Imaginary friends?

I never persecute anyone for their religious beliefs, so why is it that time and time again people feel it is their right to tell me what I should believe?

I am frustrated that my coworkers feel it is okay to personally attack me for not believing in their “GOD.” When is it ever appropriate to bring up a person’s religious beliefs, or lack there of, at work? I am horrified and humiliated. It is not the business of people in my life, especially not that of close-minded Southerners. I am deeply hurt that people can so rudely attack me in my place of employment where my rights should be protected.

Loyal gal …

The part that hurts is that I am loyal to people in my life … loyal to a fault. I keep information they feel sacred between us. Ask any close friend, and they will all tell you that I never divulge private information. I am the first person to critique myself and insult myself in order to ever avoid attacking other people.

In a place of employment, all talk of religion and politics should be completely forbidden. I feel violated and hurt. The friends I thought I had at work do not exist. Imaginary friends. I wanted, needed even, them so much that I pretended that they existed.

My message to the bullies …

If you were confusing religion with morals, it is obvious that you have neither. I, at least, have respect and morals and would never do that to you or anyone else. Consider yourself dead to me. I have no need for imaginary friends in my life. You hurt me, and I will walk from your life. I will still treat you with kindness and consideration, but I will … get this straight … NEVER again be your FRIEND!

My rebuttal …



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  1. Jane Lane says:

    I’ve spent the majority of my life in the south (read: bible belt), and can definitely relate to this sentiment. I went through the angry period in middle school and high school. I was ostracized and bullied for not blindly following a faith I didn’t understand.

    I am a moral person, which is more than I can say for many of the “good” people who treat me like the scum of the earth for thinking for myself…

    I digress. It’s nice to see like-minded folk still exist. Perhaps I’ll stumble upon your blog again.

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