My wonderful airport painting

People painted across a vast landscape of stores, restaurants and planes …

airport peopleThe airport may not be the most picturesque place to watch people, but the fluorescent lights definitely illuminate the many lives that walk past the numbering system that we all have grown to associate with flying.

The Atlanta Airport is the melting pot of civilization. Every state and nearly every country is represented.

I scanned the immediate vicinity only to find 10 conversations taking place in at least four different languages. I will not even dive into the many variations in dialect.

We are all the same …

people technologyWhen looking at the ocean of people, I found more similarities than differences. More than half of the people were armed with laptops, cellular phones and other electronic wonderlands. A decade ago these were considered luxuries … these people were treating these objects as necessities.

I watched as a woman tried to type an e-mail with her right hand on a laptop computer while her left hand worked diligently at typing an e-mail on her Blackberry. I could see her frustration as she turned her head back and forth. 

Only a few feet away a man held a conversation with himself. He paced the floor and shouted obscenities to anyone willing to listen. On closer inspection, I realized that this man was not talking to himself at all – he was sporting Bluetooth technology on his ear.

Two seats from the lunatic man a teenage girl vigorously typed out a text message on her cell phone while bobbing her head up and down to the sounds ringing in her ears from her beloved iPod.

All I could do was hang my head in shame …

I was no different than any of these people around me. I clutched the case to my laptop in one hand and my purse in the other (within its depths were an iPod and cell phone).

Are we spoiled?

spoiled technologyAfter seeing the expensive backbacks, luggage, shoes, purses, clothing and technology … the answer is undoubtedly yes. As humans we can turn our heads on suffering, poverty and ignorance only to make ourselves feel better about our thirst for money and power.

My blind eye …

I scribbled in my notebook the many sights, sounds and smells created by this flood of people. From farts and McDonald’s hamburgers to crying babies and incessant babbling, I felt myself sinking into total sensory overload.

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7 Responses to My wonderful airport painting

  1. billotto says:

    You are absolutely right, and as someone who practically lives in airports, I find this to be one of the most unpleasant aspects of traveling by plane.

    Even so, I travel with a cell phone, a pager, an Ipod, a compact digital camera, a PDA, and two laptops (one personal and one for the company.)

    I do at least try to avoid putting in one of those earphones and talking on the cellphone when I am in line or walking past a lot of people. Probably the worst is an airport restaurant where people sit by themselves and talk constantly about seemingly nothing important.

    Oh, well, very glad that you are back!

    Love you

  2. Ang says:

    Hey, how was your vacation!??! I hope you are in better spirits and fully rested :)

  3. I am glad that you do not have the robot ear yet! I am back safe and sound :) Love you!

  4. Lea says:

    We are very spoiled. When I first started working (only 17 years ago) we didn’t have the internet and now I don’t know how we survived before it. I work for our local County government and every once in a while we pull out old paperwork and it just makes you laugh at how things were done and the typos.

    I hope you had a wonderful vacation. I have about 500 more days until mine. (France & Italy in August of 2009) LOL I’ve already started a countdown.

  5. seo india says:

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  6. Geoff Bennett says:

    i love your “wonderful airport painting”. Would you consider licensing it for the cover of an independent CD?

    • Considering that I only wrote the blog and did not actually paint any pictures, I have to wonder if you know what you are asking. My wonderful airport painting is an image in my mind filled with people spoiled by technology. Is that what you had in mind?

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