My cat is dating an alien

I am having the strangest dreams these days …

chicago skylineA window in my home reveals a magnificent skyline. I gaze upon the vast landscape … a feeling of peace washes over me. The stars twinkle as the city lights invite me to take a closer look.

With my face literally pressed to the glass, a new story unfolds … a much uglier version of the truth.

I watch as two buildings tumble to the ground … fire and smoke pour from the side. My mind quickly recalls 9/11 … is it terrorists?

Two more buildings crumble like crackers. My heart leaps as emergency vehicles from all over the city rush to the rescue. Sirens and cries fill the midnight air.

I am immediately aware that I am not alone in this room. A few select members of my family are watching the horror with me … my mom, brother, dad, grandfather and cat. I scan their faces for reactions. No one looks my way, so I turn back to the window.

An explosion sends a fire truck into the air. I can see that the truck is about to crash into the window. I push my beloved family into the hallway as glass shatters all around us. My mind tries to piece together the frightening scene that is playing out before us … it occurs to me that I did not have time to rescue my cat. I stop shielding my family to find Luci (short for Lucifer).

Purple slime oozes from the broken window and the now demolished roof. I call out his name, but he does not appear. As I am looking through the wreckage, the slime drips onto my bare flesh. I scream out in fright as Luci comes to comfort me. I can see that he escaped with only a few cuts. Some of his fur is missing where the slime dripped. I grab him in my arms and take him into the kitchen to clean his wounds and stop the burning.

gremlinMy family shouts from the other room. Luci and I go to investigate. This strange gremlin-looking creature is staring down at my family. It is obvious that he is about to kill them. Oddly, his face softens as he sees me enter the room with Luci. I am overcome with fear and faint.

When I wake, I am seated around a large oblong table that has been jammed into my hallway. I can see my brother, dad, mom and grandfather. They are dressed as if they are attending a dinner party. I start to question their attire when I look down at my own clothes.

The gremlin-alien dude walks into the room with a grin on his face. I fear the worse. Where is Luci? Before the words escape my mouth, Luci walks into the room dressed in a terrible mini skirt/mid-drift combo. He gives me the look of death as he takes his seat next to the alien.

As we eat the meal, the alien explains that he has agreed to let us live if he can date my cat. I apologize to Luci and give my consent.

I wish I could choose my dreams. I am not sure what this one says about me. My transvestite cat is dating an alien. Oh the horror!

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2 Responses to My cat is dating an alien

  1. Hails says:

    I will pretend I don’t know you or your cat.

    If it makes you feel any better, I had a dream about chinstrap penguins cooking people into castle shaped cakes to the music from Sweeney Todd.

  2. Little sis, you could never deny your more mature counterpart. Penguins, cakes and Sweeney Todd … I think you got me beat!

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