What is it about zombies?

Zombies are making a big splash in the entertainment business. From books and movies to action figures and video games … zombies are everywhere … but why?

What is it about zombies that makes them so fascinating to people?

I often ponder this thought since for some reason I too have taken a liking to these strange creatures that are neither dead or alive … they are undead. Zombies feast off of humans … mostly indulging in brains. Why would a human be drawn to this sort of behavior?

Do we relate to zombies?

Do we also feel like we walk through life stumbling and devouring? Do we envy these creatures who seem to already know what they want?

Zombies no longer think, feel, bleed … zombies are numb. They do not experience raw human emotion, and they do not wander through life searching for happiness. They just feast on the flesh of the living, the brains of the thinking. They snatch the life of humans.

Perhaps, zombies are a symbol …

Zombies could be used to depict so many groups of humans, such as those searching for power, wealth, beauty … in the process they feed on the lives of others. They take from others in order to promote their status in life. Corporate zombies. Government zombies. Capitalist zombies.

Who knows?

Honestly, I am not sure what is making zombies so popular these days, but I must admit that it is really nice to escape into fantasy once in a while. And, I think if you plan to flee reality for a moment, zombies are a good way to go. So, get your zombie on!

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3 Responses to What is it about zombies?

  1. Mike D says:

    We used to call the communists zombies because every aspect of their life was a controlled movement. A zombie could also be a person who just sits and collects welfare their entire adult life, living a very easy life without the need to….. “think, feel, or bleed”. ;-)

    I prefer the old definition of a zombie as an undead monster that is controlled by its basest instinct; survival.

  2. Debra Stang says:

    I think I’m into zombies because on days after nights when I don’t sleep I can identify with that dull, blank gaze and that stumbling gait. Wake up. Shower. Drag myself to work. Drag myself home. Fall into bed exhausted. Stay awake all night. Do it all again the next day. Yep, I think I’m sufficiently incapacitated to be an honorary zombie!

    Debra Stang
    Alliant Professional Networking Specialist

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