Is 30 the new 20?

I am pretty sure that I missed the memo, but I have fallen trap to the same sludge that creeps into the systems of every 30-something year olds. It is like time froze at 16, and no one updated their hair, clothes, lifestyle or actions. About the only thing that seems to change regularly is everyone’s waist size!

Blast from the past …

I ran into a guy from high school the other day on my way home from my mom’s house. He is living in the same house and driving a beat up car. He looked exactly the same except he put on about 50 lbs. He even had the same dorky haircut. Apparently, he never really did anything with his life and still gets handed money from his parents to pay for his pot. Really???? Must be nice to be such a loser.

What the heck is going on here?

How did this happen? Why are we not evolving? Why are we not growing up? Why does 30-something seem to equal 20-something (not in looks … only in brain maturation)? Why do we seem stuck in this time warp?

Our generation is too worried about trying to find “happiness” that we end up stuck in this endless circle of trying to figure out what gives us pleasure out of life. The problem is that we have too much freedom so we end up acting reckless and stupid so that someone else can bail us out of our mess. I mean look at me … do you think I would be on career #2 at 32 years old if I didn’t have someone else to lean on in my life (guess I am pretty lucky)?

Loving my 30s …

Since 30 is the new 20, I plan to live it up like I did in my 20s with my same outdated frizzy hairstyle and the same clothes I wore in high school (at least, I have one bragging point … my waist size has stayed the same!). I might try to get more sleep in this decade (gotta keep my wrinkles to a minimum). Ha! Who cares that I am with the rest of the losers out there. I am happy, happy, happy. At least, for the next five minutes …

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