Chinny chin hairs

I remember watching my grandmother pluck hairs from her chin when I was a young girl. I was horrified. Would this happen to me? Would I turn into a man? My grandmother laughed and shrugged, “it’s just part of getting old.”

It’s official. I am old.

I got my first chinny chin hair the other day. I am not sure how long it was there before I noticed. I do not usually stare at my chin looking for new growth (I might start now).

I was in my car on the way to the gym looking in the mirror while I was driving (bad idea … I do not recommend checking for chinny chin hairs in this manner). The music from “Psycho” played in the background.

Was this for real?

I nearly wrecked my car examining my chin. I desperately tried to rip the hair from my flesh, but I could not get a grip on it. So, I sucked it up and decided I would go to the gym with this hair exposed to the world.

As soon as I walked in, I decided I would show everyone. I guess I prefer the approach of telling everyone my faults before they point them out (I really need to work on this one).

I found out quickly that I am not alone. Most girls get chinny chin hairs by my age. I never would have known since all women refuse to talk about it! Any other surprises that you need to report to me, ladies? Will I get chest hair too?

I probably should not publicize the fact that I am turning into a man, but I figure you know everything else by this point. Why not? 

I am excited about getting old!

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3 Responses to Chinny chin hairs

  1. Ang Henson says:

    LOL…you crack me up Jennifer! I had one too, but strangely enough, I plucked it twice and haven’t seen it since. Watch, it will grow back 3 times thicker and BRIGHT black (or would that be dark black?) :) I seem to be having this problem with the tiny baby hairs above my lip wanting to get darker *sigh* I guess a good waxing is in order when I get my hair trimmed now. Why, if being a woman is so fabulous, is it such a pain in the arse? ;)

    OH….make plans to be HERE the weekend of May 24th (if possible). That’s the big “hillbilly throwdown” (aka-MY birthday party where I love to celebrate the birth of my 2 most favorite peeps=YOU and Wayne) heheheee

  2. What??? Does that mean I will get a moustache too? Mom, why didn’t you tell me these things? Angela, do you have chest hair?

    Well, I may not need a costume for your party. At this rate, I can come with a full beard and moustache … I will make sure to wear a nice low cut top to display all my chest hair too. I will make one sexy hillbilly!

  3. Lea says:

    That is too funny! I have been getting them for years. I have tweezers EVERYWHERE! You never know when those little suckers are going to pop up. Sorry honey this is just the beginning.

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