Drunk blogging?

Everyone has heard of drunk dialing or drunk texting, but I think I take it to a new level with drunk blogging. That’s right … on more than one occasion, I have had to remove posts based on the pure absurdity of the message. Today, after more than 24 hours of posting on my blog, I discovered a post I made on Friday night. I was horrified and deleted it right away.

I figured I was safe since no one ever comments on my blog, but I quickly realized that “no comments” does not equal “no one reads my blog.” Two people have since come forward to question me about my mysterious post, and I fear that there are others that saw it too.

Ha! The hilarious thing is that it didn’t make a bit of sense. I am not even sure what I was talking about.

Help me inventors of the world!

I need you to make a device that powers on a computer with a breathalyzer. I don’t think I should be allowed near my computer after consuming over the legal limit of alcohol. I don’t do it often enough for it to be an issue, but I always seem to find myself posting weird messages on my blog that make absolutely no sense. And, how would I know I did it? It isn’t like I read my own blog.

Oh well, it is kind of funny, but I need the inventors out there to help me out with this little problem!

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  1. Oh crap! Apparently, sleeping pills (not alcohol) are leading me to also send mysterious e-mails. Weird … please tell me in my stupor that I am never ignorant enough to send messages to mean ex-boyfriends …

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