Brainwashed by fairy tales

As children, we are spoon fed fairy tales. This world of fantasy and make-believe becomes our reality as we listen closely waiting to find out what happens to the lady in distress.

A force of evil wants to put an end to her happiness. The lady displays weakness and cries out for help. A man, usually a prince, defeats the evil force that attempts to destroy his lady. He then carries her away to live “happily ever after.”

Growing up a girl …

cinderellaLittle boys are able to get past these images of dwarves, evil step-mothers and dragons, because it does not send the same message that it does to little girls. Little girls are forever immersed in this idea that a man will sweep us off our feet and carry us off into the sunset. We fantasize about how it will happen and where it will take place.

Becoming a woman …

As we age, this fairy tale mentality is nurtured through movies and TV shows. A conflict always arises putting the lovers in distress, but in the end the love is always stronger than the obstacle and the lovers live “happily ever after.” Who writes this crap?

Even though reality takes its toll on all women, we can’t escape this idea of fictitious romance. We forever seek “happily ever after” as we survey the scene for Mr. Right (a man that for safety reasons will never exist). Each woman, whether she realizes it or not, carries a mental checklist wherever she goes. She immediately starts weeding out potential candidates after a five-minute conversation.

How do fairy tales ruin us?

pixie dustThese stories are the purest form of evil. They blind us with pixie dust so that we are completely unaware of the fact that we have been knocked off our cloud by a chaotic rainbow and trampled upon by a herd of deformed unicorns. After the tale ends, we are filled with desire and lust for a life that does not exist in any universe.

Despite our unwillingness to appreciate reality, our eyes are very capable of seeing flaws. We are critical of our partners and want to transform them into the handsome prince we so desire. We feast on perfection even though we know it does not exist. We are in love with a fantasy.

What are flaws anyway?

voodoo dollWomen paint these outrageous pictures of the perfect man. He must possess a rainbow of qualities. Anything outside this realm of creation becomes a flaw. Where do these ideas of perfection originate? This is the point in my blog post where I return to the beginning only to make my point loud and clear …

Give it up for fairy tales, movies and television for corrupting our minds and making one of the most complex tasks of our lives even that much more difficult!

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4 Responses to Brainwashed by fairy tales

  1. MJ says:

    Hey kiddo,

    I know this blog isn’t far from your normal writing sense, but… are you alright? :)

    Is school out for the summer?


  2. I am great, silly. I am just tired of watching movies with happy endings. Life is not really like this.

  3. Ang says:

    Yes, fairy tale loves almost ruined my chances with Wayne! While we do seem like THAT kind of couple, as YOU well know, we have our “headbutting” spurts…but I DO love him so!

    I almost feel guilty now, as I am reading a book of fairy tales to Camilla at night; these tales are a little more twisty and not so “Cinderella-esque” though. Plus, she’s got the love of her aunts to keep her head straight! hehehe

    Thank goodness that’s several years down the road though! ;)

    Can’t wait to see you in a few days…

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