Happy to work on Columbus Day

While the rest of you are out there enjoying your Monday off from work, I will be happy to know that I have absolutely no part in the celebration of this horrible holiday.

Columbus Day is a stupid, barbaric holiday …

christopher columbusCan you really credit someone with discovering a land that was already discovered? Christopher Columbus did not discover any new world. People already lived here!

The reality of Oct. 12, 1492 …

This idiot man, who was involved in African slave trading prior to the voyage, led an expedition in search of the East Indies. Columbus and some of his men set sail aboard the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria. Despite the fact that most educated people of the 15th Century knew that the world was round, Columbus and his men believed the world was flat and seriously underestimated the distance they had traveled.

flat worldWhen the morons thought they had arrived in the East Indies, they had really landed on an island somewhere between Florida and Cuba. The truth of the matter is that Christopher Columbus never even found North America. Not only did he not discover a world that was already inhabited by people, but he also did not even find the world he is credited with finding.

This great hero – let us crown him with jewels and honor …

landing of columbusThe arrogant posse stormed its way into the “new world” taking over the land that was already inhabited by Native Americans. And, the story only gets worse from here. Columbus and his men were racists, killers and rapists. They enslaved the Indians, raped the women, brought deadly diseases to which the indigenous people had no defense, and they traded the Indians into slavery.

I refuse to celebrate this holiday and any other holiday that honors stupid men for what is really just a lie in our history books.

Our children are learning this crap …

pinochioWhy is this lie still being told to our children in the schools that our tax dollars go? We are paying for our children to learn lies. This is worse than telling our children that Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny come to their houses at night – we are making Columbus a role model.

Cast off this holiday …

Join me in denying this holiday. Christopher Columbus is no one I want to give cheers. He might infect me with Small Pox or some other deadly disease. Or, worse, he could rape me and sell me off into slavery.

Do we have to have a stupid holiday for every idiot man who thinks he did something great?

Not everyone is as stupid as we are in Florida …

– Columbus Day is not celebrated in the state of Minnesotaanti-columbus day poster
– The holiday is officially observed as “Native American Day” in South Dakota
– Columbus Day is not a legal holiday in Nevada, but it is a day of observance

Transform Columbus Day 2007 …

Colorado is at the center of a historical movement against the holiday. Tomorrow, Oct. 6, 2007, people will protest in the streets of Denver and attempt to end this misunderstood holiday.

I fear what will come out of this protest. I just hope that the deniers of this holiday do not resort to the very violence and lies that they fight against.

Check out these other sites revealing the truth of this holiday:

Native Unity: Why Celebrate Columbus Day?
Truth Commission Debunks Columbus Myths
Transform Columbus Day 2007
The Myth Keepers of Columbus

Read what one of our sister paper’s, Crestview News Bulletin, reported on Wednesday after the holiday: We Were Here First.

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10 Responses to Happy to work on Columbus Day

  1. kimmie says:

    Wow, pretty strong stuff—are you going to look into other holidays with name sakes ie: Martin Luther King day?
    By the way do not forget October 16 is Bosses day (Hallmark holiday)

  2. Bill O. says:

    Hmm. You know that this kind of thing would get someone kicked out of school. Being “negative” by bringing up the inconvenient truth will simply not be tolerated.

  3. andy says:

    yes yes yes!
    terrific observations dearest cousin! good…no phenomenal hustle.

    great points seriously. : )

  4. TV says:

    Perhaps, folks, it’s the symbolism that is important. A symbol that represents our way of life and the obvious successes of a free America. A place in which one can enjoy diversity and be enriched by multiculturalism rather than defeated by it. A place with a rich history and some very ugly practices during the birth of a New World and later the establishment of the United States. Skeletons in the closet of a new world. The evils in which we can shed light upon and be free enough to decry such dark practices and to ensure that: We the People, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.

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  7. Seth says:

    Happy to Work on Columbus Day

    The writer, confessionsofaninsomniac, analyzes the concept of the holiday Columbus Day using a sarcastic, critical tone to persuade the working class parents to not take part in the celebration of Christopher Columbus, even taking his/her ideas to convince the audience to think of him as an “idiot man” and a “moron.” Leaving no credit to Christopher Columbus, the writer continues the mockery to the point of denying the holiday. The blog tries to suck in the average working parent to stay at work instead of celebrating Columbus Day.
    The writer who resides in Florida, which used to be occupied by Spain, must work at a laid back environment to have the opportunity to take the day off because it is Columbus Day. The Florida resident claims that most people from the working class “are out there enjoying [their] Monday off from work,” while actually the average working class citizen is entitled to work that day, including myself. The reader cannot deem this author credible with summarizing the population in just a small sample of his/her job, especially with such weak descriptions as “stupid, morons, and crap.” The informal type of language only applies to the people who do not have a demanding job.
    The sarcastic tone mocks the man with an image of a ship falling of the edge of the world with the words “The World is Flat”, but the author states some meaningful facts. Christopher Columbus died with the belief that he had discovered the “New World” and did not actually prove that the world is flat. But, Columbus did more than that by linking the “Old World” with the “New World.” Because of the discovery of new plants and animals, a large population growth in Europe occurred. In the writer’s defense, he did enslave the Indian men and rape the Indian women and even bring death to Indians with disease. But, the author tries to win the reader over with frightening parents that their children are learning lies. Confessionsofaninsomniac compares Christopher Columbus with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny saying he is completely fictional. But for most of the hard working Americans that have a demanding job, do you want your children to learn the racist idea that white people were superior to black people and the idea of raping a women in the minds of the young? This writer hooks you by threatening the education of your children and by saying “he could rape me and sell me off into slavery”. In fact, the time period viewed slavery as the ultimate destiny of white men and viewed in a natural way.
    Christopher Columbus is celebrated for the man who linked the “Old World” and “New World.” Children are taught a different version. This version does not include the truth of Columbus, but children are not ready to learn about racism and raping. The man should not be celebrated for the horrors he caused Native Americans, but for the growth surplus in Europe that was directly affected by the discovery of new plants and animals.

    Works Cited

    “Happy to Work on Columbus Day.” 6 Oct. 2007. Confessions of an Insomniac. 22 Jan. 2009..

  8. Wow! That is quite a mouthful in response to my blog. I am glad that you took so much time reading what I have to say and dissecting my every word. I feel that you may have gotten caught up on my sarcasm and failed to understand my actual point. My real point is that most people do not even know what they are celebrating and that to them it is just a day off work. I am not trying to convince people to work or not work on this day. I am mocking the fact that this is even a holiday in the U.S. If the truth can’t be told to our children then why even put it in their history books? The unfortunate truth is that we weave a sugar-coated tale for our children. Leaving out a piece of a story only to make it less harsh is no different than pasting together pieces of information to create an entirely different story. And, one thing I should mention, my blog is not written for children. I am not trying to educate anyone. This is a personal blog where I express opinions. I like it that you have an opinion and disagree with me. However, please try to be open minded to other people expressing their own opinions. I am entitled to do that and will do it whenever I feel like it. Please come back and read more if you like. I am certain that other opinions of mine will set you off even more than this one …

  9. Aishah Bowron says:

    Christopher Columbus is an evil, coldblooded genocidal murderer. I f***ing hate him! Chris is the guy who brought death and destruction to the New World. He is also moron for thinking he was in the East Indies.

  10. harry says:

    It’s totally true. Im with u men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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