Song of the day

Turn on the radio. Hit seek 3 times. The song that plays is your song of the day.

I know it sounds silly, but this is a game I used to play with one of my friends in Florida. When we needed advice or a little direction in life or even to find out what was in store for our night on the town, we would spin the radio dial. It is funny how every song can correlate to anything happening in your life right now.

Since my song failed me today, I would rather hear from you … What’s your song of the day?

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One Response to Song of the day

  1. I suppose I have to go first. I decided to use Pandora Radio to find my song of the day. Here is what I got: “Fake Plastic Trees” by Radiohead. Wow! This song is so depressing. I am not sure how it applies to me today. Fake plastic love? Perhaps, I should consider this to be about my last relationship? I guess that is true … I don’t think that was real love at all. Oh well, I am over it. I am just waiting for the next chapter in my life to begin :) I have a feeling that everything will begin to fall into place for me this summer … I see so many exciting changes in my future. I can’t wait. And, I will have an actual income again! Yay! That means travel and lots of fun.

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