People are strange

We look funny …

We are massive structures with balloon-like heads decorated with features yanked at random from the gene pool. balloon heads

We are like snowflakes – no two look the same. We come in a rainbow of colors, much like a new summer wardrobe – red, yellow, black, white. Some of us are skinny, fat, tall, short.

 Isn’t it weird how everything arrives in pairs? Two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, two lips, two arms, two legs. Even internally, the body could be split in two and be almost the same on both halves. Is it conformity in structure? snowflakes

A la carte …

When it comes to emotions, we are each a buffet of millions of choices. Sprinkle a little salt on this and that and the combination changes all together.

Brains – some of us have them and some of us most definitely don’t. But, is this in the fault of experience or environment? This will continue to be the debate of our psychology friends for many years to come.

Different experiences make different people out of each and everyone one of us. Grab anyone, anywhere … you will never find two people that are exactly alike anywhere. buffet

Conformity …

Despite our many differences, we all have common needs and desires. We all need food and water to survive. We need the love of many and desire the affection of others.

We are not much different than the meat we eat. We flock together like cattle. We lead and we follow. We have this strong urge to belong.

We look for other funny looking people who share common interests. We join clubs, organizations, groups, churches and loved ones in the search for our own true identities.

cattle herdIn the end, we always break off in twos and try to form our own elite groups that some like to call families.

In conclusion, people really are strange …

We all share common values even though we choose to express them each differently. We all have similar biological systems, but even those are faltered sometimes. We choose to be individuals yet we all play follow the leader. Still, no matter what combination you stick inside or out on each particular person, you never end up with the exact duplicate of another.

Cloning …

When it happens, my theories above will be completely dissolved. And, you can point your finger at me and laugh …

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  1. Billy BoBob Junior says:

    When your theories are completely dissolved, my clone will point his finger at you and laugh, I’m not that cruel.

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