Mandatory IQ test

Not everyone should be allowed to reproduce …

pregnant rednecksWe should require all human beings to take a mandatory IQ test before they reach parenting age. This IQ test can be part of a routine doctor’s visit for children 10 years and older. Afterall, adults are required to get a tube stuck up their butts when they turn 50, so why not ask our children a few questions to find out if they are eligible candidates for procreation?

What if they fail the IQ test?

These children should never be allowed to reproduce … EVER! As a result, doctors should demand removal of all reproductive organs at once. 

The parents have the right to demand a retest if they suspect an error in the test or that the child was not up to par on this particular day. However, once the child fails the second test, there is no ifs, ands or buts, this child should lose the right to bring other stupid, ignorant children into this world. Get ready for the chopping block … little Billy is getting neutered!

What happens if the most asinine human being winds up pregnant despite desperate attempts to remove her reproductive organs?

As the great abortion debate continues to weasle its way into politics, I will once again assert my opinion where it was not asked. If I supported pro-choice, I would think it was up to the woman to decide the outcome of her unfortunate pregnancy. If I supported anti-abortion, I would think that the baby deserves a chance at life no matter how stupid the pathetic excuse for a human being might be. Instead, I sit on a different platform … a more logical one at that.

I support pro-abortion. Too many right wing nuts believe that “pro-choice” is synonymous with “pro-abortion.” Are you kidding me? Women shouldn’t have the right to choose the fate of mankind … especially not the dumb ones. That would allow morons to control the population … and the world. If we want to allow women to control the world, wouldn’t we want the ones with brains?

New kind of pregnancy test …

pregnancy testMy next proposal is that we create a pregnancy test that also checks the IQ of the soon-to-be mother. If the mother’s IQ is not up to standards, the chemicals in the test simply correct the problem. This does not solve the issue of testing the father at the time of conception, but we can hope that a reasonably intelligent woman would not allow a moron to impregnate her. We can also expect that she would use protection if she is having relations with a complete idiot. If not, then I think it is safe to assume that she would not pass the IQ test on her own.

Stupid people shouldn’t breed! Let’s work together to stop this global crisis.

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9 Responses to Mandatory IQ test

  1. Ang says:

    AMEN sista!!!! I’ve been praying for this sort of thing for YEARS…..chemical sterilization should be mandatory ;)

  2. Hails says:

    I hate to say this, but the stupidest people I’ve met all had above average IQs. They had the equipment, they just didn’t want to use it.

  3. Daren says:

    well said!!!!

  4. Bill says:

    Hmm. I preached the same thing 30 years ago. Nothing has changed in the meantime.

  5. Jack Dawes says:

    Your blog is very entertaining.
    IQ does not provide much help in deciding who should procreate. I think about this topic whenever I ride on public transit and see all the young mother’s with their two or three children and an infant. They appear to have no idea about nurturing their little charges. Welfare provides more money for more kids so baby making becomes a cottage industry.

    Joking aside: better education and early distribution of birth control pills would be a big help. Emotional intelligence should be valued above IQ and life skills classes should be mandatory.

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  7. Josh says:

    Wow… you could not have said it any better! All my thoughts and ideas about the ever growing human population was summed up in a mere few paragraph article!

  8. Natasha says:

    Well very nice blog, i read often, but have to protest at a… well pointless point.

    The ideas suggested are valid… but extremely dependent on the idea that intelligence in genetic.(which of course is not proved, in in my opinion absolute rubbish, granted they may have a small part to play)

    This idea cna simply not work, for example if a child in your system has failign IQ score, but comes from exceptionaly intelligent parents?

    Or a real life example of this, is yours truely, i come from a not so special background, with both genetic parents under average IQ scores, i however (Not to blow my own horn)am considered very articulit and intelligent, with an abnormaly high IQ score for my age range…
    Which is remarkeable, beacause under your suggested ‘system’ i should have been aborted for being ‘dumb’.

    Just food for thought.

  9. From A Young Mom says:

    *laughs uncontrollably* WOW. Yeah… Lots of people are too stupid to have kids but you have to count in the fact that not all intelligent people are book smart. Sometimes people make low IQ scores but they are very intelligent and wise and would pass very great genes to children. This is just as bad as genocide in my opinion. You cannot make people give up their right to reproduce just because they have a low IQ score. That thought in itself is unintelligent. :/ Just saying…

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