Beyond the horizon

It may be time to take my job search outside of Alabama. I am ready for new adventures!

The question is where should I go next?

I think I will start northwest and work my way down. I finally have a little experience under my belt and actually have a few skills to offer a potential employer. I can’t handle Alabama anymore. I love my family with all my heart, but I need a break from the lame life I lead in Alabama.

If anyone hears of any leads for a nurse, let me know … I am willing to go anywhere but here. Top places on my list include Tennessee, Washington, Oregon, but I am open minded. Sell me on a new location … preferably with sexy young men ;)

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3 Responses to Beyond the horizon

  1. Kenny Yates says:

    I grew up in Missouri, not a lot there but it is alright to drive through. I currently live in Oak Harbor, WA and this area is just beautiful. Seattle has an excellent music scene, everyone is really nice and friendly, Canada is just up the way, and one of my favourite things is Sasquatch Music festival. Bellingham is a pretty sweet place to. Oak Harbor has a large military influence, but if you get past that its great. Oh, and there’s the Pacific Ocean and Mountains galore. Anything there is to do anyway, you can do up here. If you end up coming up here you will never run out of interesting places to go.

  2. Jennifer says:

    We are desperate for night shift orthopedic nurses on my floor at the hospital! ;-) This is in Spokane, Washington. I love Washington. Spokane is not as “progressive” as western Washington but it’s getting there. Tons of outdoor stuff to do.

  3. Awesome. Thanks Jennifer for the heads up :)

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