The scent of death

Death is inevitable. It is the natural termination of life.

I completely understand the purpose behind death and the reasons why our lives must always come to an abrupt end. However, I am at a loss for words when it comes to tragic deaths … accidents, murder.

Blinded by rage … blood on her hands … 

Amy bishopOn Friday, Feb. 12 at around 4 p.m., Dr. Amy Bishop went on a shooting spree putting bullets in six of her colleagues. Bishop brutally shot and killed three of the university’s finest biology faculty. She left two others desperately clinging to life while the sixth victim will live with the horrible events etched in his mind forever.

Venom pours from her lips …

Sadly, I knew this horrible woman … Dr. Bishop was my anatomy and physiology professor for a year. I never missed a class despite her obvious lack of teaching skill. She lectured for an hour three times a week about smoking marijuana, Snoop Doggy Dog and fat. She was a complete nut case.

When I first learned of the shootings on campus were committed by faculty, I jokingly told some of my friends that it was Dr. Bishop. I never actually expected that it would be true!

Are my coping mechanisms failing me?

Already dealing with one tragedy that is only a month old, I am realizing that I am unable to process this horrible killing spree in a way that makes sense. I can only uncover facts and details surrounding the events. My mind does not want to deal with the emotion. It is a weird feeling to be so distant to something that is so close.

I am there for you …

My heart goes out to everyone affected by this terrible tragedy. Please remain strong! The pain will fade with time …

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3 Responses to The scent of death

  1. Ang Henson says:

    What is even more scary is that each day she is linked to something else atrocious!

  2. Fraser says:

    Wow, that’s freaky. But I’d say your reaction is pretty normal to something so close at hand.

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