Lane ends merge left

wrong way go back signI am temporarily distracted as I drive down the highway of life. I crash through a road block. I fail to notice the many signs with “Wrong Way” written in big, bold letters.

Do you ever wonder if you made a wrong turn in life?

Maybe you went left when you were supposed to go right. It may be a simple change in your route, but what if it completely alters the rest of your drive? Instead of driving the easy and breezy scenic route, you are now on the fast track to arrive at your destination before you were meant to be there. What if the new route leads you to a completely different destination?

Is it possible to go the wrong way?

If life is predetermined by fate, is the wrong way really the right way? Maybe fate calculated that you would decide to make that left turn at the last minute … no matter what choice you make that was your chosen destiny.

fate destinyEverything happens for a reason …

Is that true? Have we determined that life is decided by fate only to make it easier when we make a wrong decision or we lose someone close to us? Is fate really just a crutch to keep us from facing the truth?

Maybe by believing in fate we are better able to cope with poor life decisions. It provides an excuse for why we ended up where we never thought we would be.

Two months ahead of schedule …

I have decided that I am about two months ahead of schedule. Since I continue to drive at such a fast and reckless pace in my life, I always arrive at my intended destination two months too soon. As a result, my mind is not mature enough to handle the situations and I am doomed to fail at everything for all eternity. Or, am I?

two pathsMaybe I only made one wrong turn in life. Maybe if I can find where and when I made the wrong turn, I can quickly steer myself onto the right path. That sounds wonderful, but I am stuck on the where and when part?

I flunked philosophy …

Until humans cease to exist, we will always argue over whether life is predetermined by fate or human will. Without a proper education in philosophy, I will have to save the remaining portion of this discussion for a later date.

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6 Responses to Lane ends merge left

  1. Ang says:

    Predestined or not, just remember that we were also given the gift of “Free Will”, which allows us to make alternate decisions as opposed to merely agreeing that “this is my fate, and I shall not change it” :) Personally, I don’t fall for it!!! I cannot beleive that some “higher being” can decide for us what should make us happy; that is ours to have and know.

    I honestly hope that we are not just a 3D version of that Sims game, with something else steering our life (giggling the whole time)!

  2. Melda says:

    I beg to differ…… I think there is a right way and a wrong way. I also believe that even when we choose the “wrong” way due to our free will that based upon our living right, God can turn our bad choices in to the right choices.

    For example, I married a man that was a very wrong choice. He removed him self from my life and even though I was happy when I was with him and couldn’t imagine myself with out him, I am BY FAR happier now. I belive that as long as we are living for Christ our choices are better choices and our paths are in the direction of happiness. If you want to be happy pray before making choices. Then be still and listen. Much love and blessings to you.

  3. drG says:

    I refuse to believe that there is no fate. I also refuse to believe that we can’t change our fate. It’s a great paradox. I’m still working on it.

  4. SabrinaT says:

    I think it all lies somewhere in the middle. In my case I think I just end up driving in circles, looking for the freeway entrance…

  5. Rosaries says:

    I definitely agree with Melda. My favorite prayer is rosary. However the hard part for me is to stay still and listen but I’m working on it.

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