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Big red “X”

It has come to my attention that there is a big red “X” on my forehead that everyone else can see but me. For the last few weeks, my nights at work are ending quite strangely with psychotic patients. Let’s … Continue reading

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Tales of a serial dater

I must apologize for the tone and mood that will follow in this particular blog entry. I usually am not as open about what is happening in my life. You usually only get an illusion to the truth. You never … Continue reading

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Return to the darkside

After a long hiatus, I have decided that it is time to resume my film making career … Your beloved insomniac will make her exciting return to the movie industry with her first ever zombie movie, “Aunt Zombie.” Aunt Zombie … Continue reading

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Really?? Bath salts?

Can someone explain who thought it was a good idea to eat bath salts? Actually, I will be honest, I am not sure how bath salts are consumed. Do you smoke it, snort it, shoot it up? Who really knows? … Continue reading

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The nothingness

Someone asked me if my life was fulfilled, and I could not answer. You big ol’ bully, why make me think about such things when I just want to have simple, uncomplicated thoughts for a change? Ha! Diarrhea of the … Continue reading

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I am fairly certain that an alien spacecraft abducted me within the last month and carried me off to a distant planet. Being that I am not a fascinating specimen from the planet Earth, they decided to return me without … Continue reading

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Debbie Downers depress me

This is the season of Grinches and Scrooges … Sure. We all get the blues this time of year. It is completely normal, but keep it to yourself! Don’t vent on the people around you who are trying to be … Continue reading

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