Welcome to old age

funny-grandmother-old-age-women-chikni-chameliIt is official … I am OLD! 

I completed 3 glorious decades and now have crossed over into the mid-thirties. That’s right, folks, I am the big 3-4.

Back then …

In my teen years, I fantasized about what my future would look like. I never expected it to look like this. Ha! I assumed it would be awesome and great and everything would work out just as imagined.

The truth is that my future (currently present) looks exactly the same as my past. I am not sure what I expected to happen, but apparently life stays pretty much the same. I am the same person with the same problems. I change day to day and have new experiences yet I am ME. I am the same person in older skin. Great. I am so excited for the next 34 years of my life. Awesome. Thanks for the fantastic surprise of absolutely NOTHING!


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