Where is the off switch?

off switchThe human brain … what a dumb invention!

Why did our creator forget the most important part? Everything needs to have the ability to turn on and off!

Do you ever wish that your brain came with an off switch?

I often wonder if life would be easier if we could just flip a switch for a short moment of each day. I am not asking for much time … maybe a half hour or even 15 minutes. 

The mind needs breathing space! 

brain vacationThe mind is constantly entertaining useless thoughts and outrageous ideas. Even in sleep our dreams attempt to haunt and remind us of incomplete goals and daily annoyances. Why can’t we all be granted a moment of silence?

Nothingness is synonymous with euphoria!

I dream of a day when nothing echoes in my mind and all fantasies are paused while the mind rests and recharges for a new day. 

Maybe we are closer than I originally thought …

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5 Responses to Where is the off switch?

  1. Ang says:

    Wayne really needs one of those….I honestly believe that is the heart of his insomnia; his mind is constantly racing (not just working, but racing) with thoughts, so much so, that he paces. That poor man can’t even sit still while he’s thinking…….it scares the poo outta me!

    I paint to ease the “mindworks” or do yoga ;)

  2. We could have used an off switch for Wayne last night :) He was all over the place, but it was funny!

  3. As a person who over analyzes absolutely everything, I definitely relate to this post. I think I would pay upwards of $10000 to have one of these installed.

  4. billotto says:

    I have learned to like it. If my brain were to stop, I’d be scared to death.

    It has been a burden sometimes when trying to relax. It is durn near impossible.

    I’d rather live with the brain always working than to live 5 minutes with it in sleep mode.

    I’m not sure what it does when I’m asleep though.

  5. You are one of the lucky people. Your brain works at full capacity. Mine operates at a much lower level. I feel if I could take a break, it might reach full capacity :) Because of my restless nights, the line between reality and fantasy is hard to see.

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