Lost in contemplation

I had a strange dream …

I am standing at the end of a major highway. As I look behind me, images flash like bullets hitting my face. I feel fear in the presence of the memories that are darting through me, filling my insides. I want to run, but I am paralyzed, stuck. I look down at my feet, my hands. Who am I? What am I doing?

Everything stops. I can only hear the overwhelming sound of gushing water and ferocious wind. Where am I? I look ahead. The pavement is fresh, black and tarry. How did I get on this highway? Where does it lead? It connects to darkness.

I hear a strange voice shouting at me to decide. Decide what?

“Where are you supposed to be?” she asks. I am lost. I don’t know. “Where are you going?” I am frustrated by her questions. I am confused. I don’t know what her questions mean or how to respond. How did I even get here? Her voice transforms into a whisper that brushes against my ear, “where will you end up?” I find myself screaming back at her, “I don’t know. Aren’t you coming with me?”

A strange wind spirals into my chest, filling me with a sense of doom. I finally look up and see her. She is standing above me … staring at me with questioning eyes. Her red curls flow in the sunlight.

I continue to beg and plead with her to come with me. Please don’t leave me. Please don’t make me go alone. I am scared. I need you. Please come with me.

Suddenly, I am sitting in a car. It is spinning out of control. “You need to finish what you started. Don’t forget where you are going,” she screams at me as everything begins to fade and take on the appearance of a forest. I am sitting on the ground, alone.

Dreams … what do they mean?

I am turning this dream over and over again in my head. What does it mean? Where am I going? What is scaring me? Something is changing in my life. I am evolving. Do I want to transform? Do I want this wind to continue spiraling through me? Should I move forward into the unknown or should I return to the familiar?

Maybe this is a message about school? Life? Love? What does it mean? Why am I frightened? Why can’t I move? Where am I going? How did I even get here?

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