Turning zombie??

I had a weird dream last night. Rather than to recap the entire dream, I will give you the central theme … organ transplants.

Maybe I am watching too many zombie/horror movies …

The thing about organ transplants that gets me is that these organs experience death for a few minutes as they sit on ice waiting for a new human body. The organs are then reintroduced into a human body and connected to the circulatory system. In essence, these human organs are reanimated after experiencing death.

If organs can remain without life for a few minutes … even hours … why is it that zombies seem so impossible to some people? Would it be more likely to completely rebuild a human inside another body? The brain is the only thing that cannot be reused, and aren’t zombies brain dead anyway?

I suppose it depends on which zombie saga you follow on whether or not you consider zombies to technically be “brain dead.” Something has to be going on upstairs or the answer would not always be to go for the brain …

I hope my sleep is more peaceful tonight …

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  1. Mike D says:

    I’m pretty sure the zombie brain would still need to be alive enough to transmit signals for it to lumber around and devour a scrumptious array of brains and fleshy shells. How do you not know this? I don’t want you practicing nurse on me until you start getting more sleep. lol :p

    Pop quiz: Who is responsible for resurrecting Superman after his death at the hands of Doomsday?

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