Confessions of a video store clerk

For the past 13 years, I have always had a job (minus three weeks when I moved to Alabama). Each job was interesting in its own way with its own set of pros and cons.

From waitress and factory worker to journalist and photographer, I have experienced a rainbow of careers with very colorful memories. One job had more memories than I care to share, but here is one …

video storeBefore DVDs replaced VHS …

In college I worked in a video store. The money was terrible, but the work was easy. One of the main duties of the job required me to check in movies. Standard procedure required me to open each movie box and check to see if the label on the tape matched the movie title on the box.

blank VHS tapeI opened up a box labeled “Aladdin.”  The video inside the box did not have a label. I knew that I should slip the movie into the VCR. However, I also knew that if I played a movie on the VCR, it is shown on every television throughout the store. I hesitated since I still had one family in the store picking out a movie. Maybe I should just rewind the movie and stick it back on the shelf and let it be someone else’s problem …

After debating with myself for a brief moment, I decided to stick the tape in the VCR. Just as I did this, the family arrived at the register with their movie selection. I turned away from the movie on the screen and went about my business.

A few seconds into checking out my customers, the father whispered to me, “are you supposed to be watching movies like this when customers are in the store?” I looked up at the screen horrified … this was not “Aladdin.” The video playing on the screen was an adult film.

I immediately ejected the movie from the VCR and stared back at the family in horror. I attempted to explain why I put the video in the VCR in the first place, but the family did not seem interested in an explanation. No one said a word as I finished ringing up the movies.

Sweating it for the next week …

I expected to hear from my boss. Each day I went into work, I waited to be called into her office. Nothing ever happened, so I was able to pretend the whole incident never happened and continue on with my career as a video store clerk. Happy times!

What is the moral of the story?

Always wait until customers leave the store before watching porn …

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3 Responses to Confessions of a video store clerk

  1. Matt says:

    While working at a theater, I was behind in starting up movies, and so was going through them as fast as I could to catch up. After finishing, I sat down at a desk we had (at a theater there are moments of intense rushes, and then really slow times). I get a call on our radio a little bit later saying that there are complaints that ‘The Ring’ is playing in one of the theaters meant to be a cartoon for kids (I can’t remember which one, some theaters would have one movie for earlier shows, and then a horror for the latest times) The trailers had gone through fine and no one had complained, but when a girl dies violently on screen people noticed that it wasn’t the right movie. I worried for a few days that I’d lose my job as well.

  2. Matt, you are funny. So, when are you going to edit our last movie?

  3. MJ says:

    I did tell you about the time I burned some toast and caused an unannounced “firedrill” for my entire 6 story building right? Life comes at you fast…

    Miss you! We leave for Hawaii Friday after next following an overnight in NOLA.

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