Half of an eyebrow

I have invented a stress gauge …

Well, sort of, it only works on me.

My friends and family are able to gauge how stressed I am by how many hairs are left in my eyebrows. The more that are missing, the more stressed I am. By the end of a stressful week, I am lucky to escape with the total of one eyebrow (two halves).

I do not exactly pull these eyebrow hairs out. It is more of a process of rubbing. I have never been able to sit still for very long and am always fidgeting with something … even if it happens to be on my own face. So, here I am constantly rubbing at my eyebrow hairs until the follicles give way and fall to the floor.

If the week is only mildly stressful, I usually spare a few hairs and am able to grow them back fairly quickly. However, on one of those rough weeks, I may create bald spots in my eyebrow that actually cause me to rub at it more to fix the irritation caused by the hairs that are rubbed away.

I am completely willing to accept that this is weird.

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  1. Ang says:

    I’m sorry you’re stressed! That sucks…..on the other hand, if that’s “weird” then I’m on the same boat with you.

    I did tell you of my habit of twisting my eyelashes when I’m stressed out, right? ;) In jr. high, I had the longest, prettiest eyelashes…..let’s just say that I had a hard time in 8th grade, and by my freshman year, I had these little VERY thin eyelashes! I would twist them and play with them until they all fell out :(

  2. Your eyelashes are still pretty!

  3. Lea says:

    I have a tendacy to pluck mine when I get bored which can be quite dangerous.

    I’m sorry your stressed your vacation should definately help.

  4. ashley says:

    i rub my eyebrows all the time, a lot of the time i dont even notice, and i too have rubbed bald spots, youre not alone, ive always felt really weird for doing it too

  5. e.t. says:

    Oh my god. I have done this my whole life, literally since I was a baby. I’m famous for being “the eyebrow rubber” among my relatives. When I was little I usually just did it when I was sleepy, but it became a habit and I kinda just do it whenever without noticing now. Though, I have noticed it increase during stressful periods, like now during exams – and I have a bald spot on my left brow at the moment.

    In the most inexplicable way, it feels so good to rub them. I actually have different ways of rubbing them, using different areas of my fingers/hand. I AM SO WEIRD.

  6. John says:

    I do it too…I hate it. I went to a hypnotist to try to quit, and no luck.

  7. I looked in the mirror the other day and a fourth of my eyebrow is gone again. I am glad to hear that I am not alone. Do any of you take any medications? I keep wondering if the meds I take may factor into this unusual habit.

  8. Halcyon says:

    You are not alone, aside from apparently being a pretty good looking guy I’ve spent the better part of my youth and young adulthood with bald spots on my eyebrows. It just feels good to do so, is my only explaination.

  9. georgi says:

    oh my god i do that too! thought that no-one else did. its becoming a real problem im getting bald patches and it just looks horrible. does anyone have any way to stop doing it?!? most of the time im doing it without even realising.

  10. jenny says:

    Wow i thought I was the only one in the world that did that (how egocentric lol) I dont really do it when i am stressed, it’s just something i have done since i was tiny and haven’t really been able to stop. A lot of the time i do it without realising I am doing it. I rub them but never pluck. The left side of my right eyebrow has started to wear away so really trying hard to stop!

  11. I have a question … do any of you take any medications for ADD or do you consume large amounts of caffeine on a regular basis? Someone suggested to me that this could be a possible side effect of caffeine and medications. Just curious if this theory holds any truth …

    • carrie says:

      I rub mine badly too and im 14.. its sooooo embarrising but i eventually catch myself doing it and stop. I have REALLY REALLY bad ADD and ADHD and it badly effects my grades and school work, so i have to take medication for both. Before i took it i never rubbed my eyebrows, now i constantly do and cant stop at times…. its terrible!!! People ask me who plucks my eyebrows and do i get em waxed and how i kinda messed up while plucking… I DONT PLUCK (well only the hair in the middle). Helpppp :(

    • Fabio says:

      I am from Brazil and I started rubbing my eyebrow when I was 16, at that time I was neither taking any medicine nor drinking coffee. I still haven’t found anything that happened that year to make me start this.

    • Molly says:

      I have been taking a medication for ADD for a long time and I also have this eyebrow rubbing habit. For me, I just do it whenever I’m sitting still – it just feels GOOD! I’m not sure whether I do it more when I’m stressed or not. I just do it all the time and it feels amazing. I also have bald spots on my eyebrows that I have to pencil in :-(

  12. georgi says:

    im taking fluoxetine at the moment but the eyebrow thing started before then so its not that. dont drink excessive amounts of caffeine either :-S

  13. Halcyon says:

    Yes, drink lots of coffee and have been diagnosed with ADD.. :(

  14. ihateit says:

    I hate this habit. When I look in the mirror and see the bald spots and the thinning eyebrows I wonder what everyone else thinks. There must be a way to stop this dreadful habit. Damn, I just rubbed my eyebrows reading over this response. I’m not kidding. This really sucks. And yes, I might as well invest money in Duncan Donuts and Starbucks.

  15. Sasha Henry says:

    It’s called trichotillomania. Kind of like an anxiety OCD. Google it if you haven’t. But I think you’ve got the right lead to know what may cause it.
    I’ve got it too ever since I was little, with eyelashes. I remember being about seven and the doctor subtly threatening me that if I didn’t stop they’d have to put mittens on me. I felt so hurt. But even now, I was just sitting down watching tv a while ago and I just started pulling at my eyebrows, so it’s not gone away. I stopped though, but I just looked in the mirror and its kinda bad, I’m gonna have to lightly pencil some of it in (OH NO not the chola look! >_<). But yeah, right there with ya. I think maybe distracting your hands away by doing something else like drawing or playing an instrument my help.

  16. gina says:

    I do it too, and I’m extremely surprised/relieved that I’m not alone; I rub only my left eyebrow specifically. It’s been going on for almost two years now, I have what seems to be a permanent bald spot that I constantly need to pencil in, and I really can’t stop. Barely an hour goes by without me doing it, and it’s definitely exacerbated by stress.

    It’s interesting, because it isn’t exactly trichtotillomania (there’s no pulling; the constant rubbing just ends up causing the hair to fall out), but I’ve never been able to find any information about it. However it’s obviously a very real ‘something’ if all of us have it. It’s become somewhat of a joke with my friends; they’re constantly telling me to ‘quit touching my eyebrow!’. But, to me, it is very, very real and something that is a huge burden in my life.

    I just wish there was help ;(

    • Samantha says:

      Ohmygosh. This is me exactly. Only my left eyebrow. And I just rub the hairs that start to grow in, causing the hair follicles to not let them, so they end up falling out. It’s awful. Have you discovered any ways to break the habit?

    • Ljs says:

      I do this exact thing. Constantly. Do you still? I have since I was probably 14 and I’m 33 now. I can’t stop.

  17. SJ says:

    I do it too! Everyone in my family/friends thought I was sooo weird and never understood why I did it. But basically when I’m nervous and it feels good calms me down. It is strange but I don’t even realize I do it sometimes.

  18. Halcyon says:

    It can be very soothing right?

  19. Steve says:

    I too have rubbed my eyebrows since I was very young and I am now in my late 50’s. In recent years I have stopped for extended periods, but i am doing it again. I never remember quite how I stop when I do. Caffeine probably does not help.

  20. Angie says:

    Wow I’m so glad to find out I’m not alone with this eyebrow rubbing thing! I started doing it a couple years ago, and I don’t even notice that I’m doing it until someone points it out to me. I’m thinking it’s due to stress, but also for some reason I love the way it feels to run my fingers back and forth and feel the courseness of the hair (I have thick dark hair). But just earlier tonight I noticed for the first time that I’ve worn out near-bald spots on both eyebrows. :( It actually looks like I shaved them down or something, rather than being gone from the root. Now I’m realizing this needs to stop because I’m terrified I won’t have any left very soon, but the habit is so hard to break! In just the past hour I’ve had to stop myself at least 10 times. I really hope I can stop.

  21. Stress is definitely the instigator in this habit for me. However, I do find that new hair growth on my eyebrow can cause me to rub at it more. Sometimes I have to go pluck an irritating hair just to keep me from rubbing off all the others surrounding it. My mom and friends are always slapping my hands when they catch me rubbing at my eyebrows, but I found if I am not rubbing them I start torturing another place on my face. It may be healthier to let me keep the bald eyebrows :)

    • wallawallabingbang says:

      I have been doing this rubbing of the eyebrows for two years now. Besides feelng great, especially the next day!, it seems to be a side effect from my blood pressure medication which drys out my skin. Personally, I also think it is a sign of a great lover:-). If you can spend as much time pleasing your lover as you or I do rubbing our eyebrows, well, it will be one hell of a good time!

  22. Xtrabzmom says:

    I do this to! I’ve done it for longer then I can remember. I’ve tried to stop, but the need to do it is to strong. I’m wondering if its a compulsive disorder. I to rub bold patches in the center of my brow. I’m not sure if this occurs during more stressful times in my life or when I’m really tired and not noticing that I’ve been rubbing on them to much. I did have a stressful childhood so I’m wondering if this was a way I comforted myself, and it become a compulsive habit??

  23. Jonny says:

    I do it too! Got baldy patches in middle of both brows. Done it since i was at school so prob for about 8 years. Not really when im stressed, more when im bored, watchin tv or just generally doin nothin else! I didnt know there wer so many people who did this.. next time my mates take the piss ill say theres shitloads of people like meeeee haha

  24. Sarah says:

    Wow, I honestly didn’t think anyone else out there did this too…I am sooo relieved! =) i’m 16 years old..and it’s pretty much been this way with the eyebrow rubbing habit since i was a baby…But i tend to rub more depending on my stress level also reflects on how much of my eyebrow hairs are missing..

    However, recently i’ve been able to stop gradually. The cure: is to find something else to do with your hands, think of something else, and try not to think about it so much. Basically, pretend it’s never been a habit. If you think too much, you’ll wind up exactly where you started all over again. I’ll have to admitt, it’s not easy. But it tends to be way easier to break when you’re in a very good state of mind, and your mood is out of this world. If you continue this way each night, eventually, it’s as if that habit evaporated into thin air. POOF!

    It is extrememly hard to break though, my parents would nag me and remind me all the time whenever i do it, and it doesn’t help it just frustrates me more and stresses me which puts me right into the habit’s trap once again.

    Just if you catch yourself rubbing your eyebrow, stop and quickly find something else to do to get your mind off of it.

    and if you still can’t totally break the habit, try rubbing in the middle or more likely in the places where you DON’T want your eyebrow hairs to grow! (basically find a mirror and pin point the spots and stick to them; TRUST ME ) it helps A TON!

    Well, that’s pretty much all i have for now,
    so good luck to you all!

  25. Trish says:

    Reading this forum has prompted me to turn my mind back to when I first started rubbing my eyebrows. I am both amazed and disgusted to discover that I have been doing it for the better part of a quarter of a century.

    I’m old enough to detect the trends, I too rub more when I am deep in thought or under stress and I often catch myself doing it without realizing.

    I read with comfort that you each get a certain level of satisfaction out of doing it. For me it is like it stimulates my thought processes. It is harmless enough, were it not for the fact that it makes you look “odd”.

    But I bet, like the rest of you, the fact that you re destroying them is not enough to deter you. I also question how many of you are highly strung, A type personalities who know that if they weren’t rubbing, they would be doing something else compulsively, like cracking their knuckles.

    Having read all your comments, I am motivated to really try and kick this ridiculous habit once and for all. Any tips that have helped you beat the problem would be more than welcomed.

    Confessionsofaninsomniac, your honesty and courage to talk openly about the little idiosyncrasies that make you who you are is completely admirable – don’t stop what you are doing!

  26. Jamie says:

    oh, man. I have rubbed by eyebrows off!! I have “half-brows” now!! I can’t stop and the spikes feel so good when I rub them. This is sick and I wish I could stop.

    Someone told me that you can get eyebrow transplants. haha. its funny, but I cant lie, i thought about it for a minute. mainly bc maybe i could break the habit while they were healing. but it was just a thought and i still rub them or what is left of them.

    it feels so good and I cannot stop. someone should start a website for this. we dont have Trichotillomania bc we dont pull…just rub!

  27. Valeire says:

    Reading all of these posts makes me feel so much better. I am an eyebrow rubber. I am not even sure how it started. Over the last year or so I have been really stressed. My left brow is almost completely gone and the hairs that remain are very spiky. Sometimes I feel like I am nuts because I can’t stop rubbing the damn thing. My husband makes fun of me when he catches me doing it. I have to admit that I do it when I am thinking about something, when stressed, or driving. It is pretty continous. I know that OCD, Trichotillomania was mentioned in the other posts, but what about stimulatory behavior? Everyone stims…it is a method of self soothing. Some people are leg shakers, hair twirlers, and we are brow rubbers. What do you all think?

  28. Cat says:

    Hiya! Yet another eyebrow rubber here. I’m doing it right now, been doing it pretty much all evening. I am another who equates eyebrow rubbing with stress – I had shamefully large bald spots after completing class projects when I was in college. I forget the think about how weird it looks to do in public and I’m afraid I forget about that rather a lot.
    I know I should stop, although my brows grow in rather quickly they seem to have a slightly darker, more spiky apperance to them than before.
    I’d also heard about the trichlomania thing but dismissed it because I’m NOT PULLING THEM OUT, I’m just rubbing them because I enjoy the tactile sensation, and at the best of times it helps me relax. What I find most irritating is when I’m concentrating on something else and all of a sudden I realise my hand is getting sore cause I’ve been rubbing a brow without realising it.

  29. Izobell says:

    OMG! Now I on edge to start crying. I mean – really. I know it will sounds crazy & over reacted… But I literary cannot live with that anymore. You all said you’re eyebrow rubber… Before about 10minutes, untill I didnt sit in front of my laptop & google something like ”eyebrow completelly removed, how to fix it” I didnt know Im not the only one. Before I sit I was in my bathroom, 6am, not sleep, study for exam, and was in bathroom, completely draw my eyebrow with pencil because my mom will wake up & Im to ashamed that she see me like this AGAIN.
    I.. I really dont know what to do… I was start modelling career, I could be succesful… for first runway show (it wasnt anything big) I shaped (really good) my eyebrow (I was going in primary school, 15years old)… but then, all because of stress, I start to first rubbing them, then to completelly remove, all by my hands, acting strange, being agressive to them, and in the end – start to look really weird to other people.
    My whole high school I was like in hell – I noticed how my friends look at me, I noticed that they are really suprised how I look – & I was look different every day – I am now in college & I can call myself a master in covering.
    I apply them with eyepencil (in period when I dont have them completely & when I have half of them, because the rest look really thin, like dying men, lol), put powder, and at the end, I put hairspray so how they wont wipe out.
    Before few days I think it became MOST embarassing.
    One ”friend” in front of my whole company, sitting in bar, ask me where is my eyebrow.
    I just sink into floor. It hapend few times – that people ACTUALLY ask why I look like that, but usually they just judge and keep quiet. (You can imagine how it is having sex and after everything run in bathroom checking!)
    I can say I lost eyerything because of my stuppid habit. I didnt have curage to go to make pic for modeling – & ppl say I’m beautiful (rofl, when they see me with e.b, when I’m relaxed, not in panic, on holidays, or etc.) & I literary thought going to visit shrink so he prescribe me antidepressive, or any other medicine because I think I’m crazy.
    Today I have exam. Full of people. Who will watch me strange. I think not going on that. I will fall my year. I already lost all my self confidence.
    Yes, I can’t stop. Like Cat said – they grow more darker & stronger & that ”growing” phase is omg, horrible – I cant stop untill I rip them all off – they hurting my fingers…
    & it is stimmulating… I feel better. Crazy thing is that I wake up without it – I started to do that in half-wake condition, rofl.
    Does anyone know how to stop? Except ”find something diff to do”. Because I try everything. I only stop doing that while I’m playing computer games, going on holiday (can persuate myself to stop because going in sea & not having e.b isnt good combination, lol, but first day I come home circus continues)
    To know I’m not the only one (lol, but seems I’m demented one)

  30. wrmonahan says:

    My mom has been rubbing her eyebrows for the past 5 years. Basically ever since my dad had his accident in 2004. I noticed alot of you said in your comments that it is a harmless habit other than losing your hair. Well this is totally not true. You can get a serious infection called cellulitis from doing this. It is a type of stapyh infection. It happened to my mom twice and what is so bad about this is that her whole eye socket swelled her entire eye shut like she had been punched in the face. It eventually runs out of room to swell and works its way towards your temple area and down your cheek. When the swelling finally did subside for her she was admitted to the hospital and in the intensive care unit because the infection had worked its way into her bloodstream and into her brain. She was lucky and they caught it in time, but she has a nice scar on her eyebrow now from where they had to cut it open to release all of the pus and cheesy matter that had collected in there.
    So please, dont think that this habit is harmless to just some hairloss because that is so not true. You use your hands for everything and your hair is coming out of an open pore in your skin. All of that constant rubbing is just pushing dirt into them and it can cause ingrown hairs, boils and to its worse extreme what I just told you. Believe it or not, she is still doing it and to this day we cannot get her to stop doing it. If anyone has any advice other that do something else, I would love to hear it. Thanks guys! Good luck on quitting this nasty habit.

  31. Michael says:

    Wow, I thought I was the only person who did this. I sure appreciate this post.

  32. roseanne says:

    Wow, I thought I’d type this in to google and it’d tell me my search matches no documents. I honestly thought it was only me. I’ve been rubbing my eyebrows for eight years now.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that I do it because
    a) I’m tired. Kinda like how kids rub their eyes when they’re sleepy.
    b) It feels SO good, for both my finger and my eyebrow area (to the point where I have the worst bald patch ever at the moment! Good ol’ pencil!)
    c) My hands need to be kept busy… whether it’s at work on a computer or washing the dishes.

    I like to think it’s because I have a lot of energy that needs to be used. I have a high metabolism.
    I don’t think it’s stress related cos when I have a lot going on, my hands are kept busy while I’m running around trying to get things done. I also don’t drink a lot of caffeine. In fact, I think it’s the opposite. It’s worse at the moment cos my life is very calm and non eventful at the moment. So I have time to rub my eyebrows!

  33. danielle says:

    Same thought at the comment above. I thought nothing would come up with the results.. It is a stress thing, whenever I get super stressed I rub, pluck (with my own hands!!) my eyebrows.. I looked in the mirror this morning to my horror that my eyebrows are 1/2 and thin… I have to cover them up with a pencil :( I’m so sad that I have this horrible habit and I dont know how to stop.

  34. John says:

    I use to rub my neck, wife complained about that,
    then I got hit in the eye with and elbow playing basketball, both parents died in the same month,
    When I am not stressed, I seem to rub them less, now I rub my eyebrows and it is difficult to stop.
    When I carry a stress ball or something to keep my hands occupied that helps.

  35. Michelle says:

    I am always playing with my eyebrow, feeling and pulling at the hairs. I was even doing it while reading this. My partner is always telling me off for doing it and I dont even relise Im doing it. I do it when thinking and if bored. I dont drink alot of coffee and I have Biopolor.
    Any ideas on how to stop? I want to kept my eyebrows!

  36. allusion says:

    I used to twist my hair as a child. Stopped that habit. Then I bit my fingernails. Stopped that habit. Then I picked my cuticles. Stopped that habit. Pulled a few gray eyebrows. Then started rubbing. I was diagnosed with a low thyroid. It appears the habit gets worse when my thyroid levels are low. Wonder what bad habit I substitute for eyebrow rubbing.

  37. Deanna says:

    ME TOO!
    I have been doing this for about 14 years. I am now starting to get to the point where I have minimal hair on my eyebrows…and still cant stop. It certainly is trichotillomania, and I am soon to see a Homeopath for assistance in stopping. I find it very frustrating and am doining it all the time, at work, driving, phone…etc etc. Sometimes my arms hurt from doing it.
    Best of luck to all of you, for it is a horrible habit and it would feel so much better if I could stop. Almost like a sense of claustrophobia when I cant stop doing it.
    Arg, doing it right now…poor eyebrows they hurt!!

  38. Meg says:

    Oh my god!! I can’t believe I found you all! I have never known anyone else who does this!

    I’ve been doing it since I was a little girl – as long as I can remember. I used to suck my thumb at the same time, but when I got to Kindergarten and saw that no one else sucked their thumb I quit doing it in public, but kept on with the eyebrows. It sort of replaced the thumb sucking, I think (I don’t do it at all anymore).

    I find the eyebrow rubbing really relaxing and have always done it when I feel tired or watching TV/movies. As a lot of you have said, I don’t realize I’m doing it most of the time. The worst is that I do it when I’m listening to someone talking and then I see them looking at me ‘in that way’ and have to stop myself, but no one ever points it out to me directly. I’m doing it right now – holy crap.

    Anyway, I never thought of it as a disorder and I’ve only ever had a bald spot once a long time ago – maybe try being more gentle or rub lightly – if you can even focus on being aware of it, which is really tough. I actually have really great eyebrows – it’s the feature people mention the most about me in a positive sense!

    I don’t have ADD and am not on any medication, but I do have a history of OCD in my family. Also I never thought of stress as a factor, but now I think it may be.

    I just want to give you all a huge hug – seriously – thank you for sharing your habit with everybody and don’t think you’re wierd because you’re not!! Everyone comforts themselves somehow, this is just more visible to others, I guess.

    Lots of love to you all.

  39. Louise says:

    Finally! I have found a forum of eyebrow strokers! It has been such a relief to realise I am not the only freaky stroker in he known universe! It really is a ridiculous habit but, like many of you here I cannot seem to stop myself.

    I started eyebrow stroking when I was very young, often when I was tired or upset. At that age it was considered “cute” but now, at the tender age of nearly 40, I am still doing it and it is not so cute anymore. In fact I am thoroughly fed up with this habit that relentlessly pursues me every day.

    I have tried without success to find a site on the internet that will adequately explain this phenomenom. My gut reaction is that, as many of you on this site have mentioned, it is a form of stress relief and therefore may be linked to an accupressure point of the face. Alternatively, it is a mild form of OCD that has, as yet, been unrecognised by medical specialists.

    I consider myself to be a typical adult of my age, i.e. slightly jaded with life and a little cynical, but not unduly depressed or unable to cope with life’s busy schedule. It bothers me immensely that I am unable to control this crazy habit when I am pretty much in control of everything else in my life.

    From reading what others have said, I am typical in that the left eyebrow is favoured, which brings me back to my point that it may be an accupressure or acupuncture point. Sadly I have no factual data to back up this theory. Perhaps somebody else out there who stumbles across this thread could back this up?

    Anyway, we eyebrow rubbers are not alone! Yay! An odd, peculiar habit that irritates as well as soothes us, annoys as well as comforts us. I DO wish I could stop as it means I would have a decent left eyebrow but…hey…if things could be worse!

    Keep the conversation going guys….we will be the basis of a medical student’s thesis one day!

    Love and luck.


  40. Leanne says:

    omg I have done this since I was tiny, and remember my sister saying to my Mother , “mam she’s playing with her eyebrow again”.. I still do this when I get stressed :( then when I start I can’t stop , I love the feeling I like it even more when it is bald and get addicted to it :s… hate the look though and have to colour in the bald patch , i only ever do it in on my left eyebrow and never pluck just rub it.

  41. Anna says:

    Wow…like many people who have commented before me, I have never met anyone else who has this habit. I started rubbing my eyebrows at the age of 15. I liked how it felt to rub them against the hair growth–the way they snap back into place. It’s sort of like snapping/flipping the pages of a book.

    Now, I’m 23 and I still have the habit. I do it when I’m in a state of elevated alertness or concentration–for example, if I’m trying to study, or even if I’m watching an engaging TV program. The more mentally challenging something is, the more I rub my eyebrows. I also do it more when I’m tired or anxious.

    I am tired of the back half of my eyebrow being thin or nonexistent. Today, I cut a long strip out of a piece of fabric. I cut it so that when I tie it around my head, it covers my eyebrows completely without pushing on or covering my eyelids, which I find annoying. I’m going to wear it at home while I study, go online, or watch TV. So far it seems to be working, but this is only the first day :). Today, I took a picture of my worst-looking eyebrow (my left one–probably because I’m right-handed, so I have to use that one to write). I’ll take a picture two weeks from now, and then two weeks after that. I’ll report back occasionally to let you know how it’s working.

    Of course, I still might rub them a bit if I’m doing studying between classes on campus, but I’m so self-conscious of my habit when I’m in public that if I do it at all, the rubbing is definitely less destructive than it is when I’m at home.

    I have never had ADD, though I’ve had other health problems that can make concentration difficult. I very rarely use caffeine…and I NEVER used it as a 15 year old, when I started the eyebrow rubbing.

    • Aaron says:

      this seems strange to find other peope who have such a rare habit, Its this sensation of stabbing my fingers with the ends of my eyebrow hairs that keeps me continually playing with them, as well as snappig them, I’m not sure if its habbit or addiction.
      But either way your decription is the first that matches mine, and I do want to know how these habbits form.

  42. George says:

    This has been very helpful. I also scratch my head. I know that I look totally stupid when I do it and want to stop it once and for all.

  43. Lisa says:

    It means such a lot to me to read about all of you. I have been mocked for so many years over this. I have always known it was weird. It just feels good, I don’t know why. It calms me down. I would love to stop too, but I am not sure if I can.

    I am so totally, utterly relieved to find out that I am not alone.

  44. Pam McCormick says:

    It is so nice to see that there are other people who do this! I sucked my thumb until I was in the third grade, and while I was sucking on my thumb, I would use my pinky finger to rub my eyebrows. I stopped when I stopped sucking my thumb, but then within the past several years, I started rubbing my eyebrows again. It’s constant and doesn’t really seem to have anything to do with my stress level. I am 35 years old now and I’m losing my eyebrows! It was so humiliating when I went to school to become an esthetician and my fellow students would ask me what was wrong with my eyebrows. I can’t seem to stop! It makes me wonder if I have OCD, and if so, can I get on any medication to help me. I wish more people would see this as a legitimate problem, rather than just a quirk!

  45. Pam, I definitely think eyebrow rubbing is a form of OCD … there is no doubt about that. If I am not rubbing my eyebrows, I am torturing my skin or hair in some form. I suppose it is a legitimate problem that makes us look a little weird to our peers, but there are definitely worse problems to have. Everyone has something wrong with them … this just happens to be ours! I think it is a rather amusing problem to have (if not taken to the extreme as wrmonahan’s mother).

  46. Kaycee says:

    I can’t believe that I found this site. I was sitting here, rubbing my left eyebrow, thinking how it was going to go bald. I wondered if there was anyone else out there that did it, and this was one of the first sites that popped up. My parents gauge how stressed I am by how much I rub my eyebrows. Or, if a subject comes up that stresses me, they can tell because I’ll start rubbing.

    I can’t say how long I’ve been doing it, but I used to do both eyebrow, but specialized on the left one so that I could constantly rub it during exams. I used to rub my eyebrows if they were getting stubble in between waxing or plucking, but now it is constant and I’m beginning to see bald spots.

    I know I must look strange. I’ve caught myself doing it in public, while conversing with someone, and during tests. I can’t stop, and I used to have really nice eyebrows. I just asked my boyfriend to yell at me when I do it, since it’s often really unconscious. I agree that it must be OCD. My grandmother is highly OCD about many things, and my mother and all of her siblings have also struggled with it. Sometimes I feel like it’s the only way of coping with the stress in my life.

  47. Tracey says:

    I thought I was the only one, too! Obviously I’m not. I was the one in my family known for doing this. It started when I was really young, and it was directly associated with my thumb sucking, which I also was the only one in my family that did this (at least out of the closet!). I am 46 years old and STILL do it, it’s so crazy! I feel it is definitely a comforting thing that has lingered since I was young. I dont know why I do it exactly, but know that it is connected to wanting to feel comforted when I was younger.

  48. BreakDance85 says:

    Daaaaaam i thought i was the only one! seeing all you makes me feel a whole lot better. Mine didn’t start until i was 12th grade and started smoking weed. When i dont smoke i do it once in a while. it last to about an hour. It so relaxing. Its like messaging my eybrows. I go in circular motion though.

  49. maybebaby says:

    Oh my god! I can’t believe other people do this! I thought I was a complete retard! I started doing this about 2 years ago whenever I’m bored or stressed. I usually do it when I’m on the computer or sitting at my desk doing homework or whatever. I’m 15. It annoys me soooo much! I always tell myself I won’t and I end up doing it without even realising! I don’t pull it out, just sort of stroke/rub my eyebrows, mainly just my left one. WHY?! So weird. But, I’m so glad there are others :)

  50. SteffiG says:

    My name is Stephanie and I am an eyebrow rubber!

    It’s been great reading all of your posts…joy filled me I realized that there really “are dozens of us!” (you’ll think that’s hilarious if you know Tobias from Arrested Development).

    In short….my story is that I started during the stress of my 1st year of university exams, but now it is just an everyday kinda thing….i just like how it feels (like many of us have said). It’s now 7 years later. I felt like I was reading my story in so many of the posts.

    So the important part of this post is the book that my Mom found for me. It’s called Nix The Tix’s by Duncan McKinley. I can’t say that I’ve stopped since reading it, but it has some very helpful tips. I read it over a year ago so from what I recall the main points where firstly to be serious about wanting to stop. And not wanting to stop just cause other people think you’re weird, but wanting to stop for you yourself.

    Another major point he says is being aware of something you do BEFORE your tic happens. This is a kinda tough one, since as many people have said it happens without even noticing. What I came up with for this was the act of raising your hand to your eyebrow….if you can catch yourself at this point than you have a good chance at stopping that single eyerub occurance.

    After catching yourself before the act you have to be aware to let the urge pass before you let your guard down. (30 seconds??) My problem is I can do it every 30 seconds, so I guess I have to always be on guard…tiring!

    Also, he talks about replacing your tic with another less “bad” tic. Earlier in the posts I read about looking in the mirror and choosing spots on your eyebrow that you would normally tweeze…i really like this idea! thanks! Sometimes I rub my boyfriend’s shorty stubbly beard.

    And as many people have mentioned, the rubbing is worse with stress….and a stressful time is the worst time to try and break your tic…so wait till the stress has passed, and then try again.

    He also talks about how you have to tell the people you care about how you want to be treated while trying to stop. He suggests coming up with a name for the tic. My family came up with Brows. Tell the people who care about you if you want them to say nothing, or yell at you, or say your code word. It was so great that my Mom found this book and read it herself first. Prior to this she would say stuff like, “Can’t you just stop!!!”, or how it was disgusting. So it helps if the people who really care about you and want to help you stop read the book too.

    I hope that helps! The book is really good. The author Duncan McKinley has a PHd and has Tourette Syndrome himself….so he knows what it’s like to try and kick seemingly uncontrollable tics. He gives you hope and inspiration.

    What has been frustrating to me were the past two summers when I worked as a cook and stopped touching my brows and they were completely back to normal! hurrah! but after the jobs ended I went back to rubbing! that would;ve been the best time to stop.

    So good luck to all of you trying to stop! I cheer you on!

    Oh…a few other things! I used to stick tape on my brows when I was alone and studying…it helps…until you pull the tape off and just start rubbing again.

    And lately I have been wearing gloves when I read in bed at night. I’ve found this to work wonders. Without them I can lay reading for hours while constantly rubbing!

    damn though…it just feels good! grrrrr

    take care,

    love Stef

  51. helllllo says:

    I do this!
    What I do is sort of hold up my eyebrow with my left thumbnail and stroke/rub back and forth with my index finger… weird! I’ve done it for a while now and I can’t stop I always do it :(

  52. AM says:

    The more stressed I get the more I rub. I also rub at my eyelashes. I actually enjoy the feeling of both. And the sound accompanied by rubbing the lashes. Does anyone else rub their eyelashes too? Does anyone know what could be the phsycological reason behind this? I have OCD, depression and social phobia, and recently my doc said he thinks I have mild bipolar. I am so glad to see that I’m not alone. I actually watch someone if I see them with their hand by their eye to see if they are doing it. Though I don’t actually know if I’ve seen anyone doing it. I just want to know that I’m not alone and that maybe even someone I know does it. I think I started when I was very young. I also started when I sucked my thumb, rubbing at the same time. Sometimes I feel so weird that I’m in my thirties and I still do this. I do it when watching tv, reading, falling asleep, and if I’m really stressed I have to be careful or I will do it at other times when I’m around people. When I get so bad that I feel like I’m going to rub my brows bald I will eat sunflower seeds while watching tv. It gives my hands something else to do. I’ve tried to quit, but it’s hard to quit doing something when half the time you do it you’re not even conscience of doing it. And to be honest part of me enjoys it, especially when I’m stressed. But it makes me feel so alien. I actually got the nerve up to tell my husband about it several years back. He said he had noticed that I messed with my eyes a lot, but didn’t realize I actually have this problem. He didn’t seem to care. He knows I’m quirky anyway, and seems to love me inspite or maybe even because of my quirkiness. We’ve been married for 15 years. So I guess I’m not so alien to be unloved/liked, though sometimes I wonder. I also wonder if this is associated at all with the same kind of condition as people who pull their hair out. Anyone know?

  53. helllllo says:

    Er, sort of.
    Basically, I find myself doing it when I’m sitting around bored or stressed. It’s something to do with my fingers. So whenever you feel yourself reach up to your eyebrows, grab a small ball of blu-tac or putty and just roll it around in your fingers and play with it. It really works! I have some blu-tac stuck on my desk so whenever I’m about to rub I just grab that and it stops me from doing it!
    Hope this works for you guys too
    Rose x

  54. N says:

    I’ve been rubbing my eyebrows since I was about 6 or 7 (I’m now 22)… I’ve just kind of resigned myself to the fact that I’m always going to have barely existent eyebrows LOL (I used to use makeup to make them visible, but nowadays I couldn’t be bothered). It’s not stress-related in my case, it just feels nice. However, I also started pulling out eyebrow hairs when I was 19, which -is- stress-related. I’ve read somewhere that pulling behaviours may start with rubbing, which is interesting…

  55. Breea says:

    Wow , I never knew that people just like me with the whole eyebrow rubbing phase existed . I’m currently 13 and I have been rubbing my eyebrows for a long time now . I recently stopped for about 3 month’s and the main reason why I stopped was because I wasn’t bored or thinking about stressful thing’s . The reason why I most likely think I’m so addicted to rubbing my eyebrows is mostly because I’m either bored or thinking . Now on the daily basis I rub my eyebrows constantly without even noticing it either , even my parent’s and friends at home , school , or where-ever have had to point out to me that I’m rubbing my eyebrows . I feel so weird but a little less weird that now I know that I’m not the only one with this addiction . But I’m not gonna lie I love to rub my eyebrows sometimes just skimming my fingers around the hairs just feel really good when you need that good-feeling . Anyway reading some comments has really inspired and showed me that I’m not the only one .

  56. Breea says:

    I just guess something like my eyebrow addiction will just never go way no matter how much my parents yell at me about it or no matter how much my friends laugh at me about it when they think I don’t notice them . Today I saw a real shocking picture and the picture was of me at my cousins volleyball game , and I guess that somehow I wasnt paying attention to my mother when she took a pic of me sitting on the stands rubbing my eyebrows with my index finger . My whole family saw the pic and now they think I’m so weird because I’m constantly rubbing my eyebrows , but hey I was bored and that’s a habit I tend to do when I’m bored and nobody can stop that because I’ve done it for years now so it’s something I’m gonna have to live with .

  57. Claire says:

    I totally feel not alone anymore!!! I too have been rubbing for a long time. I dont drink alot of caffine, however I have been diagnoised w/ anxiety. I believe this problem to definately be stress driven. Like most of you I enjoy feeling for the new growth & also too pluck to avoid ruining the hairs around. I have addressed this w/ my doctor, because I felt I was loosing my mind. He started treating my anxiety and I have noticed a huge difference. I am much more aware of my actions because like you all I too didnt realize when I was rubbing. Most of the time I now have the ability to stop myself, though it is a battle I live with like you all everyday.

  58. Meg says:

    Heyy eyebrow rubbers!,
    Omg, I don’t feel so alone anymore. I have had this problem for over a year now and I am only 17 now. I hate this problem, I rub only my left eyebrow and think god I have my hair pulled over it most of the time. My bf hasnt notice I don’t think 0.o I wish I could stop though, just like all of you. The only thing I can help you out with is…usually I wrap a bandage around my head and it stops me from rubbing it so much. That seems to help…I hope one day doctors can find a cure, till then were all stuck! :/

  59. Captain Elbow says:

    I am a little late to the party here, but I do feel better now that I know I am not alone. The eyebrow rubbing goes up and down in intensity most likely as the result of stress. I have been doing it for as long as I can remember. This morning is the first time I googled it to see if it is common and if there is a solution.

  60. Nicole says:

    I do it too, and I thought I was alone! I’m so glad to hear I’m not. Like all of you, I do it when I’m bored, in class, watching tv, just thinking..I’m doing it now! AHH! I agree, i do not think its trichotillomania neither, we rub and im sure not depressed or disgusted or anything. I rub some bald spots, but most of my eyebrow is prickles, like i burnt them or something. Actually one time I went to get my eyebrows waxed and the lady asked me if i had burnt them, and i felt soo stupid explaining to her that I have a habit of rubbing them. I’ve been too embarressed to get them waxed again.
    I need a cure, I want my eyebrows back!

  61. Joseph says:

    I also do this.

    I’ve always had compulsive habits, since a young age. The skin of my hands is very often dry because I rub them together when stressed. This “brow rubbing” thing is the latest habit I’ve had (I had another that I think has damaged my eye lids, whereby I pinched them constantly throughout the day – I now have dry eye syndrome)

    I’ve only posted here to give a bit of advice to those of you in the same situation. You pick up an incredible number of germs on your hands, on your fingers, under your nails. I touch my face a lot and was thus prone to a lot of spot breakouts – something I’ve pretty much abolished after buying hand gel – Its very cheap here in the UK, no more than about £1 – But if you use it frequently it’ll reduce the risk of spreading germs from your hands (picked up from your desk, keyboard etc) to your face.

    Hope this helps

  62. Bunny says:

    Wow I thought I was the only one doing this at first. I have been rubbing away at my eyebrows scene I was 9(third grade)and I’m 19 now. When I was little I just did it because I liked the feeling. Oddly enough it’s only my right eye brow that I’ve gone after and only half of it. My left eyebrow is completely untouched.

    Now i just force myself to stop but when finals week comes around, a big test, or project. I tend to rub my eye brows with out realizing it.

  63. priscy says:

    I think its a compulsive habit.

    Thats insane!! I do it, too. I do it ALL the time, except of course when I am in public. I have to draw my damn eye brows on (well, I have half of them…) and i feel self-conscious standing too close to people now because I know they notice it. -.-

    It started out with lightly rubbing my eyelashed and ive moved on to my eyebrows.

    I do it ALL the time, regardless of stress or not. There is just something so satisfying about feeling them, LOL! Especially the prickly ones that are fighting to grow back.

  64. sandy12 says:

    I do this too!!! It just started a few months ago and I can’t seem to stop doing it! I haven’t worn out any parts yet but I’m afraid I will if I don’t stop soon. Just a thought does anyone here get their eyebrows done, because it seemed to have started when I got my eyebrows done at a new salon and they took off too much and so the hair started growing back uncomfortibly and thats when I started rubbing, now its become a habit. Any suggestions on how to stop?!

  65. KittyKat26 says:

    I don’t know what made me google this, and I’m so glad I did! I’ve been an eyebrow rubber since junior high school. At some point my husband figured out I do it when I’m worried. 9 times out of 10 when he calls me out on it, he’s right, I am in the midst of worrying.

    I think my issue started when I was a kid and had a blanket with satin ribbons on it. When I would go to bed, I’d rub the satin ribbons between my fingers because of the pleasant sensation. When I got older, I discovered my eyebrow gave me the same weird sensation.

  66. Maryam says:

    OMG! and i thought it was just me…! but there are like, so many others and i feel less of a freak now. On occasions I’ve rubbed my eyebrows so bad that the skin starts to bleed. I HATE when i do that but I’m simply unable to stop. i usually rub on the left corner of my left eyebrow with my left hand (of course) while reading or studying. Lately I’ve been putting a stick-on bandage on the spot, so as soon as my hand goes up i feel the bandage and remember NOT to rub. But of course i do it ONLY when I’m home and don’t have to go out.

    p.s. I’ve not exactly lost my eyebrows as yet although this habit has been with me since the last seven years atleast but it’s scary that so many people have so I’m going to be extra careful and alert now.

  67. SarahUK says:

    I feel so much more “normal now.. I can pinpoint the exact date I started “rubbing” and the reason why. I had a stray hair and couldnt find the tweezers.. started rubbing the hair and then my husband said something to upset me. Instead of retaliating I rubbed at the spot on my eyebrow so much that when I looked in the mirror the next day I had developped a bald spot which went right through… thus a habit was formed, initially I only rubbed at my left brow but after a few months noticed that it was wearing quite thin and for some reason, in attempting to break the habit, made a conscious effort to only rub the right one..big mistake. Now I find myseld alternating between the two in turn and find that the only time i dont rub is if I am asleep or if I am doing something that uses both hands… Both brows are now very thin after almost two years of rubbing and I really want to stop as every one notices and comments.
    I stopped smoking after 25yrs so theres hope that I can break this habit too.

  68. Hilary says:

    I think of eyebrow rubbing as a form of trichotillomania, a documented obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). For me, rubbing was the first sign, and progressed to a mild but chronic case of compulsive pulling (trich), which I’m thankful has never progressed beyond my eyebrows to any other hair. Onset was also early adolescence.
    OCDs are most often associated with trauma, so look into trauma counseling. Even if you don’t have any major traumatic incidents in your past, an accumulation of stresses, upsets, embarrassments… can function psychologically as a trauma and add up to an OCD, so trauma therapies can be helpful. If you *do* have a traumatic incident in your past, there is an excellent chance that it has a lot to do with your eyebrow rubbing. Therapies exist to address and alleviate the emotional fallout from trauma, which should also lead organically to the resolution of your rubbing habit.

  69. EyebrowHombre says:

    I began this habit about 10 months ago – about the time I was preparing for the LSAT (law school) exam- and have had difficulty curbing it ever since. The stroking comes in waves for me, and is not always triggered by an obvious stress. It comes just as often when I’m bored, or stationary for a period of time (reading, computer etc.) I can go a week or so without doing it, only to start back up again out of the blue. Very frustrating. My girlfriend yells at me whenever she catches me, which can be embarrassing, but it helps.

    Upon realizing that I spent the last couple of hours stroking the inside corner of my left eyebrow (spot of choice), I FINALLY googled the habit and came across this forum. Very comforting to see other people have an identical issue, and it’s been informative reading all of your experiences. Thanks for everyone’s honesty!

    I agree on all of the textural comments, something about it “feels” good, although the reality of it drives me nuts. Although it’s only a small portion of my left eyebrow, I too suffer hair loss during extended episodes. When that happens, I try to be super diligent over the next couple of days to let it grow back. Usually I have success and will NEARLY break the habit, only to slip up a few days later. It’s a constant battle, but I feel like with extreme diligence, you can break it – or at least gain control over your impulses. Finding an distraction for your fingers is the first step.

    Good luck!

  70. carolyn says:

    Couldnt believe what I was reading when reading these stories that are just like me lol but its not really that funny it is real. I specially love rubbing my eyebrow till I fall to sleep. I even do it while I’m driving, I do it everywhere.Even when I try to stop due to being embarassed about the bald spot I just cant the urge gets me in the end, it’s like I cant breathe if I am forcing myself not to do it. What are we going to do everyone???? Byee need to rub my eyebrow right now!! Ooo one more thing I love it when I get a real pointy sharp hair and I rub it till their is a sore omg lol

  71. stacey says:

    i no everyone keeps saying OMG but really omg iv been doing this for about 6years maybe more and its soooooo bad!! there must be a real reason if there are so many people out there the same!! i just cant belive other people do it too. i do wish i could stop as id love to have beautiful eyebrows! but hey if anyone finds a cure please post it up here! but i think i may try the bluetac thing as i do it when i bored or watching tv or reading i just do it all the time when im not busy! thank everyone for standing up and sharing ur storys i dont feel like as much of a freak anymore xx

  72. Dick Hertz says:

    I’ve been rubbing my eyebrows since I was a little kid, and I’ve yet to quit this habit.. At one point, like all of us “brow rubbers” here, I thought I was gonna lose all my eyebrow hair to my compulsion. I’d get bald spots now and then until I got used to only lightly rubbing the outer parts of my eyebrow.. While it’s not as fun as rubbing the bushy part, it certainly causes less bald spots. I’m weird, whatever tho.. I hope this “tip” would help you, my fellow “brow rubbers”, maintain those lovely patches of hair above your eyes.

  73. Persooon says:

    Okay, well this is caused of a couple ways, here are 2,

    stress: you should see a counsler, I did, but when I stopped seeing him I began to notice I was doing it again. If you see a counsler, see him until you learn to handle stress in a different way. I reccomend seeing one!!! When you rub your eyebrow when your stressed it gives a calming feeling, and feels good. Well to me.

    Bordom: When it becomes a habit you start noticing your doing this while your watching tv, on the computer, etc. Even if this is your problem, I would say see a counsler!

    I know what it’s like, for a while I had a huge hole on one eyebrow. If you can’t see a counsler then get a rubber band, put it on your wrist, everytime you notice your doing that, flick the rubber band on your wrist so your body assosiates rubbing your eyebrows with pain. Tell me if this works.

    Ps: if you rub your eyebrows you probabley have anxiety or stress.

  74. annonomys says:

    me 2 guys. i 2 am an eyebrow rubber since i was 5. I’m in my 30’s now. I got the habit of rubbing my eyebrows from my dad b/c he was an eyebrow rubber himself. i used 2 see him doing it and now i’m doing it. It sucks b/c my eyebrows are thinning out now and i can’t seem 2 stop. it just feels so good. i like how soft they feel. it’s like petting a dog or something. the eyebrow rubbing is getting worse. i’m taking it a step further. it’s at a point where i’m rubbing other peoples eyebrows now and they just give me this wtf look expression. i even do it to random people. i even rub my eyebrows against other peoples eyebrows. ahahah. the looks on their faces when i do it. its just too weird. i wish i can stop.

  75. Rebecca says:

    I have the same problem! It started a year or two ago when I trimmed one eyebrow, cut them a little too short by accident and then felt the ‘spikeyness’ of them as I ran my fingers across them. Since then I haven’t been able to stop rubbing them, I say them, but it’s usually only the right eyebrow which now has a massive bald patch in the centre. I rub at it all the time, day and night because like a lot of you, I like the feeling, I also liked the ‘springyness’ feeling as the longer hairs used to snap back into position but that doesn’t happen anymore, sometimes I feel hairs fall onto my cheek and the brow gets very red and on on occasion has also become sore and even infected. Usually I am aware that I’m doing it, although it has become such a habit that there are times when I do it without realizing and my partner has taken to shouting ‘eyebrow’ at me whenever he sees my hand going for it! At first this was quite amusing, although probably more through embarrassment, but now I find it hard to hear and stop when he comes in the room, although after a while of him being there I continue rubbing as discreetly as possible! I have recognized a lot of the issues raised about why we do it, such as stress, being bored and caffeine etc and can relate to these. I remember twiddling and pulling my hair from the crown of my head when I was a teenager, again, until I had a lovely bald patch which my Mum pointed out to me, but for some reason this was enough to stop me doing it. Again, I liked the feeling of it, like a release. I also have a lot of OCD tendencies which again started in my early teens. I am so relieved to see that I am not alone with this eyebrow rubbing tendency. I am still wandering if this has a name as we don’t pull out the hairs, just rub them, so does this fall under the trichotillomania title?

  76. shane says:

    I am a 42 year old male and have developed this “habit” less than a year ago. I am trying to replace the tactile sensation of my eyebrows with the strips of hair that grow on the back of my neck (which I would normally shave anyways!) I find it to be working and it looks less distracting to others and maybe I will have my normal eyebrows back! Good luck to you all, you are not alone!

  77. steve says:

    hi ive been rubbing my eye brows for five years or so
    i googled this problem about 12 months ago and found hardly anything on the subject. now it seems to have exploded. my partner thought i was crazy, then she read about a woman doing the same thing in a sunday magazine.
    ive always been a foot swinger or pulling my nails off at one point i used to pull the hairs of my side burns out, then i started rubbing my temples, but this eyebrow rubbing seems really addictive.

  78. steve says:

    just another thought anybody smoking or trying to give up smoking

  79. mos says:

    i love the feeling of rubbing my eyebrows. although i only rub my right brow! it just feels good and i do it when i am in deep thought!

  80. Erin says:

    Mine was originally caused by some stressful situations. Not bad then. But then I suffered from three traumatic horrible events in my life. Since then it has been hell. I can’t stop. I was on ocd medication for a while and it seemed to have helped. Then I got so depressed I stopped taking medicine. Now it is worse than before. I willstart taking medicine again.

    • stephanie says:

      if you don’t mind me asking what medication are you taking? I have been a puller for about 16 years now and am ready to try anything to stop. Did it work completely for you?

      • Unless she is a subscriber to my blog, she may not ever see your question to her. I have found that exercise and better eating habits have relieved some of the stress in my life which in turn has helped alleviate some of the eyebrow rubbing. I suppose doctors prescribe exercise and diet for everything else, so why not for this too? :) Any medications that you have that increase jittery feelings or speed you up, such as cold meds, ADD meds, etc. can also contribute to increased incidents of eyebrow rubbing. I am not sure all the meds out there for OCD, but I suppose you can tell your doctor about this habit as I did mine. My doc was very familiar with this. He didn’t prescribe anything since he didn’t see to see it as that big of a deal for me. However, it might be a bigger deal for you and worth getting checked out.

  81. Only me says:

    I’ve just started this habit! I can’t stop either. It’s totally subconcious. I do it mostly when I’m reading, thinking, or watching something (which is a lot of the time). The problem is the bits that are broken make it even more irresistable, because they feel good to rub! I have to be actively thinking about not rubbing my eyebrows in order not to. As soon as I forget I start rubbing them again (the left one specifically). I think it must be stress related as it started around the same time I became unemployed, and it’s really getting to me. I can usually tell I’m stressed by how untidy my house is (the more stressed I am the worse it gets). It’s disgusting at the moment! Now I have this whole bald eyebrow thing going on too! I hope it goes away once I get a job!

  82. Ella says:

    Im so glad im not the only one! This thing is driving me insane. I sit there hating myself for doing it! i cant stop! It interrupts my exam study, i will start thinking, and then i will start doing it and then i wont be able to focus properly because i am distracted by my eyebrows! Oh man, just reading it sounds insane. It actually takes up alot of time in my life. Has anyone found a cure?!!

  83. annonomys says:

    i think my eyebrow rubbing situation is more of a fetish. not only i would rub my own eyebrows, but i would also rub my friend’s eyebrows too. i would start off by rubbing her eyebrows. then, i would rub my eyebrows against hers. next, i would kiss her eyebrows. lastly, i would smell them. then she would laugh and say i’m crazy and that i need some help. it’s like my version of Eskimo kisses or a way of doing for play. it’s not only embarrassing to me but her as well, and I can’t stop the habit. so, she stopped hanging out with me. :( oh well…. i bought a puppy so i can rub it’s eyebrows instead of my own and other peoples. i thought that it would work but it didn’t. i’m still rubbing my eyebrows and the puppy’s too. Man, i truly miss rubbing my ex’s eyebrows b/c hers is nice, soft and fluffy. i like rubbing the spiky ends across the cuticles of my fingers. it feels so good. this is a really disturbing fetish. i end up being titled, “the eyebrow rubbing bandit” by my friends b/c i would randomly rub people’s eyebrows. especially women, baby’s, and cute animal’s eyebrows. at party’s.. at the club.. at gatherings.. at the petting zoo.. pet store… you name it. it’s madness i tell you. I need help. All i think about is eyebrows.

    • mikemaster says:

      LMAO oh man, don’t mean to laugh but it was hilarious how you explained it. I too wondered wanted to rub others eyebrows. Like Albert Einstein’s super bushy and long in weird spots. Lol its like we are all eyebrow enthusiasts. I never did like girls with ugly eyebrows lol.

  84. Kiera says:

    Oh my god. I never knew there were so many of us! I too rub/pull my eyebrows. I usually rub more than I pull and my left brow, while not having a bald patch… yet, the hairs are kind of short and spikey which only makes the rubbing worse. I am constantly smoothing them (I just did it a minute ago) and they really feel all weird and plasticy. My mom even felt them the one time when I was a teenager (when they were longer) and said they felt weird or fake :/ Thanks mom…

    In some weird way it’s a pleasant tactile experience and I’m trying to leave them be so they can grow longer again, but gah! It really is hard to stop, like smoking. I’m trying to just pat them ever so lightly with my finger… or rub the right one more so they’re more even and all the stress isn’t on the left brow… but either way it’s to kind of try and pick a lesser of two evils when it comes to this. I noticed I would do it in school and in bed/at home when I was reading a book or doing something on the computer. You can work a mouse with one hand unfortunately :/

    and I know this is for eyebrow rubbers, but I also tend to pinch and pick at the skin on my hands, so much until I get calluses. The pain feels good in some way I guess, because I keep doing it harder then sometimes I do it to all my fingers then press them together.

    I don’t know. Somebody needs to put oven mitts on me or something :P

  85. Mike says:

    I have been doing it for 3 years. I do it when I am thinking about something especially stressful things. I was doing it like crazy during a close MLB baseball game.
    Misery loves company so I am glad there others so I dont feel weird all by myself.
    I have tried to put things on my head that covers my brows – no help
    I did notice I do it less when Im on vacation.

    Good luck to all.

  86. Brown sugah says:

    I have this habit very badly &
    I need to

  87. Brown sugah says:

    OMG, seriously, I honestly thought I was the only person on the earth that has this problem. All I can say is that.. I’m very glad there are people out there other then myself that has this problem. I am 23 years young & I had started this “rubbing eyebrows” buisness when I was 16 years young and as over the years it has become worse. It is very embarrassing, especially when I go to the salon to get my eyebrows waxed and the girls will always ask me “oh what hppen to your eyebrows” or “did you cut your eyebrows or do you have a scar there” another time a old friend asked if I burnt it with a cigarette. I often do it at work, and the doctors ask if I’m okay cause it appears as if I have a headache or I’m stressed. I do it with no matter what emotion. It’s normally whilst I’m at uni or driving or watching tv.. And even before I go to sleep.. It’s crazy I can’t live without doing it.. I HONESTLY NEED HELPPPP!!!

  88. Megs says:

    I have been doing this since I was really little. I mostly did it when I sucked my thumb. The two of them just went well together. I finally kicked the thumb sucking habit but never kicked the brow rubbing habbit. I find that I do it mostly with stress and when I am tired. But I also find myself doing it when I am doing things that require thinking. It’s just so soothing. I have tried to break the habit but how?

  89. Abby says:

    Wow….It’s good to know their are others! Hahaha…Sometimes I find myself asleep and then I wake to my hand right there rubbing the center of my right brow. I don’t even have to be AWAKE!! When I lay and watch TV I can go on a rubbing spell for 3 hours straight and the satisfaction really comes when I find that one hair that is a little stiffer than the rest and I keep my finger on it and rotate it and I am calm. Weird, but accepted.

  90. a says:

    Yep, me too! Sounds really common. Someone in my office does it as well! Think it’s OCD personality type thing. In the past I cracked my knuckles, so in the greater scheme of things – this is a better habbit… in my oppinion! I don’t think we should all worry about it too much! There is alot worse things that can happen to you in life. Trust me, I’ve had cancer twice (in remission now)… now that IS something to worry about :)

  91. annonomys says:

    i want to rub the eyebrows of every cute girl I see clean off their faces with satisfaction, as i casually walk away nodding my head smiling with victory. :)

  92. Barnsley says:

    I too rub my eyebrows. Like a lot of others here it started when I was feeling particularly stressed at work. After over a year (for no obvious reason) I stopped. Then a few months ago it started again and it’s driving me mad because I cannot stop myself doing it!

    Like so many others here I find this a pleasant tactile experience that I seem to do when I am anxious or bored. I guess that subconsciously I must find it calming.

    It is very annoying for others around me and I’d love to be able to stop it happening. I’ll keep searching for a solution and any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!

  93. Berndogg says:

    I’m with you all. Lost my job, went back to school, getting divorced. Rub rub rub..

  94. Ombri says:

    I seriously thought I was the only one. Thank god I’m not the only freak here. Rub rub rub, left eyebrow, have a favourite spot too. I have been doing it for the past 10 years now and I’m 24. I used to scratch myself compulsively in different parts of my body before that, I got rid of that bad habit and now I’m torturing my eyebrows. I often don’t even notice when I do it as well, except when I look at myself in the mirror and the area is completely red and horrible. This is so frustrating.

    • You are not a freak. I actually am amused by this habit more than anything. I fidget with everything on my body … my hair, my skin. I figure rubbing eyebrow hairs out is probably the least distracting to the people around me.

  95. annonomys says:

    My finger —> + Some fine girl’s furry eyebrows = rubadub dub. That’s all I can say. That’s some mathematical skills right there. I can’t wait until I try it out in class. Then she slaps me silly afterwards, leaving me looking stupid as all the other students laughs at me hysterically.

    • Hot! Maybe try rubbing your own eyebrow hairs rather than some girl in class. I can’t say I blame anyone for slapping you silly. I would totally knock your ass out if you put your fingers randomly on my eyebrows. If I had to guess, you probably pick your nose before doing it too! You can give people staph!

  96. annonomys says:

    @confessionsofinsomniac… Noooo…. ;( Please don’t punch me…. I’m sorry… And you’re right about the staph. I wasn’t thinking. I didn’t rub her eyebrows anyway. Just a thought. ((Hugs)) classmates only. No eyebrow rubbing. :)… Here a flower <-(@. No hard feelings. :)

  97. Kathy says:

    its incredible how many ppl have the same problem as me! i cant stop ive tried all the things u all have said but im just so happy to know that there are ppl out there just like me! my parents think im crazy when i say its comforting but i cant stop! i havent gotten to the point of no eyebrows but i want to stop before that happens! :/

  98. Erin says:

    I HATE it. I havae been diagnosed as ocd but won’t take the medicine because it makes me so groggy and aimless. THREE major devastating traumatic events in the last three years and constant depression have made it a thousand times worse. Stress triggers it to the max. I am going to start doing what I did a year ago which helps. It may sound insane but here it is: I carry a soft bristle toothbrush with me around the house when I watch tv or sit and worry,or at the computer–kind of a replacement eyebrow. God, this is so freakin weird.

  99. Erin says:

    Okay, me too. Want to share one bit of practical advice, and a little philosophical advice.

    The practical: pure vitamin-E oil (available in healthfood stores and some pharamacies) is a great trick. Rub it on your eyebrows in the evening, and two things happen: the vitamin E helps the brows grow back and the oil destroys the feeling that feeds the compulsion: just not fun to rub when they are oiled down like that, and the oil reminds you to stop.

    The philosophical: Don’t get hung up on “names” for this. Probably runs the gamut from irritating habit to fullblown OCD, depending on circumstances. I, too, seem to “cure” myself of habits, only to pick up others (sucked my thumb as a little girl, then bit my nails once I quit that, then started biting the inside of my cheek, then found the eyebrows, etc.) I’ve managed to quit all of them (well, the thumb sucking ended decades ago), all together, for over a year now. No therapy. No drugs. Just will power — and a willingness to STOP immediately, as soon as I noticed myself doing any of them. That meant having some tools always at hand: chewing gum to stop the inside cheek thing; fingernail sissors to cut away cuticles or whatever was worrying me on my fingers — and then nail polish; and vitamin E oil for the eyebrows. Try these practical ideas and think of these as habits you want to break. It might work better than thinking of them as deep-seated psychological problems. My eyebrows have never looked better — and I’d been messing with them for thirty years!

  100. Edward says:

    Seems to be a lot of women on here… I’m a male, “tall, dark, and handsome” as my grandmother would say, but my eyebrows are changing that by the day. Well, not my height or skin tone, but my “handsome” -ness may start to crumble. If I didn’t have blue eyes, it might have already happened but since I’ve got that goin for me, and a few other things(killer sense of humor mostly), I’m still doing alright. But my days are limited…I feel it. Like Erin, I made the decision to QUIT immediately but I was playing with my brow the second after the decision just trying to figure out how this “quitting” was going to happen! That shit just doesn’t work…
    If you’re a habitual person, you will remain habitual…no way around it. My thought is that we just have to pick up so many “good” habits, that we don’t have room for the bad. Maybe more sex…sex is good. :)
    Anyway, I’ve noticed many of you say that your left brow gets the most attention. Mine does too strangely enough… I’m right handed though. Anyone else?

  101. Michael says:

    Im 37 and started rubbing my eyebrows about 2 years ago, to this day i cant pin point why i do it. like all your post, I rub them for comfort i think and when im stressed. its really bugging me now, Im getting married this year and im going to look like a right plonker if i dont stop.

  102. Juleah says:

    As a fellow eyebrow rubber, I actually came to tears when I searched for this.

    Help us confessionsofaninsomniac, you’re our only hope!

  103. Michael says:

    it`s doing my earbrows in now. i dont knw where to turn. lef or right. left is worse atm.

  104. Steven Ruttledge says:

    The only way I have stopped rubbing my eyebrow is getting them “threaded” this is the process of thinning the hair of the eyebrow. I no longer feel the need to rub them. You can get it done in any beauty treatment place and it is cheap. Although when your eyebrows grow a few months later you will need them trimmed again.

  105. Michael says:

    Cheer`s Steve ill look in to that 1.

  106. trista says:

    Omg, I’m surrounded by “my people!” lol

    I find it soothing or relaxing to rub my eyebrows. They look a mess after “an episode,” which I’ve learned lasts about a month and due to stress or depression.

    it starts at the outer sides, once I’ve hit the head of the brow you know I’m not doing so hot!

    growing up I had this pillow I’d “tweak” until I rubbed a hole in it and stuffing would fall out. I’d make my granny fix it and I’d start all over. When I was finally a teen an embarrassed about the pillow, I think that’s when I advanced to the brow. it’s definitely a psychological issue.

    just glad I’m not the only one walking around looking a mess! I doubt I’ll ever stop…

    • I am rubbing my eyebrow right now :) Stupid school for stressing me out! Someone was commenting about my eyebrows just the other day. It appears that I have learned the art of rubbing. This person couldn’t believe that I do not wax or pluck my eyebrow hairs. I told her if a hair grows in the wrong place … I just rub it away. Gives me something to do when I am stressed!

  107. Josh says:

    Wow… like many others here, I can’t believe I stumbled upon a community of people who have this same issue as I do. Also like many of you, I’m an “eyebrow rubber”, I don’t have trich because I’m not literally pulling hairs out. It’s so embarrassing, and I miss my full eyebrows. I try so hard to distract myself, but sometimes when I try doing that, all I can think about is how much I want to to do it and I give in, or I don’t, then later I do it without even thinking. It’s crazy.

    Personality wise… I’m a senior in college – this must’ve started like, my sophomore year of college maybe. I just remember people noticing I was rubbing my eyebrows and asking if I was okay. I’m always stressed, I’m probably a type A personality, I’m always busy, working, etc. I seriously want to make a change and stop doing this… I’m actually very inspired by all of you, so I’m gonna make more of an effort to be aware of when I’m doing it and try to stop. I wonder what my doctor would say if I told him about this?

    Anyways, best of luck to all of you. Glad to know I’m not alone. Much love.

  108. Fabian_Ortiz says:

    Wow, so many people with the same tormenting habit. I’m getting irritated as well, at first I didn’t mind rubbing my eyebrows, but then it just became an obsession. Today I looked at my eyebrows and my left eyebrow(the one I rub the most) has a bald spot. I always feel that I have to rub them; I even close my eyes while I’m in the process. It’s just feels calming until you see all those little eyebrow hairs falling out. I’m glad I’m not the only “weird” one here. Hopefully we can overcome this obsession gahh!! :(

  109. Ella says:

    AHHH!! I am sitting here so happy, on the verge of tears because I (like so many of you) thought there was no one else like me out there.
    When I was younger i would constantly suck on my thumb and later picked up eyebrow rubbing when in high school.

    My mom was really judgmental about the habit. My mom would put vaseline on my eyebrows and force me to sit on my hands while I was watching tv or something also. The vaseline worked for the most part but I was just so irritated, that it made the rubbing even worse.

    Currently I am in college and the stress of school and work is detrimental on my eyebrows:/

    Whenever I think of, hear, looked at, or read the word: EYEBROW I would start stroking. So naturally I have been rubbing my eyebrow the whole time reading this chain.

    At this moment, I have two half eyebrows.

    My boyfriend calls it tickle-you-mania (because of trichotillomania) & tickles me everytime he catches me doing it. I hate it. But I just can’t stop doing it!

    It feels really nice to me, and it makes me feel calm, but then i feel so frustrated when i look in the mirror. I HAVE to put eyeliner on whenever i leave, also i have become a hat person. When i have a hat on i feel fearless, and i dont feel the need to rub the eyebrows.

    I felt like i was reading my own words while reading all of yours. Thank you all so much,

    lots of love and eyebrow rubs:)

  110. Em says:

    I have been doing this exact thing as long as I can remember. Everyone has tried to make me stop with various methods, but nothing works. I have never heard about anyone else having this problem, so I’m very happy that I am not alone.
    My solution to constantly being stared at is my fringe. I have been wearing the same haircut for 20 years, thats how long its been going on.
    I would love pretty eyebrows and to have long beautiful hair without a fringe that blocks out the sun in the summer and that needs constant cutting and gets sweaty .
    I will definitely try the oil thing, it sounded good!
    Dont know what I wanted to say by this other than that Im so happy to not be alone on this and I really hope it will get better for all of us.

  111. Nicky says:

    I can’t believe how many people have this habit. I used to have it very bad. People made fun of me and I couldn’t figure out why I did it. I was so ashamed as I could not control it. Eventually I wore off the hair and had a bald spot that looked terrible. I just wanted to share that at this point there was nothing to rub. I went and had the area tattoed and no one can tell the difference. If anyone is going bald this might be something you want to do. There is nothing left to rub and again it was the left side

    • Sarah says:

      Incredible to discover, I’m not alone! Like many of you, I’ve been rubbing since childhood. I find it strangely comforting and can stroke away at my brows for long periods of time and frequently. I like the feeling and sound of the flicking of the hairs. I thought it was just a me thing and have been blessed with a certain arrogance in not worrying about others’ reactions too much. None of my family members (husband or kids) ever mention it (perhaps my mum did when I was young but made little of it). I’m forty-two now. My eyebrows are thinned but not absent. At times of increased life uncertainty, I leave sore spots; these are easily covered with a dab of make-up. I don’t worry about the habit too much and I hadn’t considered trying to stop until now. I’d like to have thicker brows again – but no big deal really. Just amazing to discover others do this too!

  112. Angel says:

    I am surprised to find that I am not alone! I started rubbing my right brow in college after getting my eyebrow pierced. I eventually took the piercing out, but the urge to rub never went away. I do it constantly- anytime I have a free hand. I have managed to stop for a couple of days at a time through the years, but I feel “lost” without it, like I can’t concentrate. Thank you all for sharing- it’s nice to know it’s not just me.

  113. Loretta Bott says:

    Wow, so many people like me! My daughter does it too and won’t admit to being as obsessed as me. I wish there was something offered to help stop doing it. I like many others can rub them away eventually. I actually got eyebrow tattooing to fill in the missing spots. I also used to pluck a lot. I have think coarse curly hair and my eyebrows grow in thick. The minute I feel a curled hair or one that is just growing in I have to play with it. I am going to try and stop. I may try the stress ball thingy.

  114. Megan says:

    I def have this problem to, and it has gotten baddd. My parents and friends have both started to notice it and each time I go to rub they yell at me to stop. Mainly it is just my left eyebrow never my right one…Just like you I don’t know anyone else who does this. I have even tried looking around at people and just maybe catch them in the act, well it didn’t work. :/ The only thing I can tell you to do is when your at home get a ban aid and put it over which ever eyebrow you rub that way you can’t rub them and before hand apply vitamin E oil on the eyebrow with a q tip, this should help it turn your all nervous/compulsive system around and then when your out in public you want have the urge to rub anymore. I hope this helped you out some :) Oh, and also it this eyebrow rubbing thing is something called “Trichotillomania” if you look it up it could really HELP you out…trust me. Lol (even though alot of people already have brought that up)

    hope one day we can all stop or at least find a cure!!

  115. NO NAME says:

    i have the same habit! OMG! I started about last year and I cannot stop! Ive tryed putting a band aid over my left eyebrow (making sure the sticky part doesn’t touch the hairs) but nothing really seems to work! about 1/3 of my left eyebrow is now currently missing and I’m afriad that if I don’t stop I’ll end up with no left eyebrow! And btw im only 13!!!:( Does anyone have any cure to this or any ideas or ANYTHING?!?!?!?! please i need major help! :'(

  116. Although this habit has not completely disappeared, I have found that it is slightly better after coming off of caffeine. I also practice several stress relieving behaviors that used to not be a part of my life, such as exercise and mind numbing cinema. This seems to help. I know most people would willingly take a few bald spots in their brows rather than give up caffeine and start exercising, but I thought I would share what is helping me …

  117. zkewlest says:

    Oh my goodness…

    I have been rubbing my eyebrows since around the end of eighth grade (oddly I can remember the exact day I started 0_0) Anyway now its the end of the first nine weeks of my tenth grade year and I CANT STOP!!!!

    I don’t really know why but it just feels really good. I like to rub the ends between my knuckles especially, which makes for an extremely obvious hand position. Nobody has ever mentioned it to me before, but when I shared my concerns with my mother she took notice of it and started screaming at me to cut it out, disgust ringing in her voice, every time I see her. She even does it in public! It’s so humiliating. She’s always telling my to cut it out (loudly) and it just makes me feel like total crap. I don’t understand why it’s so comforting.. When I was a kid i used to like to pull out my eyelashes (I wore sunglasses all the time, even at school… I’ll never forget the one time my teacher demanded I take them off and the absolute humiliation I felt when I did so.. My eyelashes are naturally really long and they were only pulled out in certain places… It was awful.) But I stopped doing that years ago and then all of a sudden I started doing THIS out of the blue last year. I have been searching for ways to combat this problem all over the Internet, and it seems like its a pretty common thing, but nobody seems to have any real success stories in stopping doing it.

    Like many of you, I often find myself doing it without even thinking, and when I realize I am, I try to pull my hand away but minutes later I’ll find myself doing it again. I am so fed up with this… I want an answer!!!! I want to WANT to stop. I know it’s weird and I know people probably think I am a freak, but it’s so strangely comforting, like my heart actually feels like it is sighing in relief when I just give in and do it.

    God… I make it sound like a disease. Sorry. :( I think support groups like this one are amazing tools and I’ll check back here often. Thanks.

  118. Roxi says:

    I’m in the same boat as zkewlest right now. I’m the exact same age (10th grader in high school) and I’ve only been rubbing my eyebrows for a few months now, but it’s getting quite bad. When people ask why my eyebrow is bald in one spot I lie and say that I overplucked, but I can’t say that forever. I have OCD and I’ve developed habits like this my whole life (at different times it’s been stroking pages of a book, rubbing my hair under my nails, scratching my head, etc.) and I’ve never known how to stop without driving myself mad. Symmetry and coughing stress me out the most, and if I don’t let out my stress in the form of habits like this, I will have an anxiety attack and break down. I’m very interested to know, does anyone else have this problem as a result of OCD, and has anyone found a successful “cure”?

  119. Linds says:

    I know I’m late… but thanks for writing this. I’ve done this since for over ten years and just recently realized it was probably not normal :) It is helpful to hear that I’m not alone.

  120. Alex says:

    I do this too, currently I have a bald patch on my right eyebrow. Apart from loving the sensation of rubbing my eyebrows (the stubbly bits are sooo much better than the full length hairs) I also like the sensation of poking the eyebrow hairs down my nails. Now I have to cut my nails really short to stop myself doing it. I’m so glad I’m not alone in this odd habit. I don’t think it’s Trichotillomania in my case as this involves pulling the hairs out and I don’t. Before I developed the eyebrow thing I used to have a bald patch on my head because I used to rub that. I think it’s definitely a sensory addiction and I would’nt be surprised if it was somehow linked to endorphins.

  121. nicole says:

    OMG! I have no words, there are so many of us, and i thought it was just me, some girl i met in a shop 8 yrs ago and Michelle Pfeiffer. I am trying hypnotherapy soon, will let you all know how it goes. I started when I was fostered at seven – yep easy to connect that one, but i am an adult with a great life and an easy going outlook. Type A – Yes i am. Anyways, I love it, i’ll miss it, but it’s served it’s purpose. I am doing my Masters next year, and Im afraid they wont last the Journey if i continue this way, plus i look like a freak in business meetings, but noone hassles me, they would not to dare. I don’t pluck, i rub them, can do it for hours. I used to have to wear mittens to bed when i was little or i would not sleep. LOL!

    I love that you all shared.

    If eyebrows were not on my face, i would never bloody quit!

    Good luck everyone ;)

  122. Deme says:

    Wow, I can’t believe I just found this post, and that SO many people have this problem too! For some reason, I don’t seem to have bald spots like many other posters, but it is very embarressing. I am a highschool student, and started this in middle school. I believe that it is a stress releaser for me, and I do it ALOT in my classes, especially when writing times essays, or taking tests that are extremely stressful. My mom relentlessly teases me for doing this, and I get so embaressed when I find myself doing this in class. I’m not sure if there is anyway to stop it! I feel sympathy for you all, thanks for sharing. :)

  123. Mreyebrows says:

    I rubbed my eyebrows so much, that they fell off. the eyebrows that grew back, sprouts out now in all different directions. I hate them. i just want to wear a beanie over my forehead now and cover up my sprouts.

  124. ma says:

    omg when i was i kid around 4-8, this was my habit.I Get sleepy when i suck my thumb then i rub my eyebroww. i thought i was the only and until now instead of thumb sucking i just rub my eyebrow every minute!! and because of that i hate it. :|

  125. J says:

    Hello, Beautiful People!

    I started the lovely habit of playing with new growth in college after having my eyebrows waxed. That was 25 years ago! I over-plucked my bushy, blonde Irish eyebrows into near non-existence and have always had heightened awareness (i.e., obsession ;) with people’s natural, colored beautiful brows (I am like Sissy Spacek or Shirley Maclaine: invisible brows). I was also trying to train them into an arch. Anyway, I vowed to stop plucking so much last year and it worked. Now I have a new vow this year to leave them the heck alone! Not going so well, hence the Google search.

    I, too, have tried the scotch tape thing, but it didn’t work. I also tried acrylic nails because they can’t get a hold of the hairs. Nothing worked. I only do it while reading, watching TV or at the lap top. Not at the movie theatre, though, which tells me that as long as my mind is fully engaged, I don’t think about it.

    It zones me out and is exactly like a child trying to give up the thumb or pacifier. I’ve decided to try to replace it with a treat: I plan to buy a pair of those lotion gloves and wear them every night. Perhaps I will end up with full, healthy brows AND soft, supple hands! ;0)

    Good luck to everyone. Habits and tics are the channeling of energy so it might be just as simple as exploring the mechanism of the whole thing and rechanneling that energy into something more positive/healthy. I’ll keep you posted!


  126. Mreyebrows says:

    Hey guys… Have you heard about this product called brow gain bye damone roberts? I heard some good reviews about it. I’m thinking about purchasing one. It cost 35 bucks.

  127. motherof2 says:

    Hello, my name is Motherof 2, and I am a left eyebrow rub-a-holic.

    I actually used to pull my hair out at the front leaving it very thin and whispy, but thankfully I somehow changed to rubbing my eyebrow. I do it when Im stressed or worried about something (and there seems to always be something)

    Glad to have found out Im not alone with this strange behaviour.

  128. Alex says:

    ME TOO!! I’ve been doing this my entire life. I have bald spots also. I have had a lot of people ask why I shave them. I’m like “why would I shave spots into my eyebrows?” I rub them (sounds just as silly to them). I do it without even knowing it. It’s the weirdest thing ever. I’d do anything to trade this dumb habit for something like biting my nails. At least your nails aren’t on your face…or you can get that bitter stuff. Ugh. I’ve been thinkng about going to see a therapist about it. I’ve been reading that it could be some form of OCD. It just feels comforting. I don’t know. I hate it though!

  129. Sammi:) says:

    this actually made me really happy to read. my parents and friends are always telling me how it makes me look weird, and that my eyebrows will start to fall out (luckily, they haven’t yet). FINALLY someone gets me:)

  130. April says:

    I came across this bc my husband told me to google it. I’ve had the eyebrow rubbing habit since I was really little. It first started as me pulling my eyelashes out. I would always have bald patches in them and my parents would try to get me to stop with no luck. At the time I had really thick eyebrows, so my dad suggested I start pulling them out instead, so that’s when the habit switched. When I was about 15 I started plucking and shaping my eyebrows so they would look more feminine, and I had to stop pulling and twisting them bc it was making them thin out and look bald, so that’s when I started rubbing them. I do it all the time and don’t always realise when I do it either. I can’t link it to stress bc I do it while doing mindless things as well like watching tv. My husband brings it up all the time; he says it’s gotta be an anxiety problem. I just love the way it feels, especially the little spiky hairs that are just growing in. I’ve noticed people looking at me strangely when I do it in public, especially teachers when they’re lecturing. It’s probably something I’ll continue doing the rest of my life, but it’s neat seeing that others do the same thing and get the same sort of weird pleasure out of doing it. I also rub and pick at ingrown nails a lot. It’s another weird little pleasure for me haha.

  131. Aaron says:

    I love that feeling of picking the sharp ends of my eyebrows on my fingers, running them through my nails, keeping them even with my fingers, its just a constant habbit in times of focusing or bordem, I usaully pick my right eyebrow, but also my left at times. I’m abedextoius so it doesn’t matter, at times I end up picking both at the same time. I think I started because my eyebrows are natrually thick, so trying to keep them thin in appreance may have caused a self consious tendancy. I know the reason, but can’t satop lol, I think if we all question the reason with enough thought, we’ll find the answer. God bless you all for your words of help and helping me feel at one with others :)

  132. Ceilidh says:

    I have a problem too actually.
    I dont rub my eyebrows but i enjoy picking at the hairs until eventually i pull them out by the root. I know i shouldnt do it, but it relaxes me and once the annoying stubbly hairs are gone i forget about picking at it.
    This has caused me such a great problem that it has left me with no eyebrow and only part of my other one. I have tried regrowth syrums to make the hair follicles grow back but once again i just pluck away the new hair. I have tried Lattisse on it and i would recommend this to any people that may have bald patches or patchy eyebrows.
    I dont care what people say about my 1 eyebrow because ive become an expert in drawing the other one in…. Besides, penciling in your eyebrows are the new fashion!
    I am beautiful inside and out

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  134. kassi says:

    Im 22 and been doing this since i can remember, its nice to know that there are other people. I have just started shaving my eyebrows off and drawing them on. but when they grow in, it feels oh so good to rub the shit out of them. i get red marks on my thumbs and hands from doing it. any meds out there to help?

  135. Dean says:

    I have basically the same symptoms as everyone one else. Im 36 and I think I have been doing this for about 12 years or more. I always tell myself to stop but you know its not that easy. I rubbed my left eyebrow today so I cant say I stopped today. Since reading some of these comments I feel inspired and Im going to try to gain strength from it. I will stop right after I finish this comment and never do it again. I will keep you posted on how its going :)

  136. anonymous says:

    I just realized that I’ve had many bad habits throughout my life…
    I don’t remember too well, but I think I sucked my thumb…
    I’ve rubbed and pulled eyebrows and eyelashes….
    I’ve scratched my head and picked my skin….
    I’ve bitten and bended my nails….
    I’ve pulled out leg hair…
    I touch my face and body a lot too…
    I think it’s just because my hands need to fiddle with something. I like squishing puddy in class and fiddling with random things on my desk. I like playing with balls, clicking pens over and over, fiddling with coins (especially hong kong ones…), eating food while I read or watch TV, etc. I guess this has made me pretty good at art in general. At least that’s a good thing!
    My eyelashes have mostly healed. My nails and skin and eyebrows need work though. Strangely, no one’s commented about it, so I guess it’s not that bad yet. But I’ve noticed it. I’m unhappy whenever I see my eyebrows in the mirror. I still do all activities above (except thumb sucking) occasionally. I’m going to try to carry puddy around everywhere, keep my hands busy.

  137. I feel ugly says:

    I do it too, and I’ve also always thought that i was one of the verrry few who ever did it, i didn’t think there would be so much like me who do. I just want to know if anyone has any makeup tips on how to cover it over.
    I have been rubbing mine since i was around 7 and all my friends and family have encouraged me to stop but I just cant. I always revert back to it whenever I get angry or sad, or lonely and depressed. Which is a lot of the time. It makes me feel so disgustingly ugly and just wish that I could get over myself and just once and for all just stop. But its proven harder than it should be.
    I have a really important occasion coming up and I would really like to know of any tips that anyone has in regards to how to cover it up so it looks a bit more natural. I really dont want to feel like an ugly freak just for once in my life. Thank you x

  138. Christy says:

    I think that I have to have some kind of annoying habit. Whenever I stop one I start another. I started out sucking my thumb then rubbing the skin on my knuckles. Now I ether play with my nose or rub my eyebrows. No hair loss here. And if I trim them or pluck them its like I HAVE TO TOUCH THEM. I am so tired of this. Think I’m getting a calluses on my forehead!!! Help!!

  139. anon says:

    i have this problem and its so annoying!!! i find putting somthing cold over your eyebrows soothes them and stops the urge to touch them as much

  140. CS says:

    I have been doing this since my early 20’s I’m 25. I use to model & I would like to model again but the embarrassment of my bald spot eyebrows deter me. I hate drawing them on! I need advice in how to stop:(

  141. Alex says:

    Does anyone have any thoughts on solutions? I have been sleepingn with an eyemask so at least I don’t rub them in my sleep. Nail biters can put that stuff on their nails that tastes bad. What can we strange eyebrow rubbers do?

  142. Samanntha Brown says:

    o my gosh! I am so happy I found this website, because I thought I was the only one who did this! I do it when ever I am stressed or bored, yet at times I do not even know I am doing it. It just feels so good and its like I get into a trace when Im doing it. I find I do it the most when Im watching tv, reading or studying, some times I do it for so long that my eyebrows will fall out. And if I rub one that has grown in weird it will sting a little. But even so I can not stop doing it. It used to drive my ex girlfriend so crazy she talked me into completely shaving them off and drawing them in! And guess what?! I still did it! I think its an OCD habit to be honest. I have been doing it since I was 15 years old, I am now 24 years old. So yeah its been a long time! Does anyone know if there is anything that can be done, to stop rubbing and pulling at my eyebrows? Even though my now life partner Chantay does not mind, yes she is that amazing! Smiles.

    • Hi Samanntha :) Welcome to my weird blog. I see you have been looking around. Come by for a visit anytime. You sound awesome! If it isn’t the eyebrows, people like us will find something to fidget with. I would rather rub and pull my eyebrow hairs out than the hair on top of my head. I consider it a blessing to not be a bald female. Ha!

  143. The rubber says:

    I find it completely addictive and do it mOre when I’m on my own. It’s so embarrassing if I find myself doing it in public and catch someone lookIng at me

    I had a house fire last oct and had to move back with my parents with my daughter. I found myself doing it a lot less and my mum let me use her laptop balance on my knee while was watching tv. Over a couple of weeks my eyebrows grew back and lOoked lovely.

    Anyway house has been fixed up just over a month and my right eyebrow is bold in the middle!

    Find something to do with your hands. We are busy type people that need something to do ALL the time. I right down a list of tasks I’m going to do while I just sit there and rub them a lot less, although I do lose myself and realise I’m doing it!

    Good luck and persistence fellow rubbers!

  144. Shannon says:

    I have rubbed my eyebrows since I was 15 years old, I am turning 28 in November. The biggest problem I have is seeing how ugly and messed up my eyebrows get! When I see pictures of myself, it looks like I have no eyebrows or half ones. I rub both of mine, all the time. I too thought I was the only one! I will rub them absent mindly, at any time, stressed or not. :( My husband always gets onto me and will say eyebrows! If he catches me. I even pull on them a little, not good! When it first began, I remember that I would rub them down like after waking up to fix them. I have no clue to how it really began to be so bad. I hate this habit, I have even cried out of frustration to stop! The only time I ever noticed that I did not rub them was after I had my wisdom teeth out. The pain medication I was on relaxed me completely. But I can’t simply take pain mess haha, that would be horrible! I don’t know what to do, this is a serious problem and happy that at least I’m not the only one!

  145. anon2 says:

    Unfortunately, this is a habit i have to deal with since childhood. Even when I quit for a period of time- sometimes a year at a time- under stress, it eventually comes back. However, I have conquered this bad habit numerous times by first of all letting my feelings of being sick and tired of doing it into my general awareness. Then I keep a business card in my wallet and every time I end up rubbing an eyebrow I make a small tick on the card. the first day it is always about 30 or more and by the third or fourth day I have usually stopped. This practice brings awareness to the habit and creates a speed bump in the road of the almost unconscious motion, which cuts the neurotic speed and lack of awareness at the core of this habit. Also it is a pain in the neck to constantly have to be pulling out the card and marking each rub. If you really want to quit, this will work.

  146. PickmePickme says:

    I sometimes eat the picked brow I know feral het but what I love it’s the sound when it gets to the stubby hair point when u sometimes see flakes of dead skin

  147. PickmePickme says:

    I’m also getting wrinkles on my forehead from this habit

  148. PickmePickme says:

    My Nanna in her European accent “” stopping picking your eyebrows

  149. Deborah says:

    Wow! So happy that I found this website! I too rub my eyebrows raw. I do it out of stress and being bored. I’ve done it for years. I found a solution for myself since I only do it while at home watching TV or laying in bed at night. I put a small piece of clear tape over the area that I rub raw. It works well for me. Once all the hair grows back I can go six months or so and then I find myself rubbing it raw again. When I feel myself getting stressed, I make sure to put a small piece of tape back on so I don’t end up making myself bald & raw again. Hope this might help someone else kick the habbit.

  150. Sandy says:

    I have never laughed so hard in my life reading these posts. Not that I am laughing at any of you, but rather laughing because I realized I am NOT alone with the eyebrow habit. I don’t take any medication, but my obsession with my eyebrows is out of control as well. I too am constantly touching, feeling, rubbing my eyebrows, but for a different reason, I’m constantly looking for that new stubble that has slightly emerged and I will try to pluck or play with it until I get it. Sometimes I even pull the skin off and I actually get a little boo boo that I then need to use ointment to heal. I can’t stand myself with this habit! I do it constantly even when I have consciously told myself I will stop doing it. But I haven’t been able too. It is a constant daily battle with myself. I too have a bald spot on my left eyebrow because I can’t stop plucking, picking and rubbing, and then I have to pencil both eyebrows in to make them thicker. Sometimes I’ll even pluck without looking! And then boy am I sorry afterwards. I’m lucky I even HAVE any eyebrows left (well it’s a very thin line except for the bald spot on the leftside LOL). It’s total madness. Everyday I say I’m going to toss my tweezers out because I really truly want nice “thicker” fuller eyebrows. :(

  151. Jesse says:

    I have a long history of rubbing hair on my face. It started 13 years ago when I got my eyebrow pierced and the antibacterial soap dried out my eyebrow.. I would rub and rub until the hairs broke and crumbled off. Once I had completely rubbed off one eyebrow I did the other one. Then I started on my eye lashes. I always had bald spots. One day I just stopped. It seems easier to stop if caffeine and nicotine are avoided.

    The last few months I’ve been running at my beard and mustache a lot… to the point where one day I woke up and my lip was very swollen. It turned out that I had developed a mrsa infection due to the rubbing. I rub so much that the tiny broken hairs scratch my skin up so bad that it gets irritated. While allowing my infection to heal I shaved my face and as soon as the hairs started growing I started to rub again.. this time on the other side of my mustache. I really hate doing it but it seems impossible to stop.

    If anyone hears of treatment that works please post it here. I’m ready to end this ridiculous dependency of hair rubbing.

  152. brow wow says:

    Let me start like everyone else. I thought i was alone also. Ive been rubbing for yrs. Ive noticed it has made my fingers more sensative. I wear double gloves at work that deters my habit but when a co-worker got a slither of metal in his skin, he couldnt locate it and it was driving him crazy. I rubbed my finger on his skin, found the slither and plucked it in seconds. Now everyone at work has me locate and eliminate. But they still make fun of my brows. Good thing i have thick skin.

  153. zkewlest says:

    I’m just checking back up on this post to see if anyone had made any progress. I made a comment about a year ago on here, and I regret to say that I have achieved very little in defeating my eyebrow rubbing habit. However, I have recently been diagnosed with ADHD. Having this disorder seems to be fairly common within the users of this blog. I have a doctor’s appointment on the fifteenth of January to obtain some prescription medication, so I think I am going to mention this to him and see if I can get any pills that will not make this issue any worse. I suggest the rest of you out there with ADHD, ADD, anxiety, or depression do the same. I am thinking that we (the eyebrow rubbers) do not have trichotillomania, but are experiencing side effects of prescription drugs, caffeine overdose, or ADHD. From reading most of these posts, I get the feeling that a lot of people here have a kind of jittery, nervous energy, something that I definitely struggle with and have struggled with since I was a child. I believe that these jitters are what creates the urge to rub.

    When I think about it, I have always had a constant need to move my hands. I used to doodle random pictures, squiggles, and symbols all over my school papers before I started taking most of my classes online– I literally could not control it. My hands HAD to do something or I was going to have an anxiety attack (but I did not realize that was why I did it.) I would get scolded for my unprofessional-looking schoolwork all the time, and I really did not want to disobey the teacher (I was somewhat of a teacher’s pet in all other respects), but I just HAD to. It felt like I was not making a choice, that my hands were moving according to their own free will. It was in times like these that my mind would truly wander, much as it does today when I touch my eyebrow. I would not even be looking at or seeing what my hands were drawing (just like how I don’t realize when I am rubbing many times); My mind was in another place, another world, deep in thought. I still sometimes enter this trance-like state when drawing, rubbing, or otherwise occupying my hands. It’s like, for an almost perfect moment, I have found peace. My ears ring with the purest silence imaginable, and my surroundings completely melt away. When it’s happening, I don’t think about it, but when I snap out of it feelings of shame for indulging myself are sure to follow.

    Even as a baby of three months, I would rub blankets in my fingers, especially those made out of cross-woven threads that created friction on the tips of my fingers. I think that same feeling of friction on the fingertips might be created by rubbing stubble or hairs on your eyebrow. The same feeling is not achieved from rubbing or pulling hair on our heads because it is too long and too slippery. However, our eyebrow hairs are just the right length to rub right in between the bumps on our fingerprints. I’m not sure if many people had or have similar habits, but I have a feeling that they are probably connected and that I am not alone in this. If I am then I guess I’m a freak :P Oh well. I’ll take a shot and post this anyway; I suppose that is one benefit to the anonymity of the Internet.

    • Cosmic :) says:

      Hi Zekewlest :)

      I can pretty much relate to most of the things you’ve said in your post, I have always had impulsive, fidgety behaviour and I would always doodle and play with things in class but still try my best in school and get good grades. I was pretty much a teachers pet too! When I got to high school it got much worse though, I literally couldn’t bring myself to do any work, I just couldn’t find the focus at all. I always just shook it off and thought ahh well it’s just typical teenage behaviour but after thinking about it more and looking into it a little, I think that it could be A.D.D. But I don’t have the slightest idea what to do about it, I’m really scared about going to the doctors or anything because I wouldn’t know what to say to them or what to ask them and because it’s generally diagnosed at a younger age, I just have a feeling they’d just say ‘no’ straight away without even looking into it. So really I was just wondering how you went about getting diagnosed if you don’t mind me asking. Like did you go to the doctors and get diagnosed yourself or did somebody suggest that you get diagnosed?

      I’m sorry if this sounds really rude! But I’m really just looking for help from somone, who by the sounds of it, has been through the same kind of situation as me, and a fellow eyebrow rubber! Haha :)


  154. Brows Much says:

    So does anyone know how to fix this? Now I am completely bald on my head and loosing eye brows. I don’t know what to do I look like hell as it is with a bald head. Can’t handle not having eye brows as well. The only difference here is that I never had this problem before. It just started this past year after I had my tonsils and wisdom teeth removed at the same time. After that I slowly noticed my eyebrows from the middle start to pull back. I always had a uni brow that I would have to shave every week. Now I don’t have to do that and my eye brows have pulled back so far its embarrassing. Not only from the middle out but the outside in as well. All that’s really left is the middle. I feel my eye brows itch sometimes and it causes me to rub. Then I notice eye brows falling out so I keep rubbing to see if more will fall out because it makes me nervous. Then before I know it 8, 9, 10 eye brows have fallen out. I am very upset. Everyone has always commented to me saying how perfect my eye brows were. Girls always would ask if I waxed or pluck and I would just say I shave the middle and that’s it. They could never believe it. Now I have patches in my brows and they are thinning and pulling back drastically. I don’t get it and this is not fun at all for me, very depressing.

  155. James Mountfield says:

    Wow! Me too! I do it when Im watching TV, driving, etc. When Im sitting still. It drives me nuts! But feels so good!

  156. SteveRyan says:

    little tip ive found to help is rub a little vaseline on each brow so when you go to rub it the gooey feeling reminds to too pull away.

  157. T says:

    Oh my! I do the EXACT same thing. I thought I was the alone. I don’t pull the hairs I just rub my eyebrows (usually one at a time for a while) until I have a bald spot. It hurts a little but I keep doing it. And when it scabs I play with the scab thinking that it’s a hair that’s hurting and that I need to rub.

  158. Laureate says:

    Hello from Australia, I’m an eyebrow rubber too – trying to quit but stroking those spiky new hairs feels so good ! Glad to know I’m not alone :)

  159. Katelyn says:

    Oh goodness I too thought I was the only person who did this. It makes me feel that much better knowing that I’m not the only one. The thing that helps me most is making myself concious that if I rub it that it will mess up my make up that I used to pencil it in. I only rub the left one and it’s barely there these days

  160. Brows says:

    I’m 44 and I’ve rubbed one or both brows since I was about 10. I’ve somehow “cured” myself several times – for days, weeks, months and even years. But it always returns. I have read that this is a FORM of trichotillomania, whether one pulls hairs or rubs them; it’s sort of a conglomeration of compulsive and self-stimulating behavior. It’s a relief to know I’m not alone.

  161. Kelly says:

    I have the same issue. I dont know if it is stress or what but it soothes me and is my comfort. I have bald spots so I just shave them off. When they do start to grow back it urges me to rub more because the stubby hairs entice me even more to rub. I enjoy the feeling of rubbing them at that point. I rub on them so much it leaves sores. I have been doing this for many years. I have tried to stop but cant.

  162. Emma Bunger says:

    I never knew so many people did this. I am 14 and I started the beginning of my 8th grade year. I have had anxiety and take medication since 3rd grade but I never knew it would result to this. My parents get mad at me and I’m mad at myself but they don’t understand, I don’t know when I’m doing it. I don’t want to be that girl with one eyebrow, and it’s not an unibrow. Pencils can’t fix everything. I am embarrassed to admit it also feels good. It started when I would rub my finger between my eyebrows(when I had 2) to see it I needed to pluck so I wouldn’t get a unibrow then it resulted to rubbing and pulling the actual eyebrow(my left one). I hate it, I am so self conscious about photos and all my friend’s moms notice. My mom has to explain and its embarrising for her and me. If you just started, stop while you’re ahead. But if you didn’t, persevere.

  163. Krista says:

    I have been rubbing my eyebrows since I was in jr high. A teacher thought I had a headache from constant,y rubbing my left eyebrow. When I didn’t rub my left I rubbed my right. But I do it during on the Internet, reading a book or watching TV or a movie. I don’t do it around ppl a lot or when I’m out. Only when I’m relaxing and it feels good. I rub with several fingers and switch. I rub back and forth and yes it looks bad in pictures I can see where I rubbed it off than a week later it fixes itself and I start over. I like the feel of the eyebrow being rubbed back and forth and I switch fingers or rub different ways. It’s very addicting. I do drink tons of coke my whole life I don’t think its that. It’s a relaxer for he and it feels really good to rub them.sometimes I rub so hard I feel the hairs coming off..and when my left side is gone I start on the right but mainly stick to the left.i tend to do it at night vs the day..or when I was in school I did it a lot sitting at my desk..maybe it’s a boredom thing I don’t know a weird habit …but I guess I will continue to do it because that’s who I am..I don’t know what compels me to do it or why just that it makes me feel better..could be stress who knows. I guess it’s my being..good luck with trying to stop..I tried socks on my hands because I used to pick at my face and squeeze anything I felt that was there a zit or a blackhead I just couldn’t stop it..but wearing socks helps and I tell myself do I want to go out with my face all picked on and make up didn’t cover it..so now I stopped because I want a clear complexion …that’s my incentive to stop and it would hurt really bad when I kept digging at one spot than it spread and I was in so much pain no pain med helped so I stopped because the pain was not worth it.
    I say if yu need to rub just rub it’s a habit like anything else.

  164. Krista says:

    It’s better than drinking or smoking or doing rugs lol

  165. EyebrowRubber says:

    Even i have this habit. Can someone please suggest how we can stop this. I do this when I am thinking something or when i study. Really need to find a solution for this. I used to have very thick and long eyebrows..:(. now, the only temporary solution is that i stick mild cello tape on my eyebrows so that i can avoid it temporarily. I know it is very WEIRD but i dont have any option and i do it when i am alone in my room .
    Please suggest some permanent solution.

  166. Matthew Carfagna says:

    I have been an eyebrow rubber since I was 16 (28 now) but I have always had a fascination with my hair to some degree since as long as I can remember. I started by rubbing the crown of my head until all my hair was tangled and frizzy then I moved down to sideburns, twisting and bending them upwards (always made me look goofy lol) but nothing compared to when I finally discovered the feeling of rubbing my eyebrows…. and I haven’t stopped since.

    It’s relieving to see so many people out there who suffer the same way. So many similarities to my exact same problem. It’s been a few years, and I wanted to bring something up that didn’t exist back when this post was started.

    Has anyone tried CBD oil to curb the anxious and fidgeting behavior? I just started using it about a week ago. It seems to kind of slow my mind and slow my behavior. I’m a fast walker by nature, but I can feel myself walking slower, standing up taller… and NOT RUBBING MY EYEBROWS!!! I barely even have to think about it.

    And in case you are wondering CBD OIL WILL NOT GET YOU HIGH, but does create a soothing, relaxing, sort of body calm that I have needed for a very long time.

    I don’t know if anyone checks this anymore… but I would love to hear if anyone has had longer term success.

    Overall, this post just makes me feel… not alone. And I appreciate that.

  167. Ana says:

    I rub my eyebrows all the time even when I’m sleep I don’t even know I’m doing it n I never miss a day. So now I I don’t really have any hair left n it won’t grow back :(

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