Snow over Alabama

snowingThe cloudy sky threatens rain, but instead it brings a new surprise … snow.

Tiny white flakes fill the afternoon sky. The thermometer reads 37 degrees, but the temperature is dropping fast. Will any of this snow stay to play?

The snow is gently falling to the ground and disappearing to the green of the grass and the gray of the asphalt. What are the chances of the temperature dropping to levels that will make this snow stick?

I miss sled rides, snowball fights and snow forts …

plastic sledThe joy of crashing against a mound of snow in your cheap plastic sled (that resembles an oversized piece of plastic) cannot be compared to anything else in life. Or, who can forget making sleds out of household items, such as Mom’s mixing bowls (back then your butt could actually fit in one of those things) or a garbage can lid? When you were unable to gain speed, you tried slicking the bottom with Crisco and vegetable oil.

snowball fightWhat about snow forts and snowball fights? Every kid tried to add their own artistic touch to snowballs. Some children used water to pack their snowballs in nice and tight. Other children would pack away snowballs in Mom’s freezer for added density (guess no one ever told them that water is more dense in its liquid form). For kids with a lot of time on their hands, forts were constructed from the endless supply of fresh snow.

Everyone knew to avoid the yellow snow … 

Snowmen, snow angels and more … The pleasures associated with snow are practically endless.

The snow stopped!

The disappointment lasts for only a moment. I still have two more exams. Snow only allows procrastination …

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3 Responses to Snow over Alabama

  1. Tara R. says:

    Snow? I remember snow. Good luck on your exams.

  2. AngHenson says:

    OH…I went to lunch with some of the ladies at the office yesterday (12/1) in all that FAT snow. I miss snow too; I was secretly praying that it would stick and PILE up….*sigh* alas, it did not.

    BUT, it’s a gooood sign (to me) that it’s snowing this early in December. Maybe we’ll get a white Christmas! :)

  3. Tara, I am wishing for some snow in Florida this year! If you guys get it before me, I am so there! I have a month off from school and I only work part time. Bring some snow to Florida! I can feel a road trip coming on …

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