Check your luggage and your drool

During my recent travels to North Carolina, I caught myself snoozing on my flight. I rudely claimed the last available aisle seat and slept the entire flight. In fact, my eyes were closed before I hit my seat.

I am one of those people …

I am fairly certain that the lady seated next to me was not my biggest fan. Besides the fact that I blocked her from any bathroom breaks she might need, I also decided to use her shoulder as a pillow. I briefly woke up twice as she tried to nudge my head to the other side. Ha! The joke was on her … I was happy with my pillow.

homer droolingWe hit some turbulence, and I was awake for the remainder of the flight. I realized that I was sleeping with my mouth wide open and drool was already starting to dry on my lips and chin. Gross! No wonder why this lady wanted to remove my face from her flesh.

I looked around awkwardly so as not to make eye contact with my travel mate. Instead, I locked eyes with the remaining passengers seated in my vicinity. They were all staring at me with amused expressions stretched across their faces. I suppose they all saw me in my most flattering moment.

Latest invention …

I was thinking about getting a patent and creating a drool guard to be worn during flights, but it appears that someone has already beat me to it. Maybe I can still get away with it since this patent is specifically referring to a baby pillow drool guard. Mine would be for full-sized humans!

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6 Responses to Check your luggage and your drool

  1. Jonathan says:

    This is from the baby drool guard:

    “Also, thin adults with bony shoulders may cause discomfort to the baby’s head.”

    I guess I shouldn’t hold babies. :)

  2. Minakichu says:

    Hahaha your story made me laugh! Droolfest shining moment! It’s a winner sight;-)

  3. Minakichu says:

    Hello, I already RSS’d your blog. Keep posting more stuffs! I enjoy reading em’. Thanks for bein’ very nice. Hugs!

  4. Awesome. I will add you to my “Blogs I like” and continue to check you out too! I like random, silly blogs.

  5. Minakichu says:

    Lemming for more posts from you!:-)

  6. Kurt Ehlert says:

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