What do dreams mean?

Remembering dreams …

rememberWhy are dreams so hard to remember? As we sleep our heads are flooded with sweeping images of people, animals, places, objects and memories. We see vivid color and intricate details. Very little of this information is retained. Why?

Once we wake, our dreams are quickly forgotten. Throughout the day, many of us experience flashes from our dreams. We try to put the pieces together in a logical form never even realizing that we are adding details that never even happened. It is like the game of telephone … the details have now morphed into the grounded world and have lost their meaning.

The color of dreams …

crayonsNot all dreams are in color. Some are in black and white. Others overuse certain colors, such as yellow or orange. Do the colors have some significance? In the land of the living, we wear black to funerals to symbolize death, mourning and loss. Brides wear white in weddings to symbolize purity and innocence (although most are far from this when marrying). Red roses are sent to symbolize love.

What are these colors telling us about our own emotions, our own thoughts and feelings?

The language of dreams …

This one puzzles me. Although I do know bits and pieces of Latin and Spanish, I am only fluent in English. What happens if you are fluent in two languages or four?

world in handsA few years back, I dated a man from Turkey. After being in the United States for more than five years surrounded by people who only spoke either English or Spanish, he lost his need to speak Turkish and only spoke in English. He even spoke in English to his family when he would call home.

Despite the English influence, he told me that he only dreamed in Turkish. He often dreamed about friends and work. In the waking world, all these people spoke English. However, in dream land, his own mind drew up images of these same people having conversations in Turkish. He asked me one day, “when will I start to dream in English?” Of course, I never even considered that he still dreamed in Turkish, so I had no answer for him.

Dream interpretation …

questionsI do not specialize in dream interpretation, so I can only ask questions and wonder. What do all these people, places, animals and objects have to do with the real world? Honestly, I have no idea.

I love looking up the meanings of my dreams online and trying to relate them to the real world, but I can’t say that I am any smarter or better off for doing this.

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One Response to What do dreams mean?

  1. fsherman says:

    Some of my dreams have obvious meaning to me because they reflect my waking feelings symbolically. Most of them don’t.
    NEVER dreamed in black and white.
    I’ve had a similar experience to your Turkish friend in that a lot of stuff in my dreams–my house, my old college dorm, my car, my street–isn’t the same as those things are in waking life but in the dream I “know” they’re the real ones.

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