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I got pinned

Pinned on the eve of the full moon … This strange act of “pinning” was finally bestowed upon me 3 months after I officially graduated as a nurse and 2 months after passing Boards. Oh well! Even if it was … Continue reading

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To go or not to go?

Since my symbolic initiation (nurse pinning) into the nursing profession was postponed due to tornadoes and power outages, my school has decided to reschedule it 3 months later on Friday, Aug. 12. To go?

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Landed my first nursing job!!

I am a nurse! I am a nurse! Maybe my first interview for a job was a bust, but my second wasn’t! Yay! I am now employed as a nurse. I start on July 12. For the next 2.5 weeks, … Continue reading

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The ultimate irony

Graduation is the ultimate irony. Everyone looks forward to this day expecting a job to appear out of thin air. If only that was possible … The day has come and gone, and now all I am left with is … Continue reading

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May is a busy month

Even though graduating from nursing school has left me with an endless supply of time, I can’t seem to relax and just enjoy it. Besides the obvious events that have crowded my life, such as graduating from college, signing up … Continue reading

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No dramatic finale?

So, it is official … I graduated! My transcripts will get mailed out next week, and I can register to take Boards on Saturday. But, why do I feel so incomplete? I need closure … I did not wait out … Continue reading

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The countdown begins

My last day of class is tomorrow. Exams start next week. The big ceremony is on Friday, May 6 at 3 p.m. My college days are about to end! Emotional turmoil is setting in … the countdown to self destruction … Continue reading

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