Magic sweat

I sweat more than most girls. In fact, I would be willing to bet that I sweat more than most men. Sexy? I like to think so. I always loved a man who could work up a nice sweat, so I am hoping that I can find a  man that can appreciate my lovely lady scent as well.

I love the natural smell of humans. Each person has a unique and different scent … some are alluring and some are disgusting. No matter what your opinion is on the scent of the person next to you, one fact remains … a bottle of perfume can’t cover up a bad smell, but it can cover up a good smell.

For the morons at the gym …

Why gag me when I am running and trying to catch my breath? You are wasting your time covering up your sweaty pits with expensive colognes. Everybody sweats. It is completely natural, but I promise you that you will not attract a mate by pouring on the added flavor. In fact, you might kill them before they have a chance to ask you on a date. So, this is my last desperate attempt to save my life … I am begging you to quit wearing that bottled scent!

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5 Responses to Magic sweat

  1. CoreyO says:

    I <3 this update so much. The ex HATED sweat. Thank God I'm not the only person who thinks she's retarded ;)

  2. Sweat is beautiful, Corey. Maybe she just did not have the pleasure of smelling mine?

  3. CoreyO says:

    Mine is fab. She just hates sweat in general. Do you really know how hard it is to have sex for hours with someone who doesn’t want you or her to sweat? I swear, I’m a freak of nature..and why did I tolerate 1 day of it? ps, you’re funny

  4. Too much information! Or, I could use this opportunity to be a relationship columnist and give you advice … Nah! :)

  5. Ang Henson says:

    THANK you for calling out people who drown themselves in cologne/perfume! It’s AWFUL and it does reek WAY worse than a little sweat! ;)

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