Why I love Troma

Since my brain does not come with an off switch, I have found a close alternative. It is called Troma!

What makes them different from mainstream horror?

TromaTroma Entertainment is a low-budget, independent film production company specializing in making bad B horror/sci-fi movies. Troma films are meant to shock and exploit people of all shapes and sizes. These movies are filled with blood, gore, nudity, and extreme violence. All the ingredients for a fantastic movie!

Why Troma?

Many people ask me how I can watch this crap when I have such a problem with dumb humans. I think that is precisely the point. These movies are actually very clever if you can get past the shock value.

Troma actually makes me feel more intelligent! It allows me the opportunity to rest my brain from any sort of thought process for the duration of the movie. Think about it … sleep helps renew the mind and allows you to better focus and function. So, why wouldn’t a movie that allows you a break from thinking have the same effect? It is the most awesome feeling in the world to be able to kick back and not have to decipher the meaning of a film! I love Troma!

I met Lloyd Kaufman!

Me and Lloyd KaufmanI recently traveled with a friend to Con Nooga 2010 in Chattanooga for the sole purpose of meeting Lloyd Kaufman, president and co-founder of Troma Entertainment. I honestly can’t name too many people that I would have preferred to meet in life than Lloyd Kaufman. Even though I was completely frightened to speak to him at first, I thank my awesome friend for giving me the nerve to talk to one of my idols. I was glowing the entire night. Maybe this is just the ammo I need to get into the film making industry!

For those of you lacking in the Troma experience, here are a few of my favorite titles:

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