The identity crisis

I love to overanalyze anything and everything …

thinking too muchA simple statement can become the focus of my attention for hours on end. I find it both fascinating and crippling that I am able to look at the most straightforward topic and make it completely complex.

Stuck in a moment …

Since I am well versed in the art of overthinking, I decided to give some attention to Erik Erikson this morning. In toying with his development theory, I got stuck on one of Erikson’s stages of development that has always haunted me …  identity v. role confusion.

Overanalyzing has its flaws …

puzzleI have found that if I dwell on one subject for too long, I start transforming the original thought into tiny, undigestable parts. I wish that I could say that this was not the case with Erikson today, but unfortunately all I can say is that I am too confused by this topic to come up with any sort of conclusion. All I have as a result of hours of thinking is more questions to chew on …

Are humans in trouble?

I hear more and more people confused about who they are and what they are supposed to be doing with their lives. Why are we stuck in this constant guessing game of uncertainty? Shouldn’t we know who we are by 25, 30, 35 or even 75? Why does it seem like people are maturing at slower rates than ever before? Are we putting too much emphasis on “finding ourselves” only to discover that it is completely impossible to do?

Too many obstacles …

Societal norms are only a fraction of many factors haunting us as we face each new day. We have new pressures that stem from an economic crisis. We suffer more from mental and physical ailments. We reach for crutches and never try to walk on our own. We are handicapped by our own environment!

We may never find that rainbow that we so longingly search for each and every day. We forgot how to be happy and content with where we are at this very moment and how to enjoy what we have. We come to define ourselves by how much money and power we possess. We are forever stuck in this bubble of confusion that Erikson lovingly refers to as “role confusion.”

Life has no meaning …

the answer is 42Is Erikson full of crap? Maybe no one ever reaches the identity phase. Perhaps, the meaning of life is not 42 like we originally thought. Maybe it is really something much simpler.

Does life really need an explanation? Would that change how we conduct our lives? Is that why humans clutch to ideas of fate, destiny, spirituality and religion? Why do we feel the need to define ourselves and find some meaning in the lives we lead? Why can’t we just take each day as it comes and enjoy it for what it is? Why are we eternally haunted by the future and what it has to offer?

My personal thoughts are that life is too random for an explanation. If you try to explain the impossible, you water down the possibilities.  In an attempt to wrap up my morning thoughts, I will draw upon my favorite conclusion … humans are stupid. Why should we expect any more or any less from the dumbest creatures on the face of this Earth? My efforts to explain this very idea have proven my own stupidity far exceeds other members of this species.

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  1. Bill says:

    Hi Jennifer, maybe it’s better not to read too many books with deep philosophical questions right now.

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