I saw myself sleeping

napI never take naps, but I could not help myself Friday afternoon. After working 3 to 11 p.m. Thursday followed by 8 a.m. classes on Friday, I knew I needed a nap before I tried to pull another shift at work.

I closed my eyes and let the rest of the afternoon guide me to sleep …

Only minutes into my nap I decided that this whole idea was a mistake. I had better ways to spend my time. I went to open my eyes and found that I couldn’t. I tried to move my body and force myself awake, but it was impossible. I knew I was asleep and I couldn’t do anything about it!

I should mention that this sort of dream is not uncommon …

I used to have these dreams more often than I care to admit a few years back. I asked my doctor about these so-called “anxiety dreams,” and he told me it was quite normal and indicated high levels of stress.

Back to the dream …

After several attempts to wake myself from this deep slumber, I gave up and just let it continue. What happened next is beyond anything that I can describe. I am still in shock from what I saw. 

I saw myself sleeping!

out of body experienceI know that sort of statement sounds unreal, but I promise you that watching myself sleep is probably the most real experience that I have ever had in my entire life (definitely the coolest).

How did it happen?

I finally relaxed and quit struggling. If I could not wake myself, then I should just go with the flow. Once the fighting ceased, I climbed out of my body. I was probably only a few feet above myself before I realized what was happening. I immediately felt terror run through my entire body (weird feeling when you are not even in it) and I started to panic. This intense feeling of discomfort caused my body to shake and as a result I found myself awake and lying in bed.

I sat there for a few moments trying to make sense of everything I had just seen, but I couldn’t. I looked at my body for only a few seconds, but I did it nonetheless. There is nothing I can say or do that can simplify this experience more than I have here.

Is this what it means to have an out-of-body experience?

out of body experienceHonestly, I do not know. It was an amazing experience. Maybe it will have some profound effects on my waking life. I hope that next time this happens I can relax myself enough to actually enjoy being away from my body … the purest form of liberation.

Sleep has so much more meaning to me now …

What is an out-of-body experience? Read about it on Wikipedia.

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37 Responses to I saw myself sleeping

  1. Tara R. says:

    That would have been more than a little freaky to me too. Next time just lie back and enjoy it.

  2. Patty says:

    Oooooh…..that sounds scary but so exciting at the same time. I like what you said about it helping you in real time….hmmmm, maybe I could be so lucky!!!

  3. Bill O says:

    I think you must have been exhausted. Your mind can do really strange things when exhausted.

  4. Yes, I would definitely say that I was exhausted … this happened while I was sleeping :)

  5. Ang H says:

    I’ve been doing that “thing” where you feel like you’re falling, and jerk so hard that you wake yourself up? I hate that….I’d much rather experience your “slumber madness”!

    OH….do you have plans Saturday morning? (9 to 11)…..I’ll call tonight, errrrr, wait, this is a work night I think? I’ll try to catch you before work!

  6. Lea says:

    At least you didn’t dream about shaving your legs. That was my dream last night.

    Next time you feel like a nap, let yourself really enjoy. Short catnaps are the best.

  7. kimmie says:

    very interesting Jennifer…

  8. Josh says:

    This has happened to me and is actually really scary when i woke up i had to pinch my self i thought i was dead!! This freaked me out also i was suffering from anxiety and this cured to me

  9. Reza says:

    I honest to God had a dream just two days ago almost word for word from this story. Reading this is almost like someone saw my dream. The only difference that I experienced and it really shocked me is, I saw myself sleeping with my hands together and me laying on my side and I saw my sweater that I was sleeping in. When I “really” woke up, I was still laying in the exact same position with my sweater still on. I realized this without hesitation when I “really” woke up. I just laid there in a slight shock. I thought that when I couldn’t sit up in my “out of body experience” that I must have died somehow and that kind of freaked me out. There was nobody home and I heard a home telephone ring. It rang just once and that’s what woke me up. The thing is, I don’t have a home telephone. My cell phone was on my bedside and the phone ring sound came from a far distance. No tv or radio on. That’s freaky to me, but amazing.

  10. kristie zavala says:

    hey I had the same dream but I had one where it wus pitch black and a voice told me I was here and it wasn’t no good voice tell you that. Then my spirit came out my body and I seen my son and I sleeping together. It was a scary experience.

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  12. hannah Roque says:

    that happened to me also… very exact to what you have described. i was sleeping and when i tried to wake up or move any part of my body i couldn’t so i just gave up and just accept it. if im going to die thru nightmare so be it, but of course i didnt want that so i tried to move and i was able to move but i got surprised when i saw myself sleeping the same position and way i slept that time with the same clothes same pillow blanket same everything . i panicked and closed my eyes and prayed and when i opened my eyes i’m back.. it was cool but scary at the same time.

  13. Marcos says:

    it will happen again ,, again and again and then maybe one day you gonna realize of the thing you are able to do just dont be scared and dont tell anybody they gonna think you are crazy ………..

  14. nicholas says:

    umm ive been there so many time its freaks me out but when that happend the 3rd or 4th time somone was there with me i seen him two times before he was looking at my body but dident notice me looking at him looking at my body you get it? i seen two or three times but ive heard and felt him more he was wearing a black hoodie and had a cast on his right arm i dont understand why this happend or why hes there i just know hes not a good guy oh and when hes there i cant breed

  15. nicholas says:

    if anyone knows anything about this tell me i seen a movie insdios they was talking about this…

  16. miro says:

    this one time I just got off da phone with my x. I was laying in bed when all of a sudden I felt my body tense up starting from my feet and next I knew was on my computer in my living room. I remembered my cousin asking me if I was ready to leave. As i got up from my seat I felt really high so I tried to hide it from my mom as I was leaving but I could haddle it so I fell face first on da sofa. My mom got after me b cuz she knew I was high. regreting of getting high, I went to my room and there I saw myself laying on my bed. I layed back into my body and saw someone in black at the corner of my ceiling staring down at me. I couldnt move it felt like someone was holding me down. I tried yelling my hardest but mo sound ever came out but I couldnt I dont know why. Next thing was so scary. I saw the person in black running around on my walls jumping from my bed to my couch my bed to my couch then just started jumping up and down on my bed then just dropped on my bed and leaned over me, starring at me. His face was all black, it looked wet. His face was like 2 inches away from mine. I see my cellphone light up, (it was my x) I tried reaching for it but I couldnt I still felt something holding me down. Then finally everything went away and I aswered my phone with tears and I told her what had just happened. I’ve had this happen more than once. one time I made it happen. I wouldnt wish for no one to see that, not even my enemies. I also had unbelievable visions of hevean and hell. Plz dont call me crazy. Im not a neard with a fake story seeking recognition. If you were to see or talk to me, then u would know that im not crazy or full of it. Im 20 n I work in the oil rigs and I did go to college. Believe me or not it dont matter or bother me. I just need to know what this stuff is.

  17. joey says:

    Well …This happened to me once, However, also happened to my sister few years back. It was a normal night, for some odd reason I felt scared to sleep that night, but i didnt pay no mind to it, I guess i fell into a deep sleep however i felt my body move from my torso up while my legs were still on my bed. then all of a sudden my room was red, mind you at this point my eyes are completely closed. but I am still able to see my room? at this moment I was trying to wake up. but I couldnt. I felt myself trying to move my legs and body and open my eyes but I completely wasnt able to. I tried screaming and nothing. I guess I decided to not force it, However I then saw my self in bed and some one was holding on to my legs from the end of my bed. I couldnt see his face but it was definetely someone with bad intentions. all i felt was his hands holding my feet really tight. after this happened I finally opened my eyes. and woke up with half of my body up. and my legs in bed. kind of like half way sitting down in bed. I was completely freaked out at this point. since it was already light out. and have no idea for how long was I laying down in that positition. I’m glad I can share this with others who have had a similar experience. Hope not to ever have it again though. at least not with someone holding my feet. and feeling such a bad vibe from it.

    • Thank you for sharing :) I have these sorts of dreams in clusters or sometimes uniquely. The clustered dreams haunted me for several months until they finally stopped. I recently had one single dream of this sort and was so scared that others would follow, but it only got to me once. I hate these dreams but I honestly think that these open us to so many possibilities … DREAM CONTROL … MIND CONTROL.

  18. Julius says:

    hey i had this experience today, my vision was in sepia though and i was up in the ceiling watching myself, i was really scared :(

  19. omar says:

    that was for sure an out of body experience … next time try to guide your self to a window or outside door’s etc.
    will congrates you are in a high level spiritually
    ps. don’t push your self hard to have that exp again,and do not belive any psycatric ,cuz there are alway , always have an answer for you,they belive every thing wierd, is a mental ill !!!

  20. Chris says:

    I have had night terrors, sleep paralysis, sleep walking and insomnia most of my life. But there was this one time that I had a similar experience like what you described only extremely horrific. I was asleep on my couch with a pillow on my chest and I started to have the same sleep paralysis which you described. There was nothing I could do to wake myself up until I finally put my foot out on the floor and started to shake it off. Once I stood up I almost fell down again like I was intoxicated. It was then that I realized I was standing a few feet away from myself still asleep on the couch with the pillow on my chest. As well I saw what appeared to be and can best be described as a dark energy somewhat humanoid looking walking towards my body from behind. I tried to warn myself by screaming out only everything I saw was incoherrent like weird mumbling. All of a sudden I had awaken on the couch with the pillow still on my chest and my heart was racing extremely fast. It was the most horrifying experience I have ever had in my life and I will never forget it!

    • Speaking of dreams such as these, I had another one yesterday. It has been several months since having my last one, so it was very scary this time. Sounds like we both have some anxiety creeping into our lives that we need to figure out how to deal with or else it will continue to terrorize us in our sleep. Good luck to you … maybe you can master mind control better than I can?

  21. Isaac says:

    You have experienced astral projection.

  22. Raina says:

    When I was little, about 4 years old, I stayed at my neighbor friends house one night because my big brother who was only about 6 at the time and had a seizure so my parents had to take him to the hospital. Anyways, just recently my mom told me about something I told her the next day after I went back home. She said I told her I saw a little girl at the end of the bed post during the night(me and my friend were sleeping in her bed, she was fast asleep) My mom asked me who the little girl was, and she says I told her she looked like me. When she said that, it clicked a memory in my head and I can remember it now. I don’t know if I was dreaming or what..but every time my mom and I talk about it, it really freaks me out. I can truly remember seeing myself that night…If i could explain it better i would but it’s just one of those things that are very hard to explain I guess.

  23. Ines says:

    This happened to me last night! I’m so glad I’m not the only one! It was the most terrifying thing that has EVER happened to me and as you said after a while my body jerked itself awake. I hope I never ever ever have that experience again (but it was cool too!).

  24. Astralglider says:

    Religion, materialism, and the western philosophy of “if you don’t see it, or if a scientist can’t prove it it doesn’t exist” has stifled and stigmatized these out of body, telepathic, telekinetic, clairvoyant, and other experiences that are natural and should be embraced and even explored. We are not these bones and flesh. When we die, we leave these behind and can exist in our truest, purest spirit form. I’ve had similar experiences as well, and they’re only frightening because we’ve been acculturated to view them as demonic, evil, weird, and scary. The Native Americans, Africans, East Asians, Mayans and other ancient cultures have spoken about these experiences and even looked for them. Don’t be afraid, just be aware. My only advice would be to stay away from water because that usually represents crossing over.

  25. pedro michel says:

    you’re describing exactly what happened to me (only the out-of-body experience, not the naps, etc.) My first though when I turned around and saw my body laying down in bed was; Oh shit! I died! it was pure terror, I immediately tried to go back to my body, and I went a few inches under the floor level while trying to get into it (my body) slowly I started to gain control of my body motion, I set next to bed trying to figured it out what just happened to me, putting everything together, all I can say now that I now about of the phenomenon I experienced is that I wish I knew back then that I could had flew to anywhere in the universe while being in that state, but being the first time and not knowing what happened it was pure terror.

  26. Dawn says:

    I get stuck in my sleep too, but I never can see myself sleeping. But one time It felt like my soul was leaving my body and it was hovering above my body and everything was spinning. I’m only 15

  27. Demonya says:

    My name is Demonya Adams and I am 18. I have dreams exactly like yours but the twist to mine is that I have shock waves running through my body and it hurts really bad and I cannot move. I try to scream but nothing comes out but to other people I am lying still. I can see the people who come in my room and everything to check up on me but my body is still in the bed while I am watching myself sleep. And also before it ends, the shock waves get worse and I even shed tears. And before it ends I always hear someone o something growling in my ear. It is the most scariest thing I have ever experienced. This has been going on ever since I was like 15. I have these out of body experiences at least two times a week. And I am so scared of it that I do not go to sleep at night but in the morning time. It never happens if I stay up all night and go to sleep at like 5 in the morning. This is still going on in my life and I don’t think it will ever go away. And I know when it is coming on because my body will begin to shake. And I would have to stand in a hot shower to come my body down and relax it. I would love to have ore information on this problem that I have. If you have information about this anybody then please email me @ dluvete01@gmail.com

  28. Lei says:

    that happened to me too i coud hear everything and i saw myself lying on the sofa and i was trying to wake myself up but i wasnt moving. and in my dream, i was watching a movie, i could hear the conversation and everything. It felt like i was in a coma, could hear everything but couldn’t respond to anything that’s happening. I was so afraid i wouldnt wake up, i touched my hand and and it was cold to the touch and so pale. i thought i was dead and I could see myself, floating and trying to revive myself. it was bright and sunny outside and the tv was on. I saw my husband beside me watching that movie I was seeing in my dream. I told him to wake me up but he couldnt hear me. after few minutes, i woke up! i was so happy i was still alive! And yes, the movie was still playing and it was sunny and bright outside. that was so wierd. the first time that ever happened to me. i wouldnt wanna be in that situation again. it was scary.

  29. I had the same thing exact lastnight but I couldn’t breath n was trying to call out for help but nothing could come out was petrified n woke n did the same thing 3 more times

  30. reino carlito giroy says:

    Just a 30 minutes ago ajust woke from my sleep its 8:40 am here in saudi arabia., i thought get up already from my bed, but why my body still lying on my bed, oh boy i raise my hands up but hands doesnt respond still, on my third attemp oh then i woke already so frighthening, 3rd time that happend to me like this, 1st when when i almost get through the ceiling of our house and i saw my body lying together with my cousins, as we together in one room, so forciblly get back to my body and when i woke up i look the entire room its the same as i saw in my dreams my cousins positions as they sleep same as i saw in my dreams, but in just a nap of second again i suddenly got sleep, again i saw my body same my cousins sleeping, i suddenly woke again. I just pray entire nyt

  31. aleksa says:

    I have dreams similar to that. Like i am dreaming and suddenly i figure out i am dreaming (sometimes i just say this is stupid i must be dreaming, or someone comes to me and tells me that i am dreaming, or i try to look at the face of the person i am dreaming and then everything gets fucked up) so when i notice that i am in a dream i open my eyes and i can see my room and light on the wall from cars passing by, and i can see light from computer so i am sure i am awake, but i can only hear things from my dreams and i cant move. I hear thigs like someone talking or some big machines moving around and it gets so fucked up and then i hear whistling but it gets so hard and noisy i cant stand it my head starts to hurt, and somehow i get fully awake. If you want to hear more reply me

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