Stupid, stupid LIARS

  LyingWhy do people lie? What is the point in constructing elaborate stories to cover up truth?

People claim to have many reasons for lying. Some lies are harmless while others can destroy families. Excuses can include shame, guilt, fear, vanity, greed, etc. However, one thing is certain … almost everyone who lies will do it again.

319578-always_lie_lying_nowAre any lies good?

If people can lie about little situations that they term “white lies” then who is to say that they cannot turn around and lie on a larger scale? People who are comfortable stretching the truth are losing touch with their consciences. They create justifications for why they do certain things, and it never appears wrong to them. In fact, when caught in a lie, they often turn it around on the accusers just to avoid scrutiny.

funny-stupid-peopleWithout a filter …

I am told by people close to me that I lack a filter … meaning that my thoughts flow freely out of my mouth without consideration to feelings and tact. I suppose I am brutally honest, but is that a fault? I do not talk behind backs. I tell everyone exactly how I feel at the precise moment that I feel it. Yes, sometimes I crush feelings, but would you rather I lie to your face and talk behind your back like everyone else? And, if I can lie about how your new hairstyle looks, where does the lying stop?

Is having a filter synonymous with liar?

As days go on, I am learning how to control my words better … especially in the professional world where I moonlight as a nurse. I find myself telling obviously crazy patients that they are perfectly normal. Or, creating stories just to get a patient to not create a scene. Am I learning to lie?

I am tired of lies

I feel like the entire world lies to me. I do not know what to believe anymore … who to trust … where to go. I am really feeling lost these days. I feel like the world is full of a bunch of stupid, stupid LIARS. Humans are assholes!

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