The nothingness

Someone asked me if my life was fulfilled, and I could not answer. You big ol’ bully, why make me think about such things when I just want to have simple, uncomplicated thoughts for a change? Ha!

Diarrhea of the mouth? Who … me??

I tend to be the type to spout off the first thought that comes to my mind whether I believe it or not. Once my unformulated opinion hits the air, I pretend to own it for just a moment … don’t ask … it is just fun. However, being asked if my life is fulfilled left me speechless for the first 5 seconds in my entire life. Yes … I talk a lot!

What does it mean to be “fulfilled”?

To be completely satisfied … to be content? Can anyone really say that they are “fulfilled?” Aren’t all humans searching for a deeper satisfaction in life … more meaning? What would we do if we were “fulfilled”? What would be the point in setting goals and working towards self improvement? What more would be necessary if life left you “fulfilled”? If the question had been, are you reasonably content with your life or do you generally feel your emotional, physical needs, etc. are met, I may have answered with a YES. However, I think I decline to say YES to whether or not I am “fulfilled,” because I do not think that is a healthy way to be.

So my question back to you is …

Do we really want to have everything that we need, want and desire? If we had everything, wouldn’t our lives lose purpose? What would we look forward to? What next?

I watched this movie called “Waste Land” … quite a unique story. The artist, Vik Muniz, had an interesting way to think about this very question.

“I’d rather want everything and have nothing, than have everything and want nothing. Because at least when you want something your life has a meaning: it’s worthwhile. From the moment you think you have everything, you have to search for meaning in other things.”

I think that about sums up my thoughts on that! Ha! Nothingness is far better than everythingness :) Yes, I just made up a word!!

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2 Responses to The nothingness

  1. Jack says:

    Perhaps a better question would be “is your life fulfilling?”. Maybe fulfillment is not a destination, but the journey to the destination. Perhaps, fulfillment is a state of being, and you get out of bed each day because you look forward to experiencing it for yet another day.

  2. Is your life fulfilling? The way I see it … we all have much to complain about, much to hate in life, but we are very blessed. We are given the best gift in the world … LIFE.

    Sure, there is much out there that I want, need, desire … this leaves me with purpose and goals. So, yes, I would be willing to say that life is fulfilling. I occasionally waffle on this opinion, but today I am saying YES … life is fulfilling.