Anti-Valentine’s Day?

People usually take the stance to either love Valentine’s Day or swear it off completely. It is no surprise that this usually is in direct correlation to a person’s relationship status.

This conspiracy holiday created by greeting card companies, flower boutiques, candy manufacturers, and jewelry stores has so much power over the lives of people. Men and women alike are forced to purchase outrageous gifts to show each other how much they love the other. Did you come home empty handed? It might be the dog house for you tonight, mister! And, for the single folks, they spend time dwelling on the fact that they are alone on this Earth and trying to figure out why no one loves them.

Is this completely ridiculous behavior? Absolutely! Will it stop? No!

I do realize that not everyone thinks like this on Feb. 14, but you would be surprised by how many who do! My friend in Florida used to lovingly refer to this day as Single’s Awareness Day, but I bet she is now on the other side of the fence since she is in a happy, healthy relationship. It is so funny how this holiday has so much power over young women!

I love my Hallmark holiday!

Despite my single status, I like Valentine’s Day. I love the feeling of being in love, and that is what this holiday reminds me of. Sure, I get a little sad seeing everyone else exchange gifts and declare love for each other, but it only gives me more hope that I will one day have that too. I won’t swear off the holiday. I will smile and be happy for the people who have found what I am searching for. Love is in the air. Even if it is not for me YET, it will be one day.

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