Mending my ways

I got a little lazy in my eating and exercise habits due to complete exhaustion from working 12-hour shifts. This does not make me a happy girl. I am vowing to everyone out there in cyber land that I WILL mend my ways!

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I watch my weight like a hawk. Even though I haven’t experienced significant weight gain, my fear is that it will eventually catch up to me. I definitely do not want to get so slack in my habits that there is no turning back!

No, no, no … Bad girl!

As of lately, I have only squeezed in about 4 workouts a week. This is down from 6-7 a week. My workouts are also getting less intense, because I feel so tired all the time. I also grab for unhealthy foods when I don’t feel like cooking.

Considering that I got a slap on the wrist when I went to the doctor about my blood pressure, I need to do something quickly! A 32-year-old fit girl should not be on BP meds! Something is not right here.

With all of you as my witnesses, I have a new plan to get me back on track.

The new plan is to get up one hour earlier on my 12-hour shift days and run for 45 minutes. Since a normal workout for me is about 1.5 hours long, this will be enough to get me through until my days off where I will do the extended version of my workout. I am also going to cut out the night snacks to one a night (this does not include beer … I can’t give this one up yet).

I am hoping all of this will help the sleep schedule. Night snacking only makes it more difficult for the eyelids to close. I also want to put myself to bed immediately after returning home from a 12-hour shift. Staying up until midnight will not help me wake up early!

These 12-hour shifts are very stressful, so putting in a little extra time in the gym can only help relieve some of the stress and pressure associated with starting a new job. Hopefully, all these moves towards healthier living will return me to the energy level I was at only a couple months ago.

Why am I publicly sharing my dieting and exercise goals?

I need accountability. I would rather publicly announce my plans to make sure I follow through. If I keep this in my head, it is easier to wake up and press the snooze button on the alarm clock. Now, I have to wake up and run tomorrow.

That’s right, girlie, you better do this or the world knows you are a failure!

Ugh! I am already dreading tomorrow. I am not a morning person …

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5 Responses to Mending my ways

  1. I need to say an unhappy goodbye to cheese and red meats. Goodbye bitches! Heavy sauces and dressings need to also take a big fat X. My adoration with vegetables and fruits can continue. I am proud of my only veggie dinner tonight. There is more protein in veggies than people give credit! I will eat. exercise and be super healthy. Believe in me, and I can believe in myself! :)

    • Ang Henson says:

      I told you that you didn’t have to eat meat to get the protein! ;) As I’m sure you already know, green leafy veggies are FULL of iron and proteins! The last time we ate meat, it was ground hamburger meat in spaghetti sauce. It’s a RARE occassion now that we eat meat (as in a burger or a steak or the like). It def doesn’t hurt that Camilla dislikes meat altogether.

  2. kimmie says:

    I think it is great that you are eating more fruits and veggies—they are good for you. I got the impression that you did not care for that many fruits. Are you explorint and branching out? A little protein here and there will not hurt once in a while. How about protein smoothies?

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