Don’t worry, be happy

I just finished reading “The Happiness Project,” which has inspired me to create my own happiness project. I am brainstorming a series of short-term and long-term achievable goals.

The author uses months to set her goals, but I do not want to put as much pressure on myself, so I think I will give myself until the end of summer to achieve my goals. If it works out, I can create a new set of goals.

Goal 1: Make 3 new friends. I love and cherish the friends and family that I do have in my life, but everyone seems busy and I have way too much free time. It would be nice to have a few more activity partners to call upon when I get an itch to do something, such as a random road trip or a hike on the mountain.

Goal 2: Write a novel. I have been saying for years that I will write a book, but all I do is write a few pages and stop. This summer I vow to finish a book!

Goal 3: Enjoy the summer. I want to go out and do more outdoor activities … canoeing, rafting, hiking, camping, exploring, travel. I need more excitement. Finding a few new activity partners may help with this or joining some more social clubs.

Goal 4: Find 3 new ways to spend my time. I spend an awful lot of time drinking beer on my porch and reading. Sure … I love to read. It is one of my favorite things to do, but I need another outlet or hobby. Painting is still a passion, but it would be nice to grow this artistic talent in other ways.

Goal 5: Say yes! I always say no to social obligations, because they take me temporarily out of my comfort zone. I need to start saying yes even if it is not really my thing. People quit inviting you places the more times you say no. Trust me … I know … I do it to people who refuse me.

I need your help. If anyone actually reads my blog, give me some advice. Where do I go to meet new people at the lovely age of almost 33 and what sorts of suggestions do you have for exploring new hobbies? Got any ideas?


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3 Responses to Don’t worry, be happy

  1. chris says:

    Seems like things are going well for ya . . I’ve found that saying ‘yes’ to those social thingys aint so bad . . Can be unstimulating, but some actually pull through. . . Zombicon had to have been a mix, huh?

  2. will says:

    Your blog is read……
    I know how you feel…been there once…Rachael was once…Becky there now

    I’m not the one to suggest things !! However I will anyway !! LOL

    You could run a few races…lots of simarily minded people
    Searia club
    Botanical gardens club
    Art class
    As for the book…heck you just about wrote mine….you can do it!!

    As with any project…just like a brick house (like ours with 23000 bricks) It was assembled one brick at a time…before you knew we had a wall !!! Then a home…

    I have my next book half done if you’re interested in editing….

    (And from this answer you can see I need a good editor!! LOL)

    And I’m not being nosy reading your blog….I just try to read anything my family writes…just trying to stay in the loop. I was out of the loop too long in years past… I have to really search for Becky’s and Toby’s…Rachael’s and ed’s are pretty busy…no writing there …

    Now go find your first brick!! LOL

  3. Bill says:

    I think you have great goals. You don’t have to look for friends. Just get out and do things you like, but stretch a bit. Don’t just do what you’ve already done. Push the envelope a little. You’ll make friends without trying. And you may find you like something better than you ever thought.

    Did you say camping? We’d be glad to have you join us some time.

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