My soap box


Why do people like to regurgitate their lives to the public through Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, blogs such as this, etc.?

I often ask myself what sort of thrill I get out of airing my dirty laundry to the world? Why do I keep doing it when I know only a few random people catch my ramblings from time to time? Maybe people do not listen to me enough in person? Or, maybe, I do not know how to talk to people face to face? Or, perhaps, it is just that I love to talk until I am blue in the face and this is one way I can do it without exhausting all my resources? Ha!

20130126-104156.jpgHonestly, I think blogging allows me to vent in a healthy nature. I should do it more often. Other people turn to booze and therapy (I admit to doing the same at rough times). I need my own private soap box right here … or not so private. Ha!

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