Almost like strangers

A strange Christmas request got me thinking about how quickly people grow apart. I was asked to set up a meeting between my brother and the associate producer for one of his favorite shows.

strangers“Producer guy” and I went to college together. We were good friends and spent many hours talking, sharing and opening up to each other.

After college, he got a job in California and we occasionally met up in Huntsville when he returned for the holidays. Eventually, I moved on to Florida. All communication stopped.

Blast from the past …

In thinking about how quickly people become strangers, I traveled back in time to relive moments with the people in my life that have made the most impact.

I was astounded to see which people had the most shape. Some of the people I credit for making me who I am are people who I only spent days, weeks or months.

You made me who I am …

friendship timeI cannot really explain the connections I had with these people in words, but I will try. I felt connected to them on more than one level – mentally, physically and spiritually. These intense friendships are almost like psychiatric outbursts. The wounds of the soul are quickly revealed, discussed and as a result they can heal properly. Once the healing has started, however, the friendship fades away in the distance.

We both try to keep in touch, but something always happens to prevent these connections from continuing. Eventually, we both move on to lead the lives we were meant to lead. We may not know it at that moment, but that other person will have an impact on our lives and the people we are to become.

Fleeting friendships …

As a child, my parents had joint custody of me. My parents lived in separate states, so I would spend the school year with Mom and the summers with Dad. During school, I would grow accustomed to one lifestyle and routine. As summer rolled around, I would fly off on a plane to learn a whole new set of rules. It was an interesting experience as a child. It was like a complete culture shock to me each year. I am not sure why. I should have been expecting it after the first few times.

distanceThe hardest part of the whole experience was that each year my Dad, Mom, school friends and summer friends would become complete strangers to me for months at a time. The exciting part was that each year I got to know them all over again.

Back to the “producer guy” …

In short, I am not sure if I can even contact this person. He has led a completely different life full of experiences that did not include me. It is strange to me how two people who were once so close can grow so far apart … almost like strangers.

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2 Responses to Almost like strangers

  1. Ang says:

    OH, no….embrace the experiences of those people; it may even open your eyes to new adventures! I have “friends” from college/high school/even jr. high that I rarely speak to (maybe once every 2 to 3 years at most), but to hear of their travels and their experiences…..I guess I’m just fascinated with storytelling, and even though it’s their life, it’s an adventure for me ;)

    Your life has been filled with adventures too; he may be interested in hearing from you. Worst case-he won’t return your message? ;)

  2. Tony says:

    Man, can I relate to this. I grew up in a VERY small town, and had a close circle of friends that dissolved when we entered separate colleges or the military or workplaces and moved into very different lives. But here’s a positive thing: When I had heart surgery last year, I was amazed at how the old friends I hadn’t seen or heard from in years drove hours to visit me. Distance and time can be crossed if the will is there, and old friendships can be rekindled. Good luck.

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