Without words

without wordsI recently had an experience that was so intense that I am unable to describe it in words. Words could never give the experience … visually or spiritually … the justice that it deserves.

Stuck inside my head …

When I see something so beautiful and extraordinary, I want to share it with the world. I want to weave a story that sucks a person into my imaginary universe. However, each attempt I make at trying to describe the experience, I water down the sheer beauty of the moment.

psychadelic tripEvery time I close my eyes, I relive it in fascinating detail. I keep chasing the images in my dreams. It lives in the depths of my mind in full, vivid color … colors that I have never seen or experienced before in this lifetime.

It simply exists …

What does it mean? In my efforts to bring this experience into the English language, I am adding details where they do not belong in order to make more sense of it. The truth is that it does not make sense. It is completely obscure and beyond comprehensible meaning.

Labels …

words embraceAs humans, we try to place labels on every experience and emotion. We cannot accept emptiness, nothingness, meaninglessness. We never fully live in a moment, because we are constantly trying to wrap our heads around it and discover what lurks behind it rather than actually enjoying it for what it is … simple and pure.

In conclusion, I have decided that trying to label this unique wrinkle in time with meaning is taking away from the purest form of life and reality. The truth is that this moment is without, and that makes it so much more fulfilling. I bathed in the absurdness of life. I became one with reality. I am life … I am death. We exist, and then we don’t. It is that simple.

A writer without words …

It is rare for a person who used to pride herself on the written language to be completely at a loss for words. My next attempt at creating a tangible form of this vision is to paint it. I may end in the same frustration, but I feel the need to share.

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