Sneezing rainbows

rainbowWithout time to share detailed encounters of my trek across Florida, I will leave you with some of my fondest memories in color. I promise to fill in more once I have settled in my new home.

Colors remind me of my journey …

melted crayonImagine leaving a box of crayons in the back of a black car in 100 degree weather. As you peel back the cardboard lid, the melted wax drips into your hands. A sloppy rainbow,  or Care Bear snot, fills the palm of your hand.

Red, yellow, orange, brown …

bugs windshieldMy wipers attempt to clean away the remains of insects sprinkled across my windshield. Raining, pounding, splattering … the beautiful masterpiece left behind continues to glisten in the sun.

Green, blue, white …

Perfect weather! Florida never looked greener than it did on my drive. The green landscape was framed magnificently with an endless blue sky. White clouds, fluffy like cotton candy, were painted against the blue.

blue, green, brown …

seashellsI forgot how much I missed the East Coast! The water and sand in Destin are no comparison to the refreshing waters in Jupiter. Peel away the years … I was immediately brought back to my youth. Enamored, I plucked seashells from the shores (great for art projects).

Blue …

Blue carpet cushioned my feet as I walked through Grammy’s new home. I immediately felt welcomed! I finally met Grammy’s new husband, ate deliciously prepared meals and slept in a cozy bed with family in the next room.

Green, black, gold ….

Words cannot describe the Everglades … only pictures will manage to do it justice. I will post pictures soon! Get ready for a look at birds, alligators, turtles and more.

Black, white, gray …

ghostsI walked the streets of St. Augustine with a tour guide. This was no ordinary tour! Once the sun set, a man and woman dressed in silly costumes led me through cemeteries and a fort. They shared ghostly tales of murder and terror from the country’s oldest city.

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2 Responses to Sneezing rainbows

  1. billotto says:

    Glad you enjoyed the trip.

    I once took some children to a zoo in Miami only to find on my return to the car that some crayons had been left on the seats, the back shelf… It certainly was colorful.

    St. Augustine may have been the oldest city in the US in 1910, but they won’t tell you that Santa Fe is much older. Maybe Florida won’t count it because it was not part of the US until much later. But then again, there was no US back when St Augustine was founded. Hmm. A pretty squirrely argument. Same goes for the oldest house. There are older ones in Santa Fe… They don’t seem to be able to admit that New Mexico became part of the US. It has been a state for 96 years now. Time to get over it, St Augustine!

    I got a tour in St. Augustine in which the guide told me that the old house, which is made from seashells compressed under millennia of time and tons of weight, was made from cocaine-uh. Actually I think it is supposed to be coquina. The guide was a little weird.

    Can’t wait to see your picture of the Everglades.

  2. Tara R. says:

    Sounds like you had a great road trip. Hope you got the chance you needed to relax and rest.

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