times in a night when I was in my 20s, but I haven’t experienced one in the last two years. At least, not until last night.

Visits to the shrink …

When I first started getting these dreams, I was absolutely terrified to fall back to sleep. I remember staying up for several nights in a row, because I was frightened. I went to a doctor about them, and he told me that they were anxiety dreams and fairly common.

When I started running and working out like a maniac, these nightmares ceased. I was so relieved. There is nothing like an anxiety dream to create more anxiety!

My out-of-body experience …

The only good thing that ever came from those horrible nightmares is that I actually was able to take control of the dream at one point.

Last night …

I was falling off to sleep in my bed when it happened. I felt this huge weight on my chest like there was a being inside of my body. My mind jumped to “The Exorcist,” and I started bargaining with this demon. I was frozen and terrified. Then, the fogginess lifted or so I thought … I could see my bed, my cats, my room. Then, it all happened again.

I finally woke up …

I was so relieved to find that it was only a nightmare, but the reality hit me this morning. These horrible anxiety dreams are back. I have never been lucky enough to have only one night’s worth. Please let this be the exception!

I suppose if it happens again, I can try for another out-of-body experience! Why does this still sound so unappealing to me?

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  1. Good news! I escaped having these dreams two nights in a row. I can only hope that tonight is the same … I hate sleeping alone when I am scared :( Too bad I don’t have a couch to invite someone for a slumber party. I really need to remedy that!

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