Turning zombie …

With all the Halloween shops opening around town, I can’t help but run around with glee. Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday and the best time of the year, but this year it will be extra special with the addition of ZomBcon in Seattle.

I did not hesitate … I bought up a bunch of zombie supplies, and I played dress up with my mother. She was overjoyed to help me with my makeup and can’t wait until I find the perfect clothes to destroy this week. Yay. I already picked them out!

Here is my first attempt at zombie makeup. It is horrible. Terrible angle for the photo too. Don’t worry … I will get better and better as I experiment on all my off days between now and the big event.

And, here is attempt #2 …

At least, I can see all my mistakes in photos and correct the look for next time. You can still see the skin around my eyes and on my neck … gosh darn it! Do I need to do something with my teeth? Next time, I will get it better.

I may make a stupid looking zombie, but it is really fun to dress up!

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  1. Chris says:

    Hey . .. I think that your final decision on make-up was more subtle . .. kinda like fresh-dead . . . At the bar, we discussed the degrees of zombieness around us. Thanks for finishing up my weekend with Seattle with some levity! I’m the “gentleman” that was having some drinks at the bar with the undead . . . ‘member?

  2. Ha! Yes, I absolutely remember you. I hope your daughter was able to finish all her studying and not distracted from the walking dead surrounding her. How on Earth did you find my blog? Maybe I mentioned it? Just curious … I am impressed that you found this. Make it back to Kansas, was it? I am back in Alabama now :)

  3. And, yes, I did go subtle and almost girlie zombie. Ha!

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