Incomplete thoughts and statements

Here are the last few days without power and the random thoughts of the week in no particular order …

Being without power, technology and communication … kind of nice. Having the power restored after 5 days … totally forgot how nice it was without it.

Don’t forget your sunscreen! Magenta skin = sun poisoning!

Huntsville Utilities, Tennessee Valley Authority, Alabama Power, etc. did a damn fine job getting power up quickly. They told us power would be restored Tuesday. It was restored in most of Alabama by Sunday. I know they worked hard in what is probably a very thankless job. This reminds me that I need to pay my utility bill before my power gets turned off again. Calling now …

If you are planning to use alternative forms of exercise in the absence of a gym, make sure you don’t overdue it. Instead of 50 flights of stairs, maybe try 25? It could make for a very painful few days otherwise …

My old college town was completely destroyed by tornadoes. Several of the places I lived and worked were damaged or demolished. I am very happy to say that my friends who still live in that area are safe and sound without too much damage.

Throw out your food BEFORE it starts to stink! Dirty fart smell is not easy to remove once the damage has already set in. Anyone want to clean my apartment?

After the police have visited your apartment complex 3 times in two days, find someone to stay with … don’t just expect redneck behavior to suddenly get better the more the rednecks are denied electricity. It only gets worse … much worse!!

When you finally get up the courage to go back to school and try your hand at a second career, just expect a dramatic finale before graduation. Expect for the ceremony to get canceled and for you to receive a piece of paper telling you to get the hell out of school, but “congrats … you graduated!”

Get tired of your mother trying to hook you up on dates? Wait until the power goes out! She will try even harder! Be prepared for her neighbor to track you down on Facebook and ask you out on a date.

Pro or con? When everyone else gets the day off of work, hospitals don’t close. They run on generators. The good news is that hospital employees still get a paycheck and a hot shower while everyone else is taking a cold bath and begging you for $4 in the hallway of your apartment complex.

Blessing or curse? A 6-year-old survives deadly tornadoes that killed both his parents and most of his siblings.

With everything I said above, graduation ceremony or not, power or not, I truly am lucky that my family and friends were not harmed by this storm. It really provides perspective on what is truly important. I honestly did not even know how bad it was until today. Without power, internet and communication, I had no idea how far reaching this catastrophe was. My heart goes out to the families touched by this disaster. May recovery efforts come to you quickly!!

If you have no idea what I am referring to or are clueless about the April 27, 2011 tornadoes that devastated Alabama and some other bordering states, you can see some of the coverage here:

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