Debbie Downers depress me

This is the season of Grinches and Scrooges …

Sure. We all get the blues this time of year. It is completely normal, but keep it to yourself! Don’t vent on the people around you who are trying to be friendly and nice … the people who genuinely want to be your friend. Pushing away the people who care about you is only going to make you feel more lonely and miserable.

Debbie Downers, if you want a little love and support in your life, embrace the help of the people around you and quit pushing them away. Get a little holiday spirit. Put up a Christmas tree and a wreath on your door. There is no reason to become an ASS this time of year. Check the bad attitude at the door! Get rid of the selfish, feeling sorry for yourself frame of mind!

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  1. Ang Henson says:

    I miss your face! We NEED to get together sometime soon!

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