Scholarly to trashy

Since elevating my status in the working world, I developed an inverse relationship with my reading material. I always had a taste for trashy cinema, but I tended to have a more scholarly flavor in books.

In the last 2 months …

I went from reading health and wellness non-fiction to zombie smut books (for lack of a better description). I find myself sucked into these books and unable to set them aside … tackling book after book. I occasionally sprinkle in some of the non-fiction I am accustomed to, but can you guess which books keep my interest longest? I suppose that I have read more books in the last two months than the entire three years I was in school. However, I can’t help but question this tacky, trashy style of reading material. What happened to my need to expand my mind? Maybe I am preparing to write my own ridiculous novel?

What happened to BRAAAINS?

In good news, maybe I am rotting my brain on zombie fiction, but at least I spend much less time staring at a television screen (probably the lack of cable). My attention span doesn’t even hold movies lately. If it isn’t trashy, stupid fiction, I am drawn into silly internet articles and freakish websites. Of course I have other tastes in reading material too … raunchy to spiritual … every book is for me!

Who cares anyway?

In actuality, I am so much happier and relaxed than I ever was in the last decade of life. I am finally comfortable in my own skin.

The moral of the story is that if I want to read a zombie book, then I will read a zombie book while the rest of you enjoy reality television. Ha! How dare anyone talk about my books? Heck! They could be non-fiction one day, and then who will have the last laugh?

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