Falling for the Doctor

tardis-in-space-tardis-6289810-1280-768 (1)Not the medical kind of guy …

As a nurse, you would automatically assume that I am talking about a medical doctor, but NOOOO. My friends ambushed me with “Doctor Who” when I visited Chicago last month. And, Yes, I fell madly in love with the show. I am on my way to becoming a Whovian!

Doctor, Doctor, wherefore art thou Doctor?

I am waiting for the Doctor to come and sweep me away in a blue box that he so lovingly refers to as the TARDIS (time and relative dimension in space).

If you have not seen “Doctor Who,” it is sort of like “Quantum Leap” meets “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” The Doctor (an alien), accompanied by a human companion, travels through time, space and dimensions fighting off evil aliens from other planets. Lots of action, adventure and the cheesiest of the cheese!

All aboard Huntsville …

Would you believe that Huntsville is having its own little con devoted completely to “Doctor Who”?

It is true … feast your eyes on this …

Con-Kasterborous-2013-FlyerIf you are interested in being a part of the madness that is either going to be extremely horrible or completely awesome, visit its website.

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