Behind the wheel

In a world that continues to evolve, I often long for a moment I can control. This moment is mine each time I get behind the wheel of my car.

The smell of cheap plastic …
betty boop driver’s license
More than a decade ago, the ticket to freedom was handed to me by a clerk in the driver’s license bureau in Huntsville. I did not realize it at the time, but this woman was equipping me with a beautiful gift. Instead, I saw it as a right of passage. I did not want to drive.

I was amazed at how little I needed to know in order to get the keys to my first car. I had no concept of how to drive. I just knew enough to get the little plastic card in my wallet.

As the years went by, I got more and more comfortable behind the wheel of several different cars. I had always loved traveling, but by bringing my own car into the equation, I was able to finally control the outcome of each road trip as long as I was the only person taking up space in whatever car I was driving at the time. It was then that I knew I had become a road trip addict.

When the car stops …

behind the wheelI am so used to getting in my car and driving that I often find myself driving in circles with no destination. I really do not care where I am going or why as long as I am going somewhere.

Driving allows me to escape into a fantasy world where fairies and rainbows cover the land. My curtains open and the real Hope emerges. This is my time to think … my time to be me. Everything fades away … work, relationships, friends, family and stress.

Then, the car stops and I am forced to float back down from the clouds and plant my feet firmly on the ground. Is this some sort of sick joke? Why am I given this moment of complete liberation only to have it so cruelly stolen right out from under me?

Whether I like it or not, this is life. And, I am just thankful for every minute I am allowed to escape from the constraints placed on us by society.

The impact of electronics …

ipodI really can’t curse society too much. It introduced me to two of my favorite hand-held road companions – the iPod and the cell phone. To be honest, I am not really sure how I survived life without these.

My iPod knows me better than anyone. I am completely enamored by this little electronic wonderland that holds more music than I will ever listen to in a lifetime.

As for the ugly device glued to my ear … there is no better time to call a friend than when I am on the road. With no other obligation but getting to my end destination, I have time to finally return all the ignored phone calls.

It’s raining bugs …

bug gutsMy only complaint about long drives is the souvenir that is left behind on the windshield of my car – the remains of tiny of insects. Black, gold, red, white, blue … all colors and shapes are represented in the artwork that covers my car.

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2 Responses to Behind the wheel

  1. Ang says:

    Hey, did you ever make it up to Huntsville? Tina texted me Saturday evening and said something about the Klatche, but she still hadn’t heard from you….then I heard nothing else, and when I realized what time it was, the stupid battery dies on my phone. I so need to write down peoples phone numbers! I’m too dependant on my cell addy book *blush* I’m sick that I missed you, if you were up here……I miss you sooooo

  2. Bill O. says:

    Ha! I always suspected that if you moved too close that you’d not have an excuse to travel back and forth.

    I suppose if you came out to Albuquerque, you’d want to drive by yourself to Roswell.

    There you’d get to combine road trip addict with aliens. Wouldn’t that be nice?

    Maybe I’ll get you some Bug and Tar remover for Christmas.

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